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  2. I never said it was a good point.
  3. Video dunkerino!!! You know what, just fuck gaming in general. Quake 2 was the only good FPS game ever made. Quake 3 was ok. Let's see... rts: homeworld rpg: kotor tabletop: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 That's it, there is nothing else That's also true.
  4. The Division 2 The new "season" stuff is actually kinda fun...
  5. Can't report them if you aren't allowed to test for it...
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provisioning_(telecommunications)
  7. Підбірка відредагованих українських субтитрів. Виправлені технічні моменти, прибрані ляпи, покращено пунктуацію, ну й, де було потрібно, сам переклад. Загалом, внесено досить багато змін. Епізод про Deus Ex Invisible War особливо потребував правок. Ну й повідомляйте, будь ласка, по можливості, про всі помилки, що попадуться при перегляді наступних відео. Особливо це стосується людей, які завантажують субтитри першими. У кого зараз багато вільного часу у зв'язку із карантином, маєте гарну можливість передивитися деякі випуски ще раз. Наступні 5 епізодів РФ1 мають вийти до кінця наступного тижня. Не хворійте! Updated ukr subtitles (Accursed Farms).zip
  8. Подборка отредактированных русских субтитров. Исправлены технические моменты, убраны косяки, улучшена пунктуация, ну и, где требовалось, сам перевод. В целом, внесено весьма немало изменений. Эпизод про Deus Ex Invisible War в особенности нуждался в правках. Ну и сообщайте, пожалуйста, по возможности, обо всех ошибках или неточностях, которые попадутся при просмотре следующих видео. Особенно это касается людей, которые скачивают субтитры первыми. Updated rus subtitles (Accursed Farms).zip
  9. Has multiple endings and you can actually choose to quit the puzzle halfway through if you don't want to find out what actually happened. Let me set the scene for you, you play as a female journalist investigating a house where a murder took place, however the person died of hypothermia in the middle of the summer. There are various ways the game can end and you can actually make a mistake in judging which character is the guilty one, and the game lets you stick with that decision, despite it being wrong. However I felt the game made it too obvious who is the guilty one, but you can be the judge of that. As I said earlier, one of the things I personally thought gave the game an interesting twist is that you can actually quit in the middle of the game and decide that you don't want to know what happened, that this secret is not worth finding out. Don't really want to oversell it or anything, I just thought it was an interesting detail. It only takes an hour to finish and its a perfect way to end your Sunday evening.
  10. Animal Crossing. It's good for long team calls during work from home.
  11. My big surprise is that Mongolia only has 12 reported active cases as I write this
  12. I have no idea what the provisioning file is nor what is it named, I barely just learned what a host file is did you watch the video I posted?
  13. Hello from the future! This thing has turned into a global pandemic and we're being kicked in the balls about it. Uh, live maps and the big Hopkins University map say there's around 200k recovered, as of about 04/01/20. 40k dead. And around 860, 900k infected. I think there might be some recovered people out and about. Tom Hanks came back? I think he got it and was healed, he's in LA right now. But yea. 2020 everybody.
  14. No prob. I'm still looking for more maps that are more in the general consesus, or even just more educated guess than just what Parag did. Will post here if I find something like that.
  15. Yeah, but then my modem glitched, and the provisioning file got corrupted to not allow access to any websites... Comcast support wasted an entire day trying to get my local IP address for no reason instead of just refreshing the provisioning file, all because their system said "nope, looks good from here". (they can do it manually, as I've had it done many times over the years) I had to do a really old trick to deliberately trigger my modem to wipe the provisioning file, and redownload it. Now I'm getting full speeds for the download, and almost 19Mbps for upload... So Comcast customer service is absolute shit, but once the network is working, it's decent.
  16. Last week
  17. Half Life games are a boring snooze fest, change my mind
  18. Alright I have another one: The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Director's Cut (Starbreeze Studios, 2004) 1. Some Bones are Better Left in the Closet: When I played this game back in the day it blew my mind hard, and quickly became one of my all-time favorites. Playing it again in 2019 however really shattered that image of perfection for me, as my trained gamer-sense was able to see all the blemishes and flasws on its surface. Replaying your childhood favorites can be dangerous guys. Don't do it. 2. Fully Realized World: The moment you set foot in this game you immdiately get the sense that this is a real world, with real people doing real people things. Even though the area you explore in the game is is ironically limited to a single installation (a prison no less), the game world still comes of as highly expansive, detailed and believable. 3. Vin Disel Life Simulator: DANGER! If you play this game in VR you will transmogrify into Vin Disel, and this process is irreversible. The game features one of those 'look down and see your body' type views, and you really get to feel as if you are a 250 pound killing machine.
  19. ^Haha I love that. Very creative. That game is on my shortlist. Looks highly interesting.
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