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On 12/14/2021 at 8:35 AM, ScumCoder said:

Rub it in, would you.

A LOT of people (including me) were begging Ross to do an episode on VtMB, and at one point he said he probably will.

Then came VtMB2 hype, and this idea was dropped - probably because the episode would drown in other WoD-related videos.

Then a few more years passed, VtMB2 turned out to be vaporware, everyone has already forgotten it, and we are still left without a RGD on the first part.

Yeah, I'm here a little late. I watched freeman's mind with my dad in 08' and wanted to rewatch it this September and I found his channel. I'm hooked. But VTM2 is why I wanted him to do VTM to begin with because I thought the first would be forgotten. Now that's seems like nonsense but yeah.

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One of my favorite games, and it's another shooter where you don't die in one hit. Although this one is tougher than Tyrian, so you can die a lot if you are not careful.


The only oddity that this game have is that despite having a story displayed in game (from a very slow ascending wall of text Star Wars style), the manual has a similar but totally different storyline. Part of me wonders what kind of communication failure happened among the devs for that to happen.


Also, fun fact: This was the last game Apogee published under that name before they changed it to 3D Realms.


YIIK: A Postmodern RPG



This one is more of a dare than a suggestion, because since Ross said he believes videogames are art, then I feel he's obligated to review this one.


Don't get me wrong, I don't think this game is a misunderstood masterpiece or anything, but it's creator thought it was. I know that this game already garnered the ire of the internet (and for good reasons), but hearing Ross's insight on a video game story is one of the reason I enjoy Game Dungeon, especially one that we could say it's a tryhard.

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i'd love to see him play SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic), it's an MMO but it's very singleplayer friendly. takes place in the old republic so thousands of years before the movies and a cold war is brewing between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. There are 4 classes for each side and each class has it's own storyline, not some small side thing that you barely pay attention to but an actual engaging story. you can be a padawan and work your way up to jedi master, be a sith apprentice and become a darth, you can be Han Solo a lovable rogue or a Bounty Hunter only out for credit, you really feel like you are progressing as a character when you play. Made by Bioware back when they actually made good games so the story and characters are solid and pretty sure he would really like it.
I recommend the Imperial Agent class/story, you are James Bond in space, going around seducing women and taking down bad guys.

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While I'm at it, the original Far Cry would be pretty good Game Dungeon fodder. It's a charming beginning for a game series that's become a top seller for triple-A Ubisoft, who in typical Ubisoft fashion proceeded to milk the series dry by using the exact same formula they used for Far Cry 3 (a 2012 game) for the entire rest of the series. Talk about wasted potential...

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Project Nomads (2002)

(Not to be confused with Planet Nomads)




I think this game would be a great fit:
-Post apocalyptic

-Floating islands, you get to fly around on your own island

-Scenic environments (ok it's mostly floating rocks but it has a real mood to it)

-Maybe more questions than answers


It's a fairly low budget game and has the potential to be frustrating at times, but as far as I know frustration is a common element in game dungeon titles :)


Unfortunately no platform seems to be distributing the game, so your best bet is getting it second hand.

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The Neverhood



One of my favorite point-and-click adventure games, despite some frustrating puzzles.


It's one of the many (like Grim Fandango) that despite being well received, it bombed commercially. And I think this one might be right on Ross's alley since it's about you dicovering who you are and the strange world around you.


Also, it has a room full of lore, and I mean FULL of it.


This game also got a sequel called Skullmonkeys, that's exclusive to the PS1, and it's a more traditional platformer.



Fallout series



After watching Ross's videos on the first 3 Deus Ex games, I can't think of a franchise that also deserves that treatment that is not Fallout.


Well, I could say Hbomberguy already done the Deus Ex treatment, but it could be interesting to hear Ross take on it.

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It would be a very short episode, the game has only 8 stages according to the article.

Burn the World!

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A guy on YouTube known as Iron Pineapple has been doing a thing lately where he plays obscure games around the vague theme of "People have said these games remind them of Dark Souls", which could mean nothing more than being melee-focused and not piss-easy. Three of them so far have been games from the turn of the millennium: Severance: Blade of Darkness (also known as Blade: The Edge of Darkness), Rune, and Die By the Sword. The first two are both from 2001 and are covered in this episode, and by a weird coincidence both also appear to let you pick up enemies' limbs and use them as clubs.


Die by the Sword, however, is by far the most fascinating. It's by Treyarch, of "got bought out by Activision and stuck making Call of Duty games for eternity" fame, and its big feature is that you use the mouse to swing your weapon and it just follows your movement exactly. You know, like how a lot of games on the Wii handled the remote. (It's probably no coincidence that all the Call of Duty games Treyarch developed had Wii or WiiU ports, and they ported Modern Warfare 3 to the Wii as well. Apparently people who've played them say they control well, considering.) The result is, unfortunately, kind of janky, but it's not like Ross hasn't dealt with jank before.

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Guys I think I found the perfect game for a future Game Dungeon.


9: The Last Resort




It was released in 1996, it's a point n click adventure game produced by Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro no less, voiced by several big name celebrities including Cher, Christopher Reeve and Steven Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith.


The game has no proper reviews on Youtube that I could find and fellas, it looks like a weird ass game, practically tailor made for Game Dungeon lol


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On 4/22/2022 at 2:21 AM, Steve the Pocket said:

Does it... have a name?

LOL guess i forgot that in all my excitement, it's called 9: The Last Resort



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Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War

A 2006 Midway action RTS game, allowing players to take control of hero characters in first & third person perspectives to get in the action on the fly in between issuing orders to play through four campaigns; Persia, Greece, Egypt, and Rome. I played it back when it released, and have not been able to revisit it, but I remember it fondly if for nothing else then because of that neat little mechanic blowing my mind at the time. It's a weird game with a weird story behind it as well, as 2 years after release the US Air Force sponsored a free-to-play with ads version. I believe you'll have your work cut out for you on this one, as it is largely a forgotten title and when I looked for it to explore myself the results were largely disappointing.

TLDR; it is Age of Empires but you can take control of generals and kick the shit out of foot soldiers.

Best of luck, cheers!

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On 2/3/2019 at 3:55 PM, DoukDouk said:

Here's a game that might fit the Game Dungeon: Drowned God: Conspiracy for the Ages.




It's a first-person Sci-fi adventure game with a gorgeous pre-rendered 90's aesthetic. The game delves into a massive assortment of conspiracies mainly focusing on the deliberate manipulation of history, also including alien intervention, the Knights Templar, and government cover-ups. It was actually a Windows 95 best seller in the fall of '96, but the bugs in the initial version and outright strange and occultist themes and imagery hindered its sales and shoved it into obscurity.


The real mystery behind this game is the unhinged developer, Harry Horse. He was an English author, illustrator, political cartoonist, conspiracy theorist, and former lead singer of the psychobilly band Swamptrash. According to Harry, Drowned God was based on a forged manuscript, claimed to have been written by 19th-century poet Richard Henry Horne.


I'll quote Wikipedia directly regarding the sequel to this game:

I think this would be a prime candidate for the Game Dungeon considering that it's an obscure and bizarre sci-fi adventure game revolving around conspiracies developed by a questionably mentally stable individual. Although, I have heard that the game can be dim and depressing, the puzzles can be frustrating, and the game might be cursed, but the content might outweigh those aspects.


Drowned God is abandonware, so it's freely available here, complete with a manual, guide, and patches:




As far as how easy it is to get running on modern systems, that might be a bit of a challenge, as I haven't had much success running it on 64-bit Windows 7. But considering how incredibly hostile Armed & Delirious was, this might be nothing compared to that game.

I was just about to play this (ctrl-f'd the title). If you look up Zomb's Lair, he pre-packages old games to run easier on modern systems.


Also, to add to the thread: Garage: Bad Dream Adventure got an official translation and a remake on PC today. It's an old cult Japanese adventure game in a bizarre setting.



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While reading some stuff about another old and slightly odd Czech adventure game (Ve stínu havrana / In the Raven Shadow), I found out about this bizarre... thing, DreamLand: Final Solution. Not to be confused with Dreamland (2011) or DreamLand (2022).


I can't tell you anything Wikipedia doesn't, so here you go. But to regurgitate some keywords: Space station for virtual reality, the most expensive Czech game at the time (10M CZK, either $470k or $777k in 2021), 3 CDs, a massive commercial failure ($60 games here back then? No way).


I don't think there is an official English version, so even if this is right up Ross's alley, that's an obstacle. The menus are in English, but the plans to sell the game internationally were scrapped.

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On 9/3/2022 at 8:38 AM, Xeotroid said:

this bizarre... thing

Nothing like opening your game with some guy murdering his whole family with a shotgun then blowing his brains out

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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