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Steam Name Thread

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My interests on Steam are only limited to DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2, so feel free to add me if you wanna partner in playing those. (BTW, I suck on DOTA 2 but pretty decent in TF2)


Added for some dotes.


I also play a good amount of mulitplayer and co-op stuff, feel free to add. Mostly Dota and Left 4 Dead, but i'm also always down for Resident Evil or anything else for that matter.



Siegreiche Schlacht, du blutschöne Maid!

Küss mich zum Ruhm, sei mein Geleit!

Siegreiche Schlacht, du blutgeiles Biest!

Der Tod ist dein Meister aus Stahl!

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My steam name is the same as my name on here, I mostly play Fallout New Vegas and Gmod, but i have lots of multiplayer games I would be willing to wipe the dust off of if anyone else wants to have a good time.

In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know, that in the end, there is a great deal on a 1989 GeoMetro in "Like New" condition down at Speedy Jim's Country Motors. - probably the messiah

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1 hour ago, danielsangeo said:

I'm the same name on Steam as I am on here.  However, I don't chat on Steam that much.


Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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