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  2. danielsangeo

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    Thank YOU, ScumCoder. I am willing to proofread the subs to make sure they're up to snuff if you want, but typing them out and syncing them to the video is something I'd rather avoid. I'll still do other videos, such as Freeman's Mind and such, but I think Dead Game News is out for me.
  3. Today
  4. ScumCoder

    Next Day: Survival

    This screenshot is freaking perfect. I don't know who was choosing screenshots for Ross's list but they definitely did a great job.
  5. ScumCoder

    Insomnia: The Ark

    A great game if you are missing that Fallout 1/2 feel and need a fix. At the time of this writing the game is still very raw (especially in terms of English translation), so I would strongly recommend waiting for a while before giving it a try.
  6. ScumCoder

    Atomic Heart

    Awwww yes. Stumbling upon this game in Ross's list was a treat. This is the first and only time in my life when I made a pre-order of a video game. Let's hope these guys deliver.
  7. ScumCoder


    I second this. Watching youtube reviewers over-analyzing this game trying to find some deep meaning in it was amusing.
  8. ScumCoder


    Ross, you have no idea what degree of soap-opera-ness this game reaches by the end. I really like games about interesting characters with rich psyches, except this is not what Firewatch is.
  9. ScumCoder

    Hello Neighbor

    This sums up my thoughts so perfectly I have nothing to add.
  10. ScumCoder


    I am amazed that Ross got interested in this game, since he said several times that he doesn't like depressing games, and this game is gut-wrenching even for heartless scum like me.
  11. ScumCoder

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    There is absolutely no need to apologize for not doing something you have zero obligation to do yet were doing for years. I will gladly do the subtitles for the France video, but I can't promise when since I'm pressed for time right now. Best estimate is about a month.
  12. Yesterday
  13. ScumCoder


    A must-play for veteran Mist players. Here's a great review (no spoilers):
  14. ScumCoder


    This was one of the best action games I have ever played (I started with Unreal in 1998). I would probably rank this my #2 action game (#1 being the original Unreal Tournament). The game is just soaked with delicious cyberpunk Akira-meets-BladeRunner atmosphere Soundtrack is so ingenious that I still listen to it on repeat, about a year after playing the game, and it doesn't get old Long story short, this is not just a yet another Hotline Miami knockoff. Definitely GOTY 2017 for me. ---- My favorite review of this game:
  15. BTGBullseye

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    Well, someone might, but the vast majority of people, and even the majority of those that need subtitles, would doubtlessly not object.
  16. RaTcHeT302

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    no i don't think deaf people would be upset either, the more legal focused videos are pretty boring, if i had to subtitle the videos myself, i would just skip them by default
  17. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

    And I didn't.
  18. Psychotic Ninja

    Last post made wins

  19. danielsangeo

    Dead Game News subtitles?

    Friends, I need to ask y'all something. Would anyone be upset with me if I decided to stop doing subtitles for just the Dead Game News videos? The most recent one, France vs Valve, is really putting me off subtitling and I don't like that. I'd rather do more fun videos like Freeman's Mind and Civil Protection. If someone else wants to take up the reins for just Dead Game News, that would be fantastic, but as of right now, I don't want to subtitle DGN videos anymore. My apologies, everyone.
  20. Im_CIA

    Last post made wins

    Jk I blew all my savings on the SSDs and threadripper. If had money I would have an rtx card by now
  21. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

    People that want MORE POWER! *grunts*
  22. Im_CIA

    Last post made wins

    Who cares about benchmarking when you have money
  23. RaTcHeT302

    Battlevoid: Harbinger

    I thought this game felt depressingly empty, and I personally found the game to be so large, and mostly empty, to the point where, just moving around a mostly empty landscape, got so boring for me - At least in SPAZ, when you move to a new region, you just teleport around, but I think that in this one, you literally have to just, wait around. There's too much waiting for me. Honestly this game makes me wish SPAZ 2 was just 2D SPAZ, but better and with more stuff to do, all without that grindy mineral system. I kinda liked SPAZ but there are also parts about it which I'm not too crazy of. I love games where you just get to, blow shit up to get new technology, so that kept me playing, but man dying in SPAZ is way too harsh, it grinds the game to a stall everytime, that's what makes the game hard for me to recommend. Anyway, back to this game. I wasn't really enjoying the combat, and I don't know, I only had this giant feeling of loneliness while playing, everything just feels very sterile, there's no humour to it or anything, this whole game was just empty as hell. I'm just flying pictures of spaceships, on boring ass backgrounds, doing a whole lot of nothing mostly, at least in SPAZ you had some kind of goal to go for, but man I have no memory of what the hell you were supposed to do in this game, it was so boring for me. Just, boring, lonely, depressing looking, almost sterile. I don't know, it feels like this game only has the most basic setup, in order to be defined as a game, but man it doesn't feel like an actual videogame. This is hard for me to put into words now, I would have to replay through this again, and I just don't feel like it. I just didn't have a good time with this game, and I wanted to like it. Honestly, you are better off playing SPAZ, with Cheat Engine. Just give yourself a boatload of minerals and be done with it. Also give yourself skillpoints if you are struggling. I don't know what happened to the difficulty, SPAZ originally wasn't this hard, I honestly should get my hand on an older version, I don't like the new version at all. Like, the boss was ultra lame, and died in one second, but beyond that, I don't know, maybe I'm just remembering the game wrong. I hope to get my hands on an older version of SPAZ, see if it was more fun. Actually I thought about it, no the older versions were not more fun. Just cheat if you hate the grind, don't waste your time Edit: Oh yeah, I hated the stealth missions in SPAZ, were those skippable? Overall, I remember finding SPAZ really grindy, but it had some fun ideas. But I wasn't enjoying my time with it sadly. If you are a dirty cheater, like i am, you should totally cheat. You only need to do a search for strings, for the stuff you want to bump up. to find your rez more easily, you can also do a string search, in the ship build menu also set the difficulty to casual, tech level to the max, and the galaxy size to 150, and bounty hunters to 0 edit 2: oh man, i'm actually enjoying the game now, I SHOULD'VE CHEATED SOONER i wish all anti viruses worked like this
  24. Mode 7

    Last post made wins

    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!! La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo!!!
  25. BTGBullseye

    Last post made wins

    That's extremely lazy...
  26. Annie

    What is Heaven?

    getting your skyrim mods to work the first time
  27. Psychotic Ninja

    What is Heaven?

    Completing the challenging thing in a video game, without cheesing it.
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