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How do I edit the weapon damage for Half-Life 1?

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I'm pretty sure there was an old topic on here regarding this, but that was for the Source version.


I have the Platinum version of HL and I wanna know if there is a way to change the damage the weapons do? Steam discussions was no help whatsoever, just a bunch of trolling assholes who told me real men dont haxx, and play on easy etc etc.


And this is on easy mind you, and the grunts STILL take 5+ bullets to the face before they die.


I'm just tired of shooting grunts in the face with my mp5, and taking alot of punishment.


Point is, is there a way to edit them with the platinum version?



BTW first time poster, but I read the forums sometimes.

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True True, I'm a somewhat forum lurker and I know there are some cool cats here.


Anyways, my problem has been answered, mods can lock this thread if needed.

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