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Game Dungeon Wish List

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Got some interesting point-and-click games from 'STRAYA!


The Adventures of Down Under Dan



Dan is a down-on-his-luck... adventurer? Opal miner? Survivalist? Either way, Dan is flying a plane to a town full of opals when he suddenly hits the world's only flying emu! He jumps out of the plane, gets his parachute stuck in a tree... and then proceeds to fall 3 feet and lose his memory.


Most of the puzzles are REALLY weird. One requires you to wait 30 seconds in a river until a stick comes along. If you miss the stick, you get eaten by a crocodile. If you get out of the river before grabbing the stick, you get your foot stuck in a dingo trap and you can't get out. It's full of cheap FMV goodness and is a surprisingly accurate rendition of outback Australian culture.


Trev to The Rescue!

(also known as Trev's Excellent Adventure: Problem Solving and Logical Thinking)



Want more FMV? More atrocious acting? More weirdness? Trev to The Rescue is your answer!


This is by the same developers as Down Under Dan and WOW, is it strange. Your younger brother, Dan, has accidentally eaten some poisonous berries and is deathly ill! The medical services won't come anywhere near your house because of your insane dad and your mum has to look after Dan. It's up to you to try and save your brother via awful FMV and sometimes very illogical puzzles. This game is so obscure, I couldn't even find it's box art!

It does have a hint system, although it affects your end-of-game rating (try to get "Super Trev" on your first playthrough if you want to suffer!)


The Sydney Mystery



Oh boy, this is probably the worst game in this list. Your uncle has been kidnapped and your main character can't figure out the number for 000, it's up to you to figure out where your uncle is. Additionally, there's been terrorists bombing the landmarks of Sydney, including the Opera House! Oh noooooooooooooooooo!!! Can YOU solve the Sydney Mystery?


This game is, to put it lightly, shit. The story is half-baked, the graphics look like someone's first photoshop job, the FMV is awful (including moments where the boom mic is visible and intense wind blows out the audio!) and the acting matches the quality. The music sounds like a Casio keyboard having a stroke during open heart surgery and the voiceover of the main character is so bland and uninspired I wanted the game to end within 5 minutes of watching a video of it. At the very least, it gave us one of the best "so-bad-it's-good" cutscenes ever. (which I won't post here because it's a major spoiler, but you'll know it when you see it. Hint: The only word in it is "doonk!")


Also, in one specific moment you can see the camera they used to record the FMV charging on a couch.


Most of these games, as far as I can tell, are abandonware and can be downloaded on Archive.org. The Sydney Mystery is the only exception. The only download I was able to find was from a Youtube playthrough.


Down Under Dan is probably the longest and most well known, spanning about 3 hours of gameplay if you know what you're doing. Trev to The Rescue is a bit shorter, coming in at 2 1/2 hours. Finally, The Sydney Mystery is the shortest, spanning only 1 to 1 1/2 hour.

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Soulbringer is a good suggestion. It's heavy on (non-party) combat, but it does care about its story. The latter isn't anything to write home about, but the game has a particular, unique feel to it. Not least because of the dark snowy wasteland early on and the interesting exploration around there when the story is still mostly a mystery, but also since the combat system is a bit unusual. Later on magic is added and it is another aspect of the game which is fairly interesting. Basically, your character can only be good at one element at the expense of the others. I'd recommend it just for how unique it felt to me as I was playing through it some years ago. A warning though: I had issues with the game running too slowly which only was fixed once i switched to a different Direct-X renderer (gog-version).


Other than that, it also seemed like a good idea to point out Dawn of Magic, which was made by the russian company Skyfallen Entertainment. It's a Diablo-like, though one which doesn't have a class-system, but rather a spell-combo system. In some ways it's fairly similar to other ARPGs, but certain things like the character building system are handled a bit differently. Same goes for the large maps and large cities. Good music, though the story is - again - nothing to write home about. It's not available on the digital services for some reason. Dawn of Magic 2 is, but that one is just a shorter stand-alone expansion that is lacking in comparison. Simply get a used copy off of amazon if need be.


And third, another Diablo-like: Restricted Area, by a german company. Another case where you would have to get a used copy from somewhere. It takes place in a postapocalyptic scenario mixed in with a dose of cyberpunk. However, the world only consists of basically one street and randomly generated maps. Some good music and overall ok atmosphere I'd say. Try it if you are interested in mixing guns, cyberware and bioware (but also swords in one case) into the usual formula. The story in this case is kind of painful at times, but it varies somewhat based on the chosen character.


Edit: I just remembered that the most recent patch for Restricted Area was giving me trouble with mini freezes during inventory interaction. Once I went back one patch the problem disappeared.


And another thing: Perhaps somebody has played Abomination - The Nemesis Project more extensively than me and can comment on it. I only played the demo many, many years ago, so I can't say much about it, but it always looked fairly interesting. Group-based tactics in real time or something like that.

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The "Cowboy" suggestion:


It has been suggested before, but i wanted to affirm this:


"Outlaws" by LucasArts, 1997 - It's not really obscure, but the music, man!!!!


"Redneck Rampage" by Xatrix Entertainment, 1997 ...not exactly about cowboys...but....its from the same year! maybe a double feature/comparison episode?


Then, i recently stumbled over a pretty obscure game, where you play partly as a cowboy, who is kind of to old for this shit.

It's called "Red dead redemption 2" by Rockstar Studios, 2019


I know, i know....but just think about it, for a moment! Close your eyes and imagine a full lenght GD episode on it! No "cop out" "april fools" short.

Wouldn't that be the most crazy thing ever? Wouldn't you want to see it? You know, you do!

C'mon, Ross! Are you a Mexican or a Mexican't? Wouldn't that be a new kind of challenge? ......Just daydreaming......but.......you know, what i mean......?

(of course, it is against everything, the format is about and it would only take 3-5 lifedestroying years to make, not speaking of the copyright nightmare....but....ahhhhh....i like the idea!)


The "Non-Cowboy" suggestion:        


"TIS-100" by Zachtronics Industries, 2015 -


From the Steampage: "It’s the assembly language programming game you never asked for!". 

I don't know sh*t about assembly language programming and i am BAD at math!


BUT, after the mathewmatosis video on it, i spent the 6 bucks...to kind of troll myself....and...after some help from some nice yt guys, who are actual geniuses.....ITS FUN!!! It has a story! What they did with the manual is also great, or, at least exeptional! 

I want to close, with my favorite steam review ever (.....ok, its for SHENZHEN I/O, the direct successor from the same dev, but its a very similar game, just WITH graphics and on crack! written by mapadj, translated from german by me: "I earn 80 € net per hour to code microcontrollers. If you are up for this ****, go for it!". (recommends the game)           

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Would love to see coverage of either Jet Grind Radio or Jet Set Radio. Enormously unique style in those games.

And when on earth will we ever see a rerelease or sequel to Jet Set Radio Future (xbox)?

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On 4/2/2020 at 4:18 AM, strmtroopr said:

I don't even know if this game will fit the game dungeon, but the only way to know is to recommend it.

I recommend Split Second, the racing game where stopping at the term "racing game" is an understatement.


It's a game I find hard to explain outside of that term, though. It was made in 2010, I feel it has good graphics, and although the story may be unrealistic, it's still a fun and action-packed game. In my opinion, the soundtrack is filled with high-tempo tracks that fit the environments you're put in.


Now for the part where I sound like a spokesperson for this game.


Calling the racing in this game "high octane" isn't enough to show how high octane it is. If something isn't exploding near you, something's being flown towards you. And if you're not trying to make other people crash from the same explosions and things flying in directions, then you're either good enough at the game to be ahead, or that first place spot, maybe even second place, isn't going to have you in it. There are several different game modes in Split Second, such as one where a helicopter fires missiles at you, and you have to evade them, Racing: Battle Royale, and a bunch more. I have said all that I can without explaining the game to its last atom, but I feel it would be a good game to review.

Man I remember playing the demo for this ten years ago. That was fun. The game never got a sequel or anything, and I don't see many people talking about it these days, so it probably is decent Game Dungeon fodder.


On 4/10/2020 at 2:57 AM, Sabin Stargem said:

I would like to put forward a game, La-Mulana (MSX graphics).   The game is a puzzle-metroidvania, in which mythology and a heavy emphasis on riddles is key to advancing.  The riddles and their solutions are often found far apart from each, often with obtuse meaning that requires thinking about what they are trying to say.


Milon's Secret Castle, Simon's Quest, Zelda, King's Quest, Myst, none of these can match the mysterious character of La-Mulana.  You may love it, or hate it - but it will not be boring.





Also, I would like Ross to try to seek out the Hell Temple, and to find the treasure hidden within.   Does the master of Accursed Farms have the ability to unravel the mysteries of La-Mulana without a guide?

Watching Ross try to survive La-Mulana would be...interesting, to say the least.


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Suggestion for a mention in a follow-up episode (also mentioned in the comments of the July videochat): CyberTaxi, a remake of Quarantine exists, proving Ross to be a prophet yet again.


It's also on sale for less than a sandwich.

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UFO trilogy (UFO: Aftermath; UFO: Aftershock; UFO: Afterlight)




A series that was inspired by X-COM, but instead of being turn-based it's in real-time (but you can still pause to issue orders if you want), so this could be right on Ross's alley since he's not a big fan of turn-based games. 😉


Also, another difference from X-COM is that the aliens already won. Society is gone, and you need to grab any survivor and resources you can to expand your territory and fight against mutant creatures and eventually the aliens.





A clone of the C64 game Space Taxi, but with a cartoon caveman theme. It has a simple premise too: A caveman wants to buy a diamont to his future wife, and he them starts a taxi service using a flinstones-style helicopter.

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Legend of Kyrandia 2 & 3? I noticed they're all on sale on gog right now, and the fact that he didn't bring them up in his video makes me wonder if it's because they're bad or something?

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Phantasy Star Online (Windows, 2001)


A port of the Dreamcast game for Windows. Don't let the "Online" part fool you - You can play it offline, making it one of the few, if not the only, MMO game that does not depend on a central server. Your character data is saved locally, meaning you can still play with them long after the official servers were shut down.




Old VHS footage from the Dreamcast version:

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On 9/6/2021 at 5:58 AM, lwb said:

Phantasy Star Online (Windows, 2001)


A port of the Dreamcast game for Windows. Don't let the "Online" part fool you - You can play it offline, making it one of the few, if not the only, MMO game that does not depend on a central server. Your character data is saved locally, meaning you can still play with them long after the official servers were shut down.

Wasn't this the game that had the ridiculously large controller with the keyboard built in?

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My all-time most hoped-for Game Dungeon would be Clive Barker's Undying. Its a really well-made and atmospheric game that I think would fit perfectly for a Halloween episode. I'd LOVE to hear Ross's thoughts about it.

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Mega Lo Mania (a.k.a. Tyrants: Fight Through Time in the Genesis/Mega Drive)



Since Ross's main strategy in Baldies was to breed and destroy, I guess this game could be right in his alley.


You battle through many islands and eras, and you choose the amout of starting men and your initial territory and then you breed and reseach weapons to crush your enemies. In islands with more than one opponent, you can make temporary aliances to crush a particular foe or to not be overwhelmed (but it not always works), and the AI can also do the same.


Weapons are the weirdest part though. Because each square has different types of resources (called elements), but the cost of the weapon is according to the square instead of being universal, meaning that a spear can cost a resource that can be harvested naturally in square A but can cost a different resource that needs to be mined in square B for example.


Just like Baldies, managing your men is essential. You need to assign them to tasks like research, building new structures, mining resources, and build weapons in the factory (earlier eras like the stone age don't need a factory and assigned men to create their respective weapons). And of course, the more men that are idle, the faster their numbers will increase.


One tip is to use few men in the earlier islands. Because you have a limited number to deploy, and the later sets of isles are really tough, especially considering it reaches to a poink where nukes are available.


Also, in the last islands, you may want to develop more than one square because you gain the option to freeze one, making every men there to be carried later to Mega Lo Mania, which is the true final island of the game. And it's a simple big island with no resources to collect, no extra buildings to build, and no weapons to manufacture. But your men are powerful there (they shoot lasers from their eyes), so your main strategy is to breed and destroy.

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I think Iron Helix would make for an interesting episode. It's an old adventure/survival horror game set aboard a spaceship, which I guess sounds similar to the Martian Gothic episode, but I'd still watch an Iron Helix episode.

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On 11/9/2021 at 10:21 PM, Mira said:

If there's another Christmas episode this year, I hope Ross won't waste his hard-earned Złotys on crap Christmas games before remembering that he already owns ...

Shareware-y seasonal games is LGR's turf, Ross seems to

me less keen about naking those kind of formulaic choices.


Apocalyptica and Messiah were related to Christian Folklore,

Zzap to his personal history,

Polaris SnocrossFreak Out Extreme Freeride and Puzzle Agent

were related to winter's boreal climate.


I honestly wonder if this winter Christmas episode is going to be

Carrion, since that game has a Winter/Christmas themed free



Steam's Carrion News Update

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On 11/17/2021 at 8:19 PM, HeartaceX said:

Shareware-y seasonal games is LGR's turf, Ross seems to

me less keen about naking those kind of formulaic choices.

I was "suggesting" those games in case he wanted to do more short warm-up reviews of obligatory throwaway Christmas games in the vein of Deer-Napped or Santa Clause In Trouble.


suggesting in quotes because I was mostly just being silly :P

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Oh, sorry, I did not mean to sound too disparaging, I just clicked

on them and they really look like obscure Christmas shareware-y

stuff from the 90's of the kind LGR covers/covered.


Man I am still saddened that I didn't know about that bundle

until it ended; so much weird ass obscure shit on that one.

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A puzzle game published by Apogee, but that's not the reason why I'm suggesting it. If there's one thing that I love about Game Dungeon other than Ross covering weird games, is Ross giving his commentary over cheesy storylines, and Paganitzu has that covered.


I can see that it doesn't try to take itself seriously, but it's full of random jokes and jokes that probably were funny back in the time this game was published. But hey, if Ross could make Death's Hangover kind of entertaining (which is a cringefest of a game IMO), then I think this would be good for a funny episode.

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I'm a huge fan of Strategy Games and Economic Games to start off with.  And I also want to get everything in one go.


Some Games I think Ross would enjoy under these categories would be


Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator - Economic Game

SWOTS is a stock market game but not just any stock market game, an economic game where you are to become the best organ trading simulator space has to offer. how many space cults worshipping ancient Old Ones will you supply?

How many distant alien princes will offer you fortune for free? Who knows? Will you become rich or die trying? Also, the soundtrack is killer too, I bought it, something which I have never done before. 

*The soundtrack is available to stream off Bandcamp for free.



I would love Ross to say this...


Port Royale - Economic Game


Port royale is a somewhat famous game. You play as a trader playing as a colonial power in the Caribbean from anywhere in the 1500-1700s. I love this game the amount of strategy that goes in to being a merchant vessel vs a privateer vs a pirate is insane. Will your supply of Cocoa and Coffee become worthless because some new idiot flooded the market when you were on your dangerous journey?  


*Port Royale 3 has the added bonus of a very decent town sim




Open TTD - Economic Strategy Game


Open TTD is a free cracked version of Transport Tycoon Deluxe. This game is great. you become a CEO of your own Transport business as you try and reach for the top of the state-of-the-art trains planes and automobiles which are constantly changing. Will you crumble as a government operated monopoly out cargos you, or will you become the greatest transport tycoon?





Crusader Kings II and/or Crusader Kings 3 if possible - Strategy Game


CKII and CKIII are my favorite games of all time and while they are decently known amongst strategy fans I feel as more people could know about them. In most strategy games you are trying to paint the map a specific color. Red for the U.S.S.R, Black for Germany or Blue for the Good Ole USA. In Crusader Kings though this is different. you are trying to expand your dynasty and your dynasty's power. In a regular strategy game, you might invade Estonia for more resources. In Crusader Kings a Russian Duke has murdered your dad because of a satanic plot to take over France so you must march your army to Moscow to avenge him. CKIII has more refined mechanics, especially when it comes to culture and religion, however CKII is older and has loads more content...  but 90% of it is locked behind a paywall. What can I say I hate Paradox's business model, but they make my favorite games. While I would Love Ross to do either or both of these games, he might not be able to for quite some time due to hardware or budget constraints.


Crusader Kings is about the journey and the stories you make.


Mount and Blade Warband - RPG Economic Strategy Action Game with town building elements


Another one of my favorite games Mount and Blade Warband is an RPG Economic Strategy Action Game with town building elements or RPGESAGWTBE for short. You play as a minor noble or a peasant and work your way up through trade and/or conquest (or perhaps... love?) to become a feared combatant of the land of Calradia. Work your way up through the ranks to become king of Calradia, but it's never that easy, is it?


the game can have massive battles, holding upwards of 120 soldiers on each side I believe.


Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines - FPS RPG


VTM bloodlines is considered a cult classic. It released in 2004 and is considered one of the best RPGs ever. It's also a shoe in for a Halloween episode. There's not much I can say that people haven't already said. Great Story, Voice Acting, Writing, atmosphere and Soundtrack... but the combat is terrible so...0/10 never play again. vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines_20040513162217_2531_original.jpg.eeaa923b2e6f7a083c28da43c3078f36.jpg

suck off the homeless and kill elites... if that's what you want to do.

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On 12/14/2021 at 10:25 AM, kaisersmullvood said:

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines - FPS RPG

Rub it in, would you.

A LOT of people (including me) were begging Ross to do an episode on VtMB, and at one point he said he probably will.

Then came VtMB2 hype, and this idea was dropped - probably because the episode would drown in other WoD-related videos.

Then a few more years passed, VtMB2 turned out to be vaporware, everyone has already forgotten it, and we are still left without a RGD on the first part.

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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