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  2. I need confirmation from Ross that he is this stupid.
  3. Unfortunately, Ross is a dyed in red wool Trump fanatic. Better pack your bags.
  4. Hey Ross, I want to thank you. You change my view about video games and even some life directions. Before I was hype eating retard and considered old games as outdated garbage. But now I bought some on GOG, played through and really enjoyed them, even thou some of these games didn't have widescreen support, required some extra patches and stuff. I also begun reading manuals and looking for interesting stuff in games. Like in your track mania episode, where you stupid brain looked for purpose for those racing matches. Also at first I was very angry when you asshole didn't release a single game grot episode in 5 month, but in this time I discovered tons of other cool youtube channels like GrimBeard (this guy also mentions you). And you said that next game chamber episodes will be better - hope so. So, thank you Ross. Keep up the good work you ass.
  5. What politician does Ross support? If you say that he supports orange degenerate, I immediately unsubscribe from this retard.
  6. Valve is the most anti-consumer gaming company, not EA. Fuck fat greedy asshole.
  7. Yesterday
  8. admiral bop's post is cringeworthy but that image is revolting if people want a particular question answered, they can upvote it to get to the top of the list for ross to see. that's the main reason he has those threads on reddit you should buy a stress ball
  9. EDIT: that was childish, I apologize
  10. Because I am very passionate about video games - they are my life. And I don't like when some rich ass company overhype a mediocre game with absurd ideas like it's a freaking what you wanted ever thing. And other companies watch some dumb game success, that was successful only because a company spent 9/10 game budget on marketing and take every shit mecanics from there and repeat it their scrapy game referring to this game. List of the most overhyped but mediocre games: Half-Life 2 - ok game, but I heard a lot of dummies saying this game is a shoter defining crap despite having one of the worst shooting mechanics lol. Portal, actually the majority of valve games. Witcher 2, 3 (didn't play cyberpunk thou). Shit Souls. Bioshock. Etc.
  11. Why the hell he looks for questions on Reddit and ignores his fans in his very own web site? What a disrespect towards his fan base. What a fucking asshole!
  12. Last week
  13. i'm not a fan of discord so if you happen to see this message and are still part of this group can you say if they're still working on ZMR or if development has pretty much died? more importantly, does anyone host gamesessions on specific days/nights or something?
  14. Yes! That's the most infuriating thing about the game. At the very least the class-specific equipment helps a little to give the world character. But there is almost nothing else. The characters are all extremely bland and don't have much to say on the actual world. And the only faction we learn anything about whatsoever, are the Templars. The Hunters and Cabbalists are basically just "there" and I think the Cabbalists have one or two characters where their association is at least noticeable. Ah no, it would be fine if he made it through once. I really don't know why he had so much trouble with it. Maybe it's just tougher with a Summoner? I didn't have much trouble with my Engineer and even less with a Guardian. I will try to report back once I get to my playthrough with the Evoker. Not quite the same, but at the very least the same item selection.
  15. From what I've heard, he's had worse landlords.
  16. You seem like a fellow who's played a bunch of this game. I just started. At first, i could play solo, which was great for getting to know the game. But later on i accidentally put it in multiplayer mode and i just dont wanna play like that. how do i get back to solo mode?
  17. yup, ~70% chance of it hitting water, but then again, shit happens.
  18. I get your point of view but why are you so overly passionate about this? It's only a game.
  19. Walter White V Britannia commands you to love Code Geass
  20. 1:04:40 - Gamecube Unemployment - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5FGuBatbTg
  21. I fully understand your displeasure. In recent years, too often, there have been various weather troubles.
  22. May 2021 videochat with fans. The framerate tanked again for unknown reasons even though the exposure was set low. Usual ramblings, getting close to the end of "retooling" for future videos, more real ones coming!
  23. May 2021 videochat with fans. The framerate tanked again for unknown reasons even though the exposure was set low. Usual ramblings, getting close to the end of "retooling" for future videos, more real ones coming! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  24. Am I alone, who wants to lock Ross in a room, not a fancy one, but like they use in guantanamo prison - square 2x2 space with a toilet and a computer. Provide the cheapest and unhealthiest food in his cell, like burgers but with all vegetables removed and candies, and sugar high cola for thirst. And give him a message that he will be released only when he play through the game 5 times, complete all the achievements and do that withing 7 days, or count will be reset. And then after he complete the task I want to look in his eyes from behind bulletproof glass.
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