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  2. I feel like "PS1 Graphics horror game" could be it's own genre at this point. There's a LOT of them
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  4. Hello guys, hope I could help you with this link: https://macintoshgarden.org/search/node/ernest On this website there are also a lot other games from Lexis Numerique, Terzio and Tivola.
  5. Someone tell ross about the game "Honey, I joined a CULT" it sounds like a game he wouldnt mind playing
  6. I've dealing with some personal issues ( Dad died recently) But don't count me out yet
  7. I'm desk jockey CIA, not secret agent CIA. This means i work for a living. But yeah, I don't know why I just want my games as streamlined as possible. I have responsibilities and check books to balance lol
  8. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on December 4th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. Things still happening. This is a blog post. To read the original post, please click here »
  9. Ask questions or topics to discuss here for the next videochat with fans at 5:00pm UTC on December 4th at twitch.tv/rossbroadcast. Things still happening.
  10. Oh man, I still remember Project Warlock. Honestly, I was disappointed by this game. When I saw the first trailers, my expectations were indeed high. I thought it might be one of the best first-person shooter games that I played. Well, it wasn't a bad game, but it didn't reach even half of my expectations, and that's the worst part for me. Besides that, the optimization wasn't that great. And due to that, gamers created an insane amount of cheats and hacks, which actually made the gameplay better and more enjoyable! You look at this site and see how many cheats there were created for this game.
  11. ha ha that's quite interesting. Just change with new one. There are ample of items are available on Amazon and you just can get them at one click only. I am also using my G600 since six years and that is best of anything I have to say that. So you can also try it once.
  12. Thoguht you could sneak that past me? Well you were wrong - the last post battle continues.
  13. The Map theme in this reminds me a lot of the intro of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond"
  14. Populism doesn't exclude fascism, the latter is a political ideology whereas the former is mostly marketing. That said, Trump is a proto-fascist. Not necessarily a fascist himself, but you'd have to be blind to not see how his administration lays the groundwork for fascism to grow in the future. His base is insanely cult-like and practically worship him, are willing to deny simple reality for their own comfort, and as mentioned previously, don't REALLY have much of a grasp on consequences. Racial tensions are growing in no small part due to conservative agitprop which has largely been littered with white nationalist talking points the past half decade. Theocratic policy aiming to restrict the rights of women and queer people are gaining increasing levels of support. The fact that peoples' immediate response to the notion that fascism is growing in this country is to act like fascism is too strong a word is extremely troubling, fascism doesn't happen overnight, it has warning signs and people are ignoring them. If any of this "seems normal" then that's a fucking problem.
  15. Just my cishet-ass opinion, so take with a grain of salt. The newkamas of Impel Down, Ivankov, Inazuma and Bentham are okay. The most you could say is that design and personality-wise some of them are a bit questionable, though I think Inazuma is actually kind of rad. The characters themselves are heroic, good-natured and generally more agreeable than most. At worst it's a Mother 3 situation, where it was good intentions on the part of a somewhat-ignorant creator. Kamabakka kingdom specifically is weird, because not only is every person an ugly square-jawed giant-headed unshaven crossdresser, it totally flies in the face of the other group, seemingly just for a joke. It's hard to even call it a depiction of trans people, both because it's kind of ambiguous how any of them identify, and because Ivankov's powers can literally trans people's gender whenever they ask them, which you'd think would be an easy-out. Also, I'm not entirely certain if they were actually looking to sexually assault Sanji? I don't remember how clear it's made. He definitely dressed himself up when learning the newkama-kenpo from Ivankov, though, and there was an episode of the anime with that. I didn't watch it though, because I exclusively watch long-form anime through filler-free fan edits like Dragon Ball Recut or Naruto Kai. I don't know if saying "a transphobic person" is a good way of labeling Oda, because it's not like he's doubled down on being publicly loudly horrible to people for several years. It's an unflattering caricature that I don't think many trans people would say represents them, and plenty would probably call actively harmful. I mean, I feel represented very well in the "moody long-haired pretty boy" category with Cavendish, so I can see how there might be a disconnect. This is one of several things One Piece could do stand to improve on, alongside making more than 2 faces for pretty women and knowing when to fucking end an arc, because good God Wano has gone on so long. Oh, and Kiku is cool. Dunno if I'd say she undoes some of the worse shit, but she's treated better than any okama, and even a lot of the cis women if we're being honest.
  16. Regarding one piece: (one piece spoilers ahead) during the the 2 year gap , sanji (the protagonist crew's cook) is sent to an island populated entirely by trans people. During that time he needs to be constantly on the run in order to avoid the populace of ex-pirates which are chasing him in order to molest him if he gets captured. The only respite he gets is when he cooks a super special meal from a secret island only recipe for the entire island. Does this type of depiction of trans people (as rapy , molesty people) make Oda (the creator and writer) a transphobic person or can it be excused as pirates being pirates? (The only "positive" depiction of an okama that I can recall is of a later character which is depicted as very feminine which is in fact a man, this person is a brave and heroic samurai) P.S. I have only read the manga, if there is anything in the anime fillers of the 2 year gap that explains this then I am not aware of it.
  17. FWIW, I liked the episode, and I thought there were cool ideas, but I'm also starting to have trouble with the way Freeman reacts to NPCs. I like the series more when Freeman rolls with what the game throws at him, when he reacts in a way that makes it look like he's actually interacting with the NPCs. So for instance I really liked the way he reacted to Judith Mossman, because it feels like he's actually bouncing off her lines and not just berating her for not listening to him.
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  19. Okay so I got pretty far into porting this stuff into UE4 back in 2018, but I autistically was really bothered by not having the exact tree locations ripped, and I honestly didnt think anyone really cared outside of like 3 people, myself and Ross, and that was kinda a drag, I really lost the motivation tbh. I also wasnt nearly as compitent with it as I am today. Seeing that people are still on this is really heartening. I'll spend this week getting as much of this into UE4 as I can, and i'll upload the project and progress pics as I go. I'll set it up for VR, too. Question, though, the interiors. Im thinking of just a semi circle and wrap the OG texture, its gonna look funny though. Do we care about the OG interior, or do we want something a bit more modern do we think? I'm serious though, someone give me trees goddamit.
  20. It wasn't as polished, but the dialogue in the episode where the NPC scientist is running around at light speed to open the portal for Barney to jump through was fairly funny.
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