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  2. Some highlights: 38:00 “I like the idea of living” 40:00 giant list of music bands 53:00 “Now I have a closet” 2:58:30 When Linux people say that something is a pain in the ass to do in Linux
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  5. anyways here's another vespene video
  6. some AI thing? i'm not going to click on that video to find out
  7. me neither, but wht do you think it is?
  8. Virtural Youtuber. No, I don't know what exactly it is.
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  10. 3059- I finally make more posts than @BTGBullseye
  11. i don't know, i can do it, but i mostly just end up being treated as an outcast either way - if i keep it to myself i'm seen as strange and weird, if i tell people my thoughts, i'm an idiot in their own eyes, there's no winning move here for me, in the eyes of somebody, i'll always be an idiot i've just learned to not give a shit mostly, nobody is going to read the crap i write 100 years from now on
  12. In so many words, he basically said there wasn't enough evidence and the story is baseless, which I have to agree with. People do have a tendency to make connections that simply are not there. The only reasons I felt as though it sounded credible in the slightest is because of who the anonymous poster said the cult would try and recruit, social outcasts, and that I think its a little easier to cover up cult activities than Ross lets on. Blackmail, extortion, social connections and outright murder have worked pretty well in the past and continue to be in the present. The fact though that no sort of hard evidence was provided, nor has there ever been any sort of mention of any of this for the better part of 20 years is telling, though, if anyone wants to do some digging around, feel free. I do understand your frustrations though, Ratchet. I feel as Marcus Aurelius summed up your thoughts is lesser words. “It never ceases to amaze me: we all love ourselves more than other people, but care more about their opinion than our own. If a god appeared to us—or a wise human being, even—and prohibited us from concealing our thoughts or imagining anything without immediately shouting it out, we wouldn’t make it through a single day. That’s how much we value other people’s opinions—instead of our own.”
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