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This is a last-minute notice, but I’ve discovered I can no longer launch Planetside 2! This means I can’t join up with fans. So as a quick ditch effort, I’ll be playing Zombie Panic: Source instead. Go ahead and download it now (it should be free) and I’ll have more info on what’s going on soon if you want to join. Stream will be on


If you wish to join, connect to any of the following servers in-game:

Accursed Farms Main Server (
Accursed Farms Overflow Server #1 (
Accursed Farms Overflow Server #2 (

Password: corkscrew

I will be playing on the main server, but you can still play with other fans on the overflow servers (it might be best for people to rotate some on the main one anyway). My apologies for everything being so last minute!

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