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Unepic Audition + Small Contest

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it's been so long since I had posted I either completely forgot my credentials or my account was deleted. wow.

anyways, I may as well share my 3 screenshots.



Made me chuckle, one of my favorite episodes of FM (episode 8).





Oh, you know, just hangin' out.





Probably my favorite Easter Egg from BMS.




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Given my username, there's really only one game I should be posting screenshots from. Dunno why but I always liked this ss I took years ago when a pro match I was spectating froze.



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So, here are my three pictures. I tried to find the funniest pictures in video games that I could take.




A picture that I took in skyrim with my Wolf Link mod. Isn't he cute?





I enjoyed this scene in Black Mesa.





Saints Row IV was good.


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Yeesh, that is some serious page stretching. Can a mod go in and edit everyone's submissions into spoilers? Is that something that's allowed on this forum?


Well, anyway, here are my contributions.



This one's from an FPS/Tower Defense hybrid called Sanctum 2. Really good, and the graphics are amazing for such a small company game. This is me playing on the lowest graphics settings

but still able to take in the beauty.




So this is a screen shot my brother took back in the early days of Halo, I think Halo 2 had come out recently at the time of this picture. Anyway, my brother was sneaking along being a total

badass by keeping his soldiers alive and suddenly this Elite appears right as he hits a loading a spot and he and his soldiers kill it. When the loading is done the Elite is just standing there like a statue

while his soldiers don’t do anything about it like it’s not even there, he could move through it and everything.


And that’s how we found out what the inside of an Elite’s mouth looks like. I would sit behind him and either play co-op next to him when we had an XBox borrowed from a friend or just watch him on

the computer while he did his thing, helping out when asked.





And lastly, a Minecraft screenshot. This was an in game wedding on a multiplayer server for a real life married (or maybe they were engaged, I don't quite remember) couple while we were

all bored one night. After one of my friends was too damn slow as the priest, I dyed a couple of pieces of leather armor black and became the priest for the happy couple and the ceremony was over

twice as fast. The bride tried to download a new skin quickly but it didn't process fast enough so she went through her virtual wedding as the default 'Steve' skin, with her husband in the dashing




░▒▓I see them ask each other, is she the MAIDEN or the ℳØηЅ┼εя?▓▒░

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This is a screenshot from Tibia, an olllllld MMO. This is a picture of when me and my friend stole 27 Million gold in items from a botter (Cheater). Basically its around $700 in real money. Its the stuff on the right side of the screen and if it looks are then it probably is xD



Man knows little.

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Well, here I go as well.


This is something that happened in TF2.... I think...





If that doesn't work, maybe Ross would like some ladies:





Ah, forget it. I've got nothing.




Nyao nyao~ 子猫は幸せです

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Well this isn't going to be an easy choice, I've received some pretty good ones via email as well. Whatever I decide on, I'll definitely post my top runner-ups as well.

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I may or may not have created an account specifically for this, suddenly realizing I could email it instead...

Oh well, I can share these with others now, and I have an account for infrequent forum discussiony things!


As for the screenshots,

One was taken as I paused Skyrim to drink a potion during a battle.

The timing was unintentionally perfect enough that an arrow was right in front of my face when I paused.

I also have one of a Dwarven ruin I am working on.



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An old one from when I played Garrys Mod a great deal




Alyx Vance tries some weight loss... with a chainsaw





Finally at the conclusion of Red Faction: Armageddon, You receive this weapon, and it's far more a destructive weapon than any other in the game... (It's was an easter egg in preparation for Saints Row IV)




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From the game Kerbal Space Program


Paradropping a rescue ship on another world



Deorbiting a refuel tank just for the heck of it



Docking of a spaceplane at a nuclear driven supply tank


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Here are my 2 screens. They are a little bit dark though.


Arrow to the knee syndrome




Now we have enough people to throw a party ;) Never had so many companions in the original.



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Here are my 2 screens. They are a little bit dark though.


Arrow to the knee syndrome




Now we have enough people to throw a party ;) Never had so many companions in the original.



A key word there: "throw" a party

Meaning Ambassador Pineapple helps a great deal at getting the party started

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Well, I was battling between Having to remember a new account & entering the contest...


...as you can see I've made my decision.


Behold my TF2 journeys




" Nobody will ever guess to look UP "

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There are 2 that I really like.


I made this once in Gmod because I wanted to show the evolution of the Gordon Freeman model.



The other is this:


It's some derpy Chell model somebody uploaded to the workshop. I don't know what I did to her face.


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