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IS it really Ross' B-Day?

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Hey Ross, like most users here. I've been following you for quite a while. I waited while you fought Machinima and what not. I love your Videos, and you're still making me laugh with your videos. but enough ass kissing.


This message is really just a big thank you for making me and my friends as well as many others laugh.


And If today is really your birthday. Then a


BIG Happy Birthday ROSS!


but if it isnt your birthday then i'll feel like a real idiot..


regardless. Thank you so much for continuing to put out videos. I know that you've had trouble with health and finances and as much as i wanted to help you financially. I couldnt and still cant because i'm out of work ATM, but i wish i could because when i get depressed or reallly need a laugh i find myself always coming to your site to watch a video or read an update or lurk around the forums.


Just.. Thank you :D

Thank you muchly.

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