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  2. kerdios

    'No' Thread

    are these 'no' statements?
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  4. "Tom Scott simultaneously looks like he's in his 20's and 50's". - Some random Youtuber
  5. All President Trump had to do was let Biden speak.
  6. Im_CIA

    'No' Thread

    "the presidential debate went smoothly"
  7. Something that didn't occur to me until today. CircleDock is open source and C# based. At least the most recent version is. This might be something fun I can mess with in my off time. I emphasize might because I am very bad at sticking with projects for any amount of actual time. EDIT: Ok, so based on my research, something weird happened wtih CircleDock. The short version is that the .NET version was prototyped by one person before another developer picked up the torch. Then they basically deleted all of their work because they felt trapped by the GPL license that they had inherited. To make a long story short, the version of CircleDock you can find on SourceForge is nowhere near the most recent version of the program. Furthermore, the source code is not the same version as the compiled version of the code. There is some basic functionality missing there. Trying to make it better based on what is already in source code form would be quite a challenge.
  8. If you've ever worked in retail, this is the pinnacle of survival horror.
  9. I played this for the first time yesterday. Pretty good, imho. Gunplay plays like a better-than-middle-of-the-road Build Engine game (better than Witchhaven and TekWar, and Redneck Rampage, lightyears behind Blood). Not sure how I feel about all of the survival strategy stuff, but it's well implemented, for the most part...
  10. Hazy is on the money. Lots of great ideas in terms of visuals and style, and awful ones in terms of narrative, storytelling, and gameplay.
  11. colin


    Mellow little aquatic puzzler. Great atmosphere.
  12. How bout no, you crazy Dutch bastard.
  13. 3124 - Half-Life 4 is released.
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