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Top 10 video game soundtracks

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10. Mario Soundtacks -> In perticular Super Mario Galaxy 2, but all are instant classics.


9. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves -> The quality and urgency in all of the original tracks on this soundtrack is incredible. If you haven't played it, stop reading this and go now.


8. NiGHTs Into Dreams -> Surreal and fantastic in nature, although drives some crazy it is incredibly light hearted, definitely deserves this spot.


7. Shadow of the Colossus -> A very natural soundtrack, but at the same time it has the epicosity of hunting the next colossi.


6. Chrono Trigger -> Probably one of the more memorable soundtracks of all time, just because of the fact that a dream team of developers that deserved an equal soundtrack for their game.


5. Donkey Kong 64 -> Dong Key Kong! All of the tracks from this are superb and original, not to mention the DK rap.


4. FF7 -> Nobuo Uematsu's greatest music score to date, and easily the best in the series.


3. Command & Conquer Red Alert, Counterstrike, and The Aftermath -> For King and country! These games are what rts gamers between the age of 17 and 23 grew up on. If it were to come on somewhere you would suddenly get really intense about whatever you are doing. This is not to say that the other C&C games don't have a good soundtrack, these were just the best.


2. Afro Samurai -> This is one of the most unique soundtracks to any game I've ever played, it also stays very true to the original anime show and movie. Hours of original hip-hop tracks that pull you right into the game.


1. World of Warcraft -> I know, I know, hate away but this game has some of the most epic music for all occasions. Walking into a city has never felt like you were part of a war effort.

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Mass Effect, especially number II


"The attack" (


"Suicide Mission" (



Those are my personal favorites.


Mass Effect 2 soundtrack - Samara


I've never heard better theme. Just listen how it is changing. It's slow and then *Boom* grows up. And again. Pure epic

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Command and conquer. Not number four though. Maybe Mafia the city of lost heaven. That's a pretty nice one.star wars next. Those were made into games...

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And now, in no particular order:

Half Life 2: Episode 2

Halo 2

Call of Duty 4

Battlefield: Bad Company

The Sims (specifically the Makin' Magic and the Superstar add ons)

Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

Resident Evil 2

Crash Bandicoot


Final Fantasy 6

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Half-Life Series

Final Fantasy Series

The Last Remnant


Silent Hill Series

Devil May Cry Series

Mass Effect 2

Alien 3 on NES (8-bit masterpiece)

GTA Vice City

Max Payne


UPD: I forgot about Guilty Gear & BlazBlue Series. Daisuke Ishiwatari is a genius.

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In no particular order.


Serious Sam First and Second Encounters


Unreal Tournament

Red Faction

Quake 2 and GroundZero


Jazz Jackrabbit 2


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DX:HR leaked Beta has some awesome background music IMO.

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5. Red Alert

4. Duke Nukem 3D

3. Kingdom Hearts

2. Brütal Ledgend


1. The Punisher

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10) Super Metroid

9) Half-Life 2

8) Resident evil 4

7) Legend of Zelda: Twilight princess (*bites lip* Dat boss music)

6) Super Mario Sunshine

5) Metroid Prime 3

4) Metroid Prime 2

3) Metroid Fusion

2) Metroid Zero Mission (Dat Title theme)



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5: Morrowind

4: Half Life

3: Deus Ex

2: Unreal

1: System Shock 2

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5: Morrowind

4: Half Life

3: Deus Ex

2: Unreal

1: System Shock 2


I'm listening to Morrowind right now, great music


Yeah, I think I like your list.

"Even if something sounds logical, it doesn't mean it have to be true"

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The Scott Pilgrim game ost was good, but doesn't really compare to Anamanaguchi's other albums.


Wait... No one has mentioned Katamari Damacy... :o One of the most fun and varied soundtracks ever.












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I probably won't be able to name ten, but here are my personal favorites. In no particular order, of course.


1. Halo 3: ODST composed by Marty O'Donnell and Micheal Silvestri (Jazzy noir themes)

2. Mass Effect composed by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick (Classic Space Opera sound)

3. Mass Effect 2 (Including Atmospheric and Combat Scores) composed by Jack Wall (Epic sounding symphony)

4. Half Life 2 composed by Kelly Bailey (Synthesized and awesome)

5. Red Dead Redemption composed by Various Composers (Spaghetti Western goodness)

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