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  2. Well, post them when they do exist. It's interesting. Until then, I'm gonna stick to evidence we do have.
  3. vikrantaheer

    Oil and its future implications

    The way things are changing, it is making difficult for the survival of our future generations.
  4. BTGBullseye

    Post your setup!

    Ok, so here's my latest benchmark, with the new CPU... https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/19457956 Undervolted CPU and GPU. Also have the GPU max clock set to 1900MHz. (a less than 0.1% underclock that reduces max temps by about 8°c)
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  6. BTGBullseye

    It's time for the Star Wars franchise... to end

    All they have to do is make it less "this magic thing happens because the writer decided that the universe works differently for this paragraph than any other time in the script", and more internally consistent with the established universe. (basically what we already know about our own universe, adding the force and FTL, and nothing radically different) Solo was actually a really good Star Wars movie IMO, and apart from the original trilogy, better than all but Rogue One.
  7. BTGBullseye

    The environmental changes of a cooked world.

    Unfortunately they are not lasting online sources. They are direct chats with scientists working on the climate models, and I talk with them to provide them with a less conventional viewpoint so they can produce a more comprehensive model. None of the models are complete yet, so no online resources for it exist yet.
  8. Schneider


    The music at 34:34 reminds me of the into to "Lost Painting" from the Symphony of the Night soundtrack.
  9. Could you share those sources, because that's in contradiction to pretty much every scientific sorce I came across.
  10. RaTcHeT302

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    It's never too early for winter. Anyway, Overlord 2. I mean it does have some major flaws, but I have no idea if it'll ever be on an episode, that game might be a bit too mainstream, but the game is part of a genre which i don't see explored too often, and it's actually a game I really want to see more of.
  11. oak_coffee

    It's time for the Star Wars franchise... to end

    Lol, I was reading the Legacy of the Force series some time ago, and I recall the Yuuzhan Vong seriously screwing everything over. I suppose it would be for the better if they weren't included.
  12. oak_coffee

    It's time for the Star Wars franchise... to end

    Personally, I love Star Wars. I've filled my head with too much lore from the Expanded Universe and Canon (no regrets), so my opinion on the franchise is very biased. But if you have an overly biased opinion on something and still think it's "meh", then there's something wrong. My answer: I love the new Star Wars stuff we're getting from Disney, but they could be doing a lot better. We'll just have to wait and see what J.J pulls off in December.
  13. swarm

    Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

    Moonstone!! I played so much of this on my Amiga as a kid. Me and my brother would play this for hours, just decapitating eachother over and over. We'd even settle bets over this game, instead of rock paper scissors!! I remember being scared by some of the monsters in this game, like the ones that would jump out of the mud and drag you down under. Probably messed me up as a kid, oh well!
  14. zlmxs

    Game Dungeon Wish List

    I know it's a bit too early but here's something that might make a great winter game https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmr_AkuD-Ew
  15. BTGBullseye

    The environmental changes of a cooked world.

    For the most part, I disagree with the cause being solely because of human actions, (what the majority of the media publicizes) but not entirely disconnected. From what I have seen and heard from actual scientists that study more than just human interactions with the environment, solar activity and other less easily quantifiable sources of the heating are a bigger contributor. As for the extent, those are definitely worst case... Any semi-realistic prediction says that the chances of each of those things should be reduced by about 2/3. The most likely doomsday scenario is that the heat will increase just enough to trigger the release of the methane deposits at the bottom of the ocean. If this happens, everyone and everything on the surface of the planet will suffocate in a matter of hours. (unless you're above ~7500 feet ASL, IIRC) It will also result in basically the entire rest of the planet being engulfed in flames for several weeks/months, and destroying basically everything in a planet-wide methane fireball. Note, this is the most likely doomsday scenario, and it has a less than 15% chance of happening when given a generous helping of "worst case". We really need to get off this planet, and not mess up other planets when we get there.
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  17. Slug_Man


    I love these “Ross rants” because it always looks like he’s on the brink of insanity. There’s just something about how he might pause for a few extra seconds, or it seems like he pops his eyes almost. (I’m not slamming Ross here; I love his vids, btw)
  18. There's a lot of uncertainty going around as to what will really change on the ground. I, for one, am very interested in this. This isn't about sea level rise: we're still looking at around 1m, 2m rise by 2100; a lot will still be the same or easily walled off. By the time we're in the tens of meters, that's down this millennium and out of my purview. Here are some examples of stuff I've come across. And at the most extreme end, with little to no sources I've found, this map from Parag Khanna. He lists off a few sites and maps which I'll posit below. But if the prediction that we'll see a world 4c warmer by 2060 does come to pass, it's still a bad outcome. Extreme map that I can't find a source for: Maps cited by Parag Khanna: From New Scientist; and that only led me to one document here from the "Royal Society Publishing". That's quite a...difference. Parag is trying to sell a book I can't find nothing about, so maybe that's it. But yea, what do ya'll think? Rubel and Kottek's estimation has a lot of Siberia opening up, but arguably little change elsewhere. The map about desertification feels right, and that's been a big hurdle since the 00s and 90s: the Sahel disappearing, aquifers drying up in the South West, the Gobi. and the steppe. The weakening of Europe and the huge drive up along the Rockies? That's something we'll feel, for sure. Then comes Parag's map which I'm this close to just writing off as a fiction unless I get some data, and my bias is saying that if there is any data, it's being squished into a more recent timescale than what it presents. Speaking of data, let me add some IPCC numbers I read from the...2018? 2017? report. Okay, so the IPCC said: 100% certain that: less cold days, more warm days, the permafrost will decline by a third or so. The ocean will be more ocidic. No Northern Hemisphere Glacification before 3000AD. Sea level WILL rise beyond 2100; but for this century we're in the ballpark of 1-2m. It's very likely, (75+ chance of happening) that by the late 21st century (I'm taking late to be around 2066, 2075+) that the Ocean will deoxify by a few percent. There will be more warm spells, more heavy precipitation. The ocean conveyor belt will weaken but not collapse. More atmospheric CO2, methane, nitrous oxide. It's likely (60% chance or so) that the global temperature will rise by 1.5c to 4.5c. That means the 4c warming scenario is highly probable. Okay, sure. The subtropics will lose precipitation. Glaciers will decline. The Ozone hole will expand. More droughts. It's Semi-Likely (around 50? 40?% - flip a coin) that Tropical Cyclonic Activity will intensify. The West Antarctic Ice Sheet disappears, but only above 4.5C temp increase. It's Unlikely - around 33%, my note is '1 in 3' - that Antarctica and Greenland will lose all ice by the late 21st century. That's a bit high for something so drastic, with a sea level increase of...10 to 30? metres. That's... a lot. Very Unlikely - around 20%, still that's 1-in-5, too high for my tastes - that the Conveyor Belt system just...shutdowns completely. It's exceptionally unlikely, still around 10%, that we'll see a 6.0C increase by the late 21st Century. General stuff is that if we reach 1.6C by the 2050s, 9-31% of all current extant species will be extinct, most reefs gone, half of wooded Tundra lost. If 2.6c by 2080, loss of 25% of all large African mammals and most tropical rainforests. 60% of widespread and common plant species, and 35%% of widespread and common animal species will see habitat range shrinkage, up to a half of what they have now, by 2080. 20-30% of plants and animals will be subject o an increased risk of extinction if temps rise by 2.6c. If the temp rises by 4c, we're looking at the 40-70 ('flip a coin') range. 75% of South American aquifers depleted by 2050. This I think is important to note because, well, that affects people. That's what starts political crises and refugee movements. 20,000 more pollution related death per 'temp rise' (1c tiers?) There's an upside is that Temperate food production might increase and that's due to the climate zones shifting north. More Siberian, Canadian, North East, High European farming. 37% of all permaforst will disappear in a 2.6c scenario by 2100. 1m sea level rise will displace around 100,000,000. Now, there are other reports, of the last year or so, that have gotten a huge, how should we say, doomer reaction from the populace. What's in those reports? I don't know. I think one is from the UN and hasn't been fully published yet. What was thrown around is that it's all 'worse-case scenario' is basically the scenario we're getting or gunning for, and the number '8.5' is thrown around a lot which I think is basically 'we're going to warm up by 8.5c'. In what time frame I don't know. I don't think we 'only have 12 years' to solve it or '2 years or we're doomed', but extrapolating from it all, we should at least be prepared for the heavy end of Climate Change within this century or even the stuff for 2050. And since most of us will be alive then, that's something I think we should brace for. Again, what do ya think? Sorry for the number dump.
  19. Gun


    It wants to be Gothic with vampires and it does some things right. At least worth a try.
  20. Gun

    The Park

    It's not long and it has one or two COOL dialogue
  21. Gun

    Zombie Night Terror

    Turning everyone in to zombies with puzzles, mixed with adequate graphics.
  22. The Britain

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted

    Ah good ol' Professor Elemental:
  23. You can also download it from https://crowscrowscrows.itch.io/dr-langeskov-the-tiger-and-the-terribly-cursed-emerald-a-whirlwind-heist without the steam client if you are so inclined, but then of course you have no achievements.
  24. Welfarewalrus

    Virtual Reality mods for classic games (list)

    Here are some more I fund No One Lives Forever 2 https://github.com/LukeRoss00/nolf2-real-mod/releases Metroid Prime trilogy through Dolphin VR (and nearly every other Nintendo classic through it) Half life 1 also got a new VR mod for oculus Quest https://www.lambda1vr.com/
  25. xawesomecorex

    Schizm: The Mysterious Journey

    Tried playing it years ago, got frustrated and quit. Like the dude above me said it's a Myst alike on an alien world, with very abstruse puzzles. Though, the real reason I'm commenting is to let folks know that you can actually buy it on GOG.
  26. Fascist_Grapefruit

    Layers of Fear

    It's a boring, generic movie about a tortured artist, but the file is corrupted so you gotta hold the w key to keep it playing.
  27. \\\\\\\\\\\

    Sir, You Are Being Hunted

    Glad to see this game here! Great atmosphere, and the music fits the game mood well. Shame there's no community of modders for this game.
  28. zotquix


    Oh BTW. This same company later put out a game called Silpheed which was a better effort all around despite being a rail shooter.
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