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  2. A decent puzzle, adventure game that really nails a dark and eerie atmosphere, despite that it's not really a scary game. The abandoned town hub area, at night, with fog everywhere almost gives off a "Silent Hill" vibe. Short game, coming at around 2 to 3 hours of play time. Good voice acting and the story kept me hooked all the way through. Rating: Good/Great
  3. Unfortunately I don't want to play anything made past 2011
  4. Follow to the letter your itinerary! This badge of shame you'll show until you die- it warns that you're a last post loser man
  5. No to posting exclamatory none no statements
  6. Last week
  7. One of the most underrated composers in the industry has to be Yuzo Koshiro. The main composer for an equally underrated series, Etrian Odyssey. People are often off put by its art style, as it betrays how intelligent the games really are. He has also composed for many other games such as Streets of Rage, and Act Raiser. He composed some of the best "MIDI style" music in the industry, as well as remastered some of those same tracks in a proper arrangement. He isn't pigeon holed into a single genre, he composes many different styles of music ranging from Jazz to classical, from electronic to rock/metal. He uses whatever genre he needs to really set the tone of a scene and to bring life to a game. I'm going to submit his newer stuff that showcases his incredible range and talent as a composer.
  8. correct answer but it's not thursday yet
  9. I say go for it. Ross has rescued multiple games from extinction, so why not try to get Vietcong 1 and 2 brought back?
  10. If you've ever been playing an RPG and thought, "I feel like my character is thinking too small scale. Like, yeah I'm fighting evil, but if I used all this power and all these connections I'm building, I could reshape society to help everyone!" this is the game for you. In this game, you play as a Hydra (already awesome) who is trying to create solar system peace by a combination of politics and fighting on one side or the other in major battles. If you like sandboxes and politics in your strategy games, this is the game for you. The combat mechanics are creative (it's a turn-based bullet hell) but not particularly fun. Fortunately, you don't need to be that good at them, and an entirely combat-free run is possible.
  11. When you're tired of maintenance tunnels, you're tired of life. Ross's Game Dungeon Hellgate London.srt
  12. Oh well... At least you got one of them.
  13. My all-time most hoped-for Game Dungeon would be Clive Barker's Undying. Its a really well-made and atmospheric game that I think would fit perfectly for a Halloween episode. I'd LOVE to hear Ross's thoughts about it.
  14. There are many good things to say about this game. From the technical standpoint, it‘s very well made, the graphics are fine, there are almost no bugs and everything works as it should. That‘s quite a lot for a modern game. Still, I was angry at this game most of the time while playing it. While the game is generally sound, it‘s troubled by many design choices, mainly not knowing where to stop. Less content would have done the game a serious favour. First, there‘s the music. Like much in the game, it‘s very Myst-like, but lacking the more dramatic tones of that series. It amounts to a monotonous plinking all the time, everywhere. The game would have gained a lot by more silence and more ambient noise instead of this constant barrage of muzak. Then there‘s the story. The idea is good in general, but the execution fails on several levels. The developers didn‘t feel confident enough to design moving character models, which is fair enough with a small team. Telling parts of the story through narrated letters is a good workaround. Telling other part through a talking, flying green orb is not. It made me feel the creators‘ inability or lack of time, while just a disembodied voice might not have. It doesn‘t help that this character is meant to gain your sympathy, but feels very hostile. It tends to appear out of the blue and starts nagging at you. At some points later in the game, it‘s also responsible for some very slow and tedious scripted sequences, combined with making you do some minor menial fetch quests. The worst part is when the game stops for a ten minute story monologue presented said glowing blob with a cave wall power point presentation. You are told all the background of the game in one overly long sequence instead of hints along your journey. And in the end you don‘t even get to see what happens at all. You just have to take the characters‘ words for it. At least there‘s an ending where you are given the satisfaction of seeing the green orb sulking and muttering. It also takes the puzzle island idea from Myst – but you never leave that island. Besides some rusty tunnels and a brief underwater section you are always in the same environment. Well made, but boring after some time. There are a few good puzzles in this game. I just got the feeling that they are almost all at the beginning and then decline in quality. After three quaters it starts throwing pipe puzzles at you and requires you to play a game of Mastermind. This is also where the game starts to become just a long narrow tube of puzzle after puzzle. There‘s nothing in between anymore, every piece of tunnel is just another puzzle, no environment, nothing. It would have done the game good to cut out most of the weaker riddles for some exploration – since ther are many very weak puzzles. As I wrote, you get Mastermind at one point, along with other well know riddles. On the other hand, most of them are way to tedious. Many require an ungodly amount of running around just to check what you are doing. Some aren‘t even riddles, but just list of easy to mess up chores. Brewing potions was the worst offender here, in my opinion. Many others are repeated in different difficulties, something I could have completely done without. Sometimes you get what feels like tutorial puzzles. A general theme of the puzzles is, that the solutions often seem to be a bit too long to be fun. If you have to dechipher runes to enter into a doorway, you don‘t have to enter four or five, you have to enter eight or ten. This is especially infuriating in cases where you allready have the solution, but the game wants you to repeat the same process several times. It seems like the developers had a serious case of horror vacui with their puzzles. The game feels like the they wanted to cram every kind of puzzle, short of crosswords and sudoku, into it. (They even inserted a joke about that, I‘m not going to spoil.) It feels like the they wanted to keep the player in the game as long as possible. But this really harms the experience in my opinion. In the end, I went from room to room hoping I wouldn‘t find another easy to sovle but time consuming and click-heavy puzzle. Quality over quantity would have been the solution - and the developers show that they can do the quality.
  15. Grats! Did you manage to get any extra 2080tis?
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