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  2. Battle Engine Aquila - Widescreen Resolutions PATCH: password= "pcgw" https://sfo2.digitaloceanspaces.com/pcgw-community/monthly_2019_11/BEA_7z.02fa94edd1c442af780b56083bfada3a?response-content-disposition=attachment; filename*=UTF-8''BEA.7z&response-content-type=application/x-7z-compressed;charset=UTF-8 (just replace the executable file in the game folder --be sure to make a backup first) (also, it might require Admin rights to start properly) THANK YOU Ross!! From the bottom of my heart! I have been searching for this game for 15 years, and for the life of me, couldn't remember the name. BEA pass=pcgw.7z
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  4. I've always loved this meme , though I've never played the game, should it be in the game list?
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  6. I’m shocked I found an upload from 2006. I was expecting a reupload from like 2016.
  7. Mira


    Slightly mixed feelings about this one but overall a positive impression. On one hand, the story is a complete mess that feels less like a coherent narrative and more like a bunch of loose plot elements and sci-fi tropes that the developers weren't sure what to do with (although it at least feels like they cared about it, whatever it is). On the other hand however, the visual style, graphics, sound design and general atmosphere are all superb, and it seems that I'm in the minority on this but I found the dream sequences very well done and interesting. "Style over substance" is probably an apt description but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.
  8. maybe data went the way of the bicentenial man and replaced all his droid parts with artificial human organs
  9. There's a page on Helious on The Cutting Room Floor (a website that looks through game data for any unused stuff) and apparently they found some text in the .exe that confirms the game is NOT of extraterrestrial origins. Or at least it proves that Sean Puckett stole the copyright from them and modified the .exe to try and prove ownership in a court of law, in case the Aliens decided to get litigious. https://tcrf.net/Helious Had a look through the .exe myself and sure enough, its there. I wonder if the PO box is still his.
  10. Why does Picard dream of a bloated, geriatric Commander Data? Doesn't he know that Androids don't age? Is Picard going senile?
  11. If anyone here's a fan of the other Mind Series like Barney's Mind, Shepard's Mind or Chell's Mind, you gotta check this out. It's from the same dude who did The TRUE Genius of Freeman's Mind. They actually got Ian, Robin & Cyh back to tell their stories, which I think is the highlight of this retrospective, like hearing from an old friend after so long. So yeah, if you like the other Mind Series, and like to go on a nostalgia trip for a while, check it out.
  12. I'm surprised you can still find numa numa videos, I thought they all got DMCAed
  13. Fantastic game. Great devs too.
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  15. TIL I'm Romanian, despite having absolutely no ancestry that have ever been in that country. (except maybe to plunder it, they were Vikings)
  16. The thing is that there's nothing wrong with eating those other meats. The meat doesn't have any illnesses inside it if cooked properly, (and they do in fact cook it properly) but the slaughter and packaging process is what is really lacking, as are the food handling policies in the kitchen. That's where the viruses make their way to kumans, from the handling of the raw without any precautions to prevent it from getting into the finished food.
  17. Right now, the cornovirus is in the news. What concerns me, is that in the past the media would go nuts over a disease, with none stop hype and doom with all sorts of fear mongering to increase views. Not this time, this time it strikes me as the bare minimum. The absence of the fear mongering is why i am concerned. But how did we get here? It's a rather interesting story, and it starts with pigs. So the Chinese eat pork, lots of pork. Correct me if i am wrong, but the kanji for meat is the kanji for pork, and all other forms of meat use the pork kanji as a base. They are very dependent on pork. It is a cultural dependence on pork. So as their economy has been growing, so too has the demand for pork. So they increased production very haphazardly. As a result, African swine flu eventually decimated their pork production. this caused the prices to skyrocket, and when demand is unmet another product has to fill in that demand. Enter the bat soup. Not just bat soup, but all sorts of other exotic meat. Bats carry cornovirus, and until recently it did not affect people. So what appears to have happened, is thanks to people eating things they should not which in this case would be bats, cornoviurs jumped from bats to people. This is not the first time this has happened, and it won't be the last. Ebola came from bats(if i understand things correctly), and aids came from eating bush meat. Now, if the Peoples republic is competent, which they are not, this would usher in a new era of food safety laws. I doubt this will happen, so be prepared for their increased food demand to cause food prices to sky rocket across the world.
  18. Yeah, this is a dead game. It was one of the 20 Early Access games i bought on steam when they launched. Of that 20, two are doing well: Kenshi, and 7 days to die. The rest failed. they either ran out of money or were cash grabs. Kenshi is really good, it was so good that it vindicated early access in my opinion.
  19. Only true historians will recognize this:
  20. I think only romanians would appreciate that
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