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  2. So I happen to find this topic on r/Mechwarrior which lead me to the Site with the same name as the title. I'm aware that Ross is interested in Game Preservation so I thought it would be nice to share with the community here and also (since I'm a layman on topics like this) to see if anyone would pick something suspicious/malicious about the website. I've just downloaded my first game (mechwarrior 4) and I didn't had any real problems with it aside from having to use (though it's not exclusivly though) MEGA (formely Megaupload) to get the zip files and compability which I needed to set to windows 7 which is also instructed in the website. That said, I hope this information is and you guys can enjoy it! Direct link to the website
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  4. Yeah, it's just a twitter thread I stumbled upon that day and I instantly thought of your video. The thread was actually written in 2017. Sorry for not making that clearer, but I hope it was constructive to read and think about in any case.
  5. Here's the July videochat. This went on longer than I meant for it to. I remember discussing EA, Game box covers, corporations, Trackmania, and more games. Game Dungeon follow-up episode will be next in line!
  6. Here's the July videochat. This went on longer than I meant for it to. I remember discussing EA, Game box covers, corporations, Trackmania, and more games. Game Dungeon follow-up episode will be next in line! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  7. One thing I notice with a lot of Linux/terminal devotees (believe me I tried to get into Linux), they're usually not doing media. I can't imagine the mouse being dropped for use in video editing or DAWs. With the Windows 7 to Windows 10 extortion, ExplainingComputers did a good video. If it's affordable, you could leave your Windows 7 offline, and build a separate Windows 10 computer dedicated to VR and online. What Linux is great for (for Windows users) is the internet/text/e-mail department which I really enjoyed. But yeah, shame about not getting audio interfaces to work and none of my much needed music/video software and hardware working. 'Cause my lastest build is Ryzen, I've moved to Windows 10 LTSC. Still god-awful, with its double Control Panel/Settings etc. Speaking of media/audio, you can tag BWF files with descriptions and everything, so you can search for a sound/sample without knowing the exact file name. If you could do the same with applications, you wouldn't have to worry about knowing the exact program name, and customise the tags to your particular way of defining that program.
  8. The link to the "Bip Bop 2" download currently goes to a Mega upload of "Bip Bop 3"
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    nope, you are nitpicking and biased. I win, Bye Bye
  10. That is only 3 posts above his.
  11. Obvious question: It looks like you can change out the buttons for bigger ones at the expense of space, of course. So why don't you buy the Roccat Nyth?
  12. It seems to me in some cases they are selling high when it first comes out and the hype is high only to sell really low when the hype crashes.
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  14. Friend: So, what instrument do you play? Me: Well it's complicated
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    you're computer screen needs fixing
  16. Yeah, well, the only way to find that it is to read Twitter apparently. All other resources including the official site are dead
  17. Well, what is the Grand Vision? If it's a MMO where you can have multiple people on a spaceship flying from system to system with other crewed spaceships and systems with planets in each system you can walk on, I can say, yes, it is possible. It's been possible since at least 2006. One of my major pet projects is gathering as much data, and maybe even rights, to a dead game that did just that, Star Quest Online. Shores of Hazeron also does something similar? Maybe Dual Universe as well. But honestly I think Star Citizen's big vision is either, at best, at the hands of a Perfectionist called Chris Roberts, or to make money for a scam artist known as Chris Roberts. Therein is the problem, whichever it is. A perfectionist will never be happy with a product and either has to abandon it or be forced into releasing it. A scam artist never wants to release it as it's a cash cow.
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