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Game Dungeon Wish List

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On 5/31/2020 at 12:54 PM, elloowd said:

Has anyone mentioned this obscure Polish game called Pył (Dust). It's a 3D FPS with stealth elements from 1999. I only found out about this recently and thought this would make prime game dungeon material.



Gameplay footage:

Apparently it never had an international relase, but there is a working english fan translation made.





Holy shit, how do I play this.

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Welp, time to throw my second group of suggestions into the mix.


Devo Presents The Adventures Of The Smart Patrol


Gameplay footage here.


Yes, that is the game's real name. No, I am not joking.

Smart Patrol is a bizarre first-person-point-and-click adventure game created by our devolved huboons at Devo. Published by InScape, who also published Bad Day On The Midway and The Dark Eye, this strange game revolves around you being a member of the Smart Patrol, a group that plans to rebel against Big Media. Additionally, a dangerous creature named Turkey Monkey roams the streets of Spudland! ... And that's all I managed to get. It's weird and chock-full of FMV goodness, including several music videos, a short rendition of "Mechanical Man" AND an original song entitled "That's What She Said"!


Bound Around


Gameplay footage here.


A unique breakout clone made for children. I remember playing the demo years ago on my Dad's good ol' all-in-one Mac.

It's a fine day in... Place? When suddenly, your family is kidnapped by evil insects!!! Now, it's up to you and your incredible bouncing skills to rescue your family! I don't remember what else happens, but there are some unique mechanics. You can still buy the game directly from the developer for only $10!




Gameplay footage here.


Another Israeli game? In MY game dungeon? It's more likely than you think.

A comedic point-and-click game about a failed actor, Piposh, who attempts to make his way to Hollywood for fame and fortune via a cruise ship. Unfortunately, he's boarded the wrong ship. And there's a killer on the ship as well. Whoops.

I have no idea WHAT this game is about as all the information I can find is in Hebrew, and there's only so much Google Translate can do.

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8 hours ago, Ferrite said:

Can we get a list of Ross' consoles. It would be a shame to suggest something he can't play.

I thought he was exclusive PC, but I could be wrong.

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9 hours ago, Ferrite said:

Can we get a list of Ross' consoles. It would be a shame to suggest something he can't play.

here's a list of consoles







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15 hours ago, Ferrite said:

Can we get a list of Ross' consoles.

What kind of plebian peasantry is this?



Don't insult me. I have trained professionals to do that.

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On 10/17/2020 at 4:33 PM, Ferrite said:

Can we get a list of Ross' consoles


Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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