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  2. You can doubt all you want, but deep down, you know it to be true.
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  4. Looks like dead cells, in everything, including non-ending. That's yet another of those 2d souls games that keep copying overall look of the design, but not the essence of it.
  5. I was actually planning on playing this since I generally like the developers other works. The Pass rating gives me a bit of doubt and I would like the hear anyone elses feedback.
  6. Unfortunately, this is out of my field of expertise. I might be of some help if I were to help with specific results for specific title though as it's easier than dealing with more abstract problem.
  7. Probably. But I can't say for ubuntu. I've never used it and I don't know which screen utility it uses and how. I just know that downscaling should be possible on linux.
  8. There's a whole series like that about games and issues in their development
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I found a perfect channel trailer for Ross. For some reason I could not find the author (Black Yoshi) on this website, I was sure he is registered. Maybe he just has a different screen name.
  10. Recommending Arch to non-Linux person is a terrible idea. And I say that as someone who used it for extended period of time and loves the system. Many desktop environments have build in options for scaling, so that's probably better road to take. I'll try to look into Ross's post once I'm done with my work.
  11. Ross, I know you usually like to play games blind, but I highly, HIGHLY recommend having some sort of guide with Dark Souls 1. It can get infuriatingly cryptic and lead to wasted time and sections being even more unfairly difficult than they were supposed to be. At the very least, definitely look up how to find Havel's Ring and the Ring of Favor and Protection, and slap them on immediately (and then never take them off, because the latter disappears if you do and the game never tells you this). The game can border on unplayable without them.
  12. Even with a randomization of the pattern, it's still just a button pushing challenge. You push exclusively this button and hold it for exactly this long, or you die... That's not a game.
  13. But in hardcore culture, bullet hell has random patterns you need to dodge on the fly because there is no way of avoiding getting hit (because no thought was really put into it as much as just hodgepoging things), they are geared towards short playthroughs with prestige mechanics giving you infinitesimal ability to survive longer
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  15. I've always hated bullet hell games with a passion... If you have to move in a specific pattern to not die, there is no game, that's a button pushing challenge. A game gives you choices in your approach to winning.
  16. See, I'm also a shooter guy... I can adjust to twitch-shooting quite easily, but I prefer a more tactical and strategic shooting experience. The big thing for me is that all the "fast paced" games are just so incredibly shallow that I lose interest.
  17. I'm a JRPG guy, although I'm a particularly picky person, probably.
  18. On a more general note, of why AI did not advance much in the past years, I think that it is simply a problem of indies not having enough resources to develop something better and the bigger companies not having a reason to do it. As already mentioned it is a job for them, games with poor AI are still selling, so why bother improving it when improving graphics is easier. Honestly, I don't remember the AI in F.E.A.R. being notably smarter. The simulated radio chat was nice and I remember them flanking me once but most of the time it didn't seem different than most shooters. But sure, in side by side comparison with other games it would come on top. One of the reasons it didn't seem so good could also be that the map layout did not have that many tactical options. I guess the best when it comes to AI in gaming now comes from AIs developed to work as a player. Like all those Starcraft playing AIs and more recently MOBA AIs. I think I also remember someone boasting about an neural network based AI, though NNs are basically just good old throwing more hardware at the problem. With the hardware we have today there is an opportunity to grab some graphicaly undemanding engine and use that spare power to create something really ambitious, like those games which simulated whole space systems with economy and NPCs traveling around but even bigger. I would like to see that. A capable AI squadmate would be cool too. Or a believable stealth game.
  19. I dunno, I don't really care for indie roguelikes/roguelites like this game, but I feel like you didn't give this game a fair shake, Ross. While it probably could have tutorialized things better, you could have still experimented around. But then, I suppose the constant death countdown would discourage wasting time by testing the mechanics.
  20. I don't know Mac gaming much but I know of Marathon. Pretty much a predecessor to Halo, very inovative for it's time. It has been released on other platforms than Mac however but I guess that won't help if all you got is Mac. On that note, you can give Wine a try. From the little I gathered it did not run on new MacOS but they managed to put something together already. Either you can try making it work yourself or pay for the comercial CrossOver which has support for it and should be much easier to set up. Don't know if it also runs 32 bit games at this time but it looks like they are working on it.
  21. I'm going to guess it's Rising Lands. If it is, then you didn't spend quite enough time on wikipedia's list of real-time strategies because it is listed there. The second one could be Outcast. The player character does not wear a jumpsuit, just orange shirt but that could be hazy memory. There is a snow planet/level, stargate-like portals and aliens can be talked to.
  22. This game reminds me of "enter the gungeon" with the useless , sometimes detrimental, random guns dropping everywhere and all the curse stuff going on and the guns synergizing with one another. I see several things joining this to make it the shit show it is: 1) random procedural world creation - instead of actually putting thought in to the layout and the design the devs just cough out with an always shifting world that has no ryme nor reason to it. 2) anti spoiler culture- people constantly complaining about spoilers makes the devs not want to put any documentation because it might be considered spoilers and because "players" want to find out everything on their own. 3) hardcore gamer culture - bullet hell, bullet hell, bullet hell! Nowadays if it's not a bullet hell it's too easy. 4) TBD
  23. Personally, I prefer your videos with more “food for thought” (see: SPIDERBOT, the apocalypse in Trackmania²) or just something cool to show/look into (like an American roadtrip or time-travelling composers). Save for a few segments, this episode was pretty devoid of either of those things, doing little prior research into the game. That, along with the commentary complaining about the poor game design resembling a reaction video, made this feel more like a Let's Play and not the bewildering tour show I’m accustomed to seeing from you. Actually, this sort of game would be way better for streaming, like you did with The Lecarde Chronicles. Alternatively, I’m thinking that some new format could prove beneficial for this. I know a lot of people (incl. myself) didn't like Moon Gaming, but I think that a shorter and more scripted variant of that could be a winner for something like this game. EDIT: I was probably being too harsh with the criticism in this post, I admit. I at least hope that I am being helpful with pointing out what I myself really love about the videos. On the whole, I think this episode was good for tiding people over, but that the game didn’t have enough material for the standard ’Game Dungeon’ treatment, hence why I think experimenting with it a bit more would be good. I’d love to see what you could do with that! To my knowledge, it's custom-made for the series, so what you hear is what you get.
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