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Tokkaebi - Om Geup Geup Yue Yul Ryoung

Korean Death Metal. Not the best but kinda fun to have blasting in the background. Extra points for doing the vocals in korean though.




"Whate'er is born of mortal birth

Must be consumèd with the earth,

To rise from generation free:

Then what have I to do with thee?"

- William Blake, To Tirzah


Blade Runner, the 1997 game, taught me to appreciate poetry. The More You Know

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When close friends speak ill of close friends

they pass their abuse from ear to ear

in dying whispers -

even now, when prayers are no longer prayed.

What sounds like violent coughing

turns out to be laughter.

Shuntarō Tanikawa

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Written in 1919, popularized in 1920 by ol' Jolie. This is a later recording from 1945, with Jolson's aged voice backed by a more modern orchestra led by Carmen Dragon. It's cut in half, but one can easily find both full ones if they're curious enough to look. What I like about this video (only scene where Al himself appears in The Jolson Story) is that it puts cameras in a vaudeville theatre with someone who had performed in an era where putting cameras in such a place was unheard of, and has him perform again. Though he was well past his prime, he still had all the talent and drive to put the groove into his moves. The original audio for the clip is not available, but the beauty in how he moves on that stage is legendary.

There are four lights!

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I have a wind-up Victor cabinet from 1920 that I like to play this record on. My print is a 1947 reissue of Sorry/Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down. It's my favorite Bix groove.


I'd record my own version and put it up, but I don't own a camera and this is easier. This guy has a 1936 Vocalion pressing. I think the original one was a Parlophone wax from 1927.

There are four lights!

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