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  2. How can you make it into a game without breaking valve's copyright?
  3. I did not see this thread. My apologies. I can get to work on those now.
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  5. Actually episodes 56-61 were already translated and uploaded more than a year ago...( ), but nobody had uploaded them on Youtube since, so... it's a bit of a bummer, honestly, but whatever. Hopefully, they will be uploaded now, and you can carry on from the 62 episode. I was hoping to make them myself by the end of the year, but Xen is such a bore for me, so I don't mind that much, besides there's been a really long pause. It's a shame, though, I would like to get a sort of achievement by translating the whole series, but then again, fuck Xen!
  6. Not 100% sure what that post means (that's probably on me), but if I did something wrong, please let me know.
  7. Well, the impression I'm getting is that you think that changing anything, even if it was an objective improvement, would ruin it or be a waste of time. If that's the case, then your feedback isn't really helpful, because it's simply not something you'd ever accept as a hardcore purist. But to each his own. As for the game; it would naturally be Half-Life themed, as I don't know how you could call it a Freeman's Mind game without Half-Life. However, Ross did make an April Fools trailer where Gordon went into other games, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility. The current idea is that it would basically be a side story or extension to the original series, that you get to play through and interact with, instead of just watch. Yes, I know this is quite a departure that many fans might not like, but not everything is for everyone. So if this isn't something you care for, that's fine!
  8. Wooow, the table is hot (even though it's not updated in Ukrainian) and you are quick
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  10. Recently played SiN for the second time and had a total blast with the game. Thanks for that, Ross! I'm very excited about the upcoming remasters of SiN and Kingpin, which unfortunately are now delayed for more than a year and may never be released. Anyway, SiN does provide some of the best levels in the 90's shooters, i think the level design is only a step behind that of Half-Life, which in my opinion, is the very best to this day when it comes to "environmental storytelling", where the corridors of Black Mesa tell their own story and help you fill the gaps and make your own conclusions, and form theories about the bigger picture of what is happening. SiN still follows a more traditional level formula for the time, where the levels involve some backtracking and switch hunting, but they are great because they feel natural, like existing places that make the world believable, which was still at the time a very fresh concept compared to the abstract levels of Doom, Quake and Unreal. That being said, all these games are great and i love them to death. PS: Here's something curios... i've noticed near the end of SiN, where a mutant breaks through the wall, Ross got the Mancini mutant, check it out: But in my game, i get the big second act boss coming through the wall. How so? Is there different versions? Is it a difficulty thing? I played on normal difficulty so... did Ross play on easy?
  11. Koen Boeijinga's MOA & Gamelan Orchestra - Act VIII
  12. I feel like you're not really getting my point. The reason we (well, at least I) like Freeman's Mind is because of the unique flair that Ross himself gives it. Recreating that with crisper versions of 1998 graphics doesn't really add anything, and I don't even know what you're talking about with "the video game idea". Are you saying you'd want Ross to script and record more dialogue for himself...for something that's not Half-Life? Again, I fail to see the point, and now the giant workload just includes a busy guy who probably has better uses for that time.
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  14. Oh, it's just Ross's face, I see now. Phew.
  15. Оскільки на YouTube бракує перекладу з 56 епізоду, – зараз і надалі – спробуємо це виправити. Як хтось знає, як додати субтитри на Youtube – надісилати Росові, чи зачекати доки він сам перевірить форум, чи поїсти бджіл – не соромтеся розповісти. Freeman's Mind_ Episode 56_ua.srt Freeman's Mind_ Episode 57_ua.srt
  16. Another update Ross's Big Game List UPD
  17. I appreciate your frankness and totally understand where you're coming from. I'm also sure you've heard ideas like this before and think I'm just another kid with their head in the clouds. Maybe a little, but I'm not (physically) 12, I'm actually old as dirt and have much experience with various content creation tools. So I like to think I have some grip on reality and how much work this would take. But things always take more work / time than you think! However, I think the idea that this would ruin Freeman's Mind is a bit puristic. But I could pretty much address all your complaints and concerns by simply doing a strict remaster. Where everything is still viewed from first-person, just in glorious 4k. With smoother player and camera movement, and the occasional custom animations, if that's not going too far? As for the video game idea, that would ideally be more of a spin-off with new unique dialog and story for Gordon. So it would definitely have a different feel overall. Probably leading to more of a game dungeon style thing.
  18. One of my biggest disappointments when playing wizards in games is that you can't cast none line of sight spells around walls or corners (like blizzard)
  19. Honestly I think neither of these concepts are really much of a good idea. The appeal of Freeman's Mind is the combination of it being a Half-Life 1 machinima work and Ross having a good sense of wit and comedic timing; either would dilute the purity of the playthrough that pretends its not a playthrough, and the latter specifically would ruin the context and timing without really adding much. On top of all this, both these ideas would require an exorbitant amount of work for a very niche concept that I don't think would really enhance anything about the youtube series we all already like, it would just distract from it. EDIT: and I'm not trying to come off as calloused or anything here. Obviously you should try to do and attempt whatever you'd like, but I think it's important to be realistic about the amount of work a thing takes and the amount that you personally are capable of supplying. I wanted to make long-spanning epic narratives dozens of (insert media measurement unit) long for most of my life, but the thing is, I can't write that much.
  20. This game has one huge problem: you need headshots to kill quickly, but this is a boomer shooter in which you need to run and gun, not carefully pick your shots.
  21. I've been toying with the idea for years now of creating a game and/or animated series based on Freeman's Mind (possibly sanctioned by and developed with Ross). But I'm yet to make any concrete plans. So I thought it would be interesting to ask the community here what they would like to see most. Freeman's Mind: The Animated Series The concept for the series would be to remaster and reanimate the entire original first season in 4k from a third-person perspective. So you can actually see Gordon's reactions to events. Now I know this has already been done by multiple people in a limited manner. But mine would cover the entire first season and use the original Half-Life 1 graphics. Freeman's Mind: The Video Game The concept for the game is much less decided, as I don't exactly know what kind of game would best compliment the series. It would however still use the classic Half-Life 1 graphics, and you would very likely play someone else with Gordon as your AI companion. So you can also see his reactions to events. So which concept sounds more appealing to you? And if it was a game, what do you think would be the best type? I could go in either direction here because I'd be developing this in the Unity engine, which allows me to create both interactive experiences and static animations. So I could actually make it into a transmedia project eventually, featuring both a game and show. But that would take time.
  22. Lonely Star didn't even complete it's Kikstarter, but it's demo (still availeable on GameJolt) is better than a lot of finished game sin my opinion. I would genuinely recommend it to everyone.
  23. Last Game I played was Cultic, and I have to say I was really disappointed: the enphasis on headshots really doesn't gel with the Boomer Shooter genre, and the spongy enemies don't help; I mean, how can just some dude require three headshots from a handgun to go down?
  24. Personally, I place great importance in how good the experience of playing a pure caster is in rpg games. This has made me appreciate games that others find disappointing and be disappointed by games most people gush about. What About you? Here are some examples from the games I played. Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - GREAT This game might be disappointing in a lot of ways, but fighting as a wizard has the same good game feel and breadth of options as any other class: this is an action game at it's core and as such a wizard protagonist feels evasive and dangerous rather than a wimpy glass cannon. Roadwarden (DEMO) - DISAPPOINTING I was expecting magic to open special routes to solve problems, but what I got is the ability to detect that obviously magical things are magical, scare away some animals and rest better in some, but not all, uncomfortable places. Maybe the full game is better on this front, but the first impression really disappointed me. Dark Souls 2 - BAD I got the idea to play a pure caster after learning that there was a special staff that allowed a charachter to cast spells of all types, but this game clearly treats magic as a secondary system to be used sparingly in abuild mostly focused on melee. Not only is the interface for selecting spells clunky and the number of uses limited, the magic itself is inflexible: all you can do is heal, fire various flavours of pewpew lasers or awkward projectiles, and buff a piece of equipment. Elden Ring - MID The spell selection controls might still be awkward, but at least the actual selection of spells is much better and more useful. Unfortunately playing a pure caster still feels worse and isn't as deep as playing a melee fighter, but playing a hybrid is plenty enjoyable and it was clearly the kind of build that the game pushes you towards. Honestly I think From is very close to getting how to make playing a wizard fun in their system: the various casting focuses already have bonuses for certain group of spells, so why not allow players to assign a different spell to different slots in the weapon's moveset? King of Dragon Pass / Six Ages: ride like the wind - GOOD these games aren't really RPGs - more like management games with rpg adiacent elements - but magic is an essential component of managing your clan, and it can make it better at virtually anything: you can aquire magi artifacts that give bonuses in specific situations, build temples to get the gods to make your clan better at a certain type of action, bargain with spirits to get temporary bonuses, perform rituals that are mysterious and difficult but give you big payouts if they succeed, and even spens magic before an important event to give yourself better odds of success. And even the way magic is aquired is intresting: you primarily get it by behaving according to your traditions, but it can also be aquired from particular events or by getting other clan's shamans and priests to help you. As a result, making you clan better at magic is always a good investment, and it's not a boring process either.
  25. Very much on the opposite end of the spectrum here. I don't like Blood at all, but this game is very fun. Funny how that works out.
  26. LOVE Brigador, not sure how this got a Hazy, maybe there is a bit of disconnect between presentation and gameplay, this is a slow, tactical game, not a twin stick shooter. I suppose also that it's not too directly engaging, all the lore is stuff you have to read, which I normally hate, but it works so well for Brigador. Crazy underrated game. And he does!
  27. Super disappointing in my opinion, I refunded. It looks fantastic but has big-time performance problems and is just plain boring.
  28. I'm pretty sure the simplest reason to not play Free Riders is that Kinect exclusives are always shit and are absolutely miserable to play even when they work.
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