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Can't find english files

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Hi, I noticed that the Swedish subforum is not particularly active and since I speak Swedish I thought I'd take it upon myself to translate the videos. The problem is that I all the download links in the forum for the English transcriptions seem to be broken which makes it rather difficult for me to get started. Does anyone have the relevant files or knows where I can find them?

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Hi, I just downloaded all the FM episodes and tried downloading subtitles for them but most of the links seem broken. The ones that work are out of sync. It would be nice if someone would post all the FM subtitles with updated sync. Might be easier to post them in batches of ten for example so they are easier to manage, because it is frustrating when most of the links are broken.

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Thanks for your work danielsangeo.


We really need one file with all subtitles together, and maybe with another hoster, because there is obviously a problem with the forum.

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Have I missed the subtitle pack or is ready yet? It would be nice to have the subtitle pack somewhere where everyone who want to download it can easily find it.

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