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  2. If only they could find a way to easily run Windows-only/DOS-only programs and games on it without performance loss...
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  4. When I was young, back in around 2002, I remember playing a game in my computer class. It was a game similar to Oregon Trail, except you'd be a pilgrim on the Mayflower colonizing the new world. I remember everyone really liking the game. However, I was unable to acquire a copy for myself. Years later, I went to look for the game, and I was completely unable to find anything on the game, save for a picture of the title screen (Which I included). There was archived versions playable on the internet of the original game, however it seemed the sequel was lost to time. I decided to ask about it on reddit, and nothing came of it for a few months. Then out of the blue, someone sent me an ISO they managed to rip from an old CD lying around. I managed to dig through the files using 7zip and It's definitely the game, however the .EXE files are either broken or incompatible, and I can't seem to even run them on my PC to figure out what's wrong. I'm not sure how I'd go about trying to make this game playable again, or at least manage to preserve it. I figured you guys might be interested, as it's as obscure as it gets. I do have a mega link to the ISO if you're interested, but I'm new to the site, and I'm not sure what your policies are regarding this kind of stuff.
  5. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on February 1st at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. Been working on multiple things! This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  6. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans on 5:00pm UTC on February 1st at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. Been working on multiple things!
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  8. So I just purchased Bionic Dues, and started the game and this magnificent music just started playing: I didn't even started to play the game but I am already pumped, and I remembered that Ross is looking for music. Since this is not a well known game, I thought I would share it here. Kinda reminds me of Nightwish. If the rest of the soundtrack is any good, I will report it here.
  9. Major disappointment. Some of this... ""Horror"" is so bad it may as well be every stereotyped by comity. Actually said by game "The phone is low on power, we found some red paint, we are leaving arrows for you to come find us." "We saw that old abandoned school and we just had to explore it. The doors locked behind us, please come help us." Sign "Look behind you"
  10. I would not call it much of a game so much as an interactive story, but I have not seen such storytelling and actualization of advanced concepts relating to AI interaction like this before. Its beautiful.
  11. While several tracks from this game have existed on YouTube, as far as I could find, most of the soundtrack hadn't been posted before now. So here it is now in it's entirety:
  12. I don't know how many here are old enough to apreciate this
  13. Forgive the double post, but in the last three years, well: You may have heard of Pigeon Simulator, a 3D game prototype that looks somewhat like Goat Sim: https://www.bossapresents.com/ There's also Grayland, a game where there's a war going on between humans and aliens and you're a pigeon that shits on things: https://store.steampowered.com/app/297190/Grayland/ ...I want to stress that I didn't go looking for these games. They found me. Also, although there's no poop, you have to admit Untitled Goose Game hits a lot of the checkmarks you laid out for bird mischief in the English countryside. Put all these games into a cauldron, stir them up and you might have the perfect birdshit game on your hands. Please wash your hands.
  14. Being full time Linux user keeps becoming easier and convenient. I could say the same thing year ago, and this year is even better comparing to the last one.
  15. Well there is a physical fire now. But the menagarie of talking heads, which is choking on its own rhetoric, remains the same.
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