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What are you listening to?

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Marina and the diamonds - Obsessions


Edit: And now i am listening to Marina and the diamonds - Numb


Edit 2: Marina and the diamonds - Hollywood


Edit 3: Marina and the diamonds - Mowgli's road


Edit 4: Marina and the diamonds - I am not a robot


Edit 5: Marina and the diamonds - Shampain


Edit 6: Marina and the diamonds - Oh no

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Virgin Black - In Winter's Ash


ALLOT more growling on 'Requiem - Fortissimo' than any other album...in fact, I can only recall a few instances in 'Requiem - Mezzo Forte' where there was growling, and none on their other two albums. I'm really surprised at how much more heavier they got with this album, but it's cool. Still has the general Virgin Black vibe underneath all the...newness.

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That long train ride(this is the official name, but it is often referred to as ->)/path of borealis/triage at dawn - DJ Dain

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