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  2. That figures, most of the CD space must have went towards the compressed video. I kinda miss this 90's FMV cheese. I remember reading a comment, probably on Ross's Phantasmagoria 2 video, that said that the acting in these games often had to be exaggerated because of the low res and high compression subtracting details.
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  4. After that video people on ScummVM server started to talk about this game and its possible support. Funny enough, game itself without videos and related stuff to them is very very tiny. A quote about thst Game itself is 480kb in size, yea lol. Not surprising since whole game is just videos with simplest "choose A or B" screen
  5. I am but the anime is over for now. This isn't a manga thread.
  6. Oh? you're not interested in the story beyond the vengeance arc?
  7. Hang on, did that readout when Graves died say his skeleton failed? How does that even work??? And how did it happen from getting attacked by vampires? Now I'm imagining a type of monster that's like a vampire except instead of blood, they suck out your entire skeleton and leave you as just a living flesh sack. That's gotta be a thing already, right?
  8. That song was included in the credits actually; the outro song is usually the last listed
  9. Thank ya sir, I suppose I'll have to begin my journey looking through 'em The only one i'm concerned about is his "Life is Strange" Game Dungeon, I really doubt the song he used (which wasn't included in the credits) was used in THAT game LOL Thanks again
  10. There's no master list or anything like that if that's what you're looking for unfortunately. The most you can do is check the music you see listed in the credits, rule out any that you already know it can't be, and then start checking the rest. If you still don't find it afterwards, it's means the song is from the game itself, and your best bet at that point is to look into the games soundtrack.
  11. Hey guys, I have been binging game dungeon for a long time now & I've noticed there is some awesome tracks used during the credits of some videos that I can't find the name of haha. I was curious if there's a list of tracks somewhere or maybe I'm stupid and somehow missed em. Thanks in advance
  12. Well it's over now, for me at least.
  13. The floating head was much more engaging this time around compared to Cybermorph.
  14. @The Britain We have highspeed spammer tearing through town in sector 4.
  15. Last week
  16. lol I can't believe Range 15 got mentioned. From what i could dig up, that movie was a produced as a veteran rebuttal to Hollywood military soap boxes like the Hurt Locker The creators also made a pretty well written but rather short-lived animated series. I think I got a lot more out of this. They also run an Onion-y weekly news show called BNN that has an old-school Rockefeller conservative edge to it. I don't agree with everything they say, but it's refreshing to get a different take in an ocean of left leaning influncers with similar content formats. Just don't read the comments.
  17. Very vampire, I approve! BRB, going to re-read The Rhesus Chart. P.S. Please release us from the suspense of the Freeman's gassing. Unless Word of God is that Mossman didn't want to bother reviving him.
  18. Very vampire, I approve! BRB, going to re-read The Rhesus Chart.
  19. New Game Dungeon! More coming! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
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