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Forgive the double post, but in the last three years, well:


You may have heard of Pigeon Simulator, a 3D game prototype that looks somewhat like Goat Sim: https://www.bossapresents.com/


There's also Grayland, a game where there's a war going on between humans and aliens and you're a pigeon that shits on things: https://store.steampowered.com/app/297190/Grayland/


...I want to stress that I didn't go looking for these games. They found me.


Also, although there's no poop, you have to admit Untitled Goose Game hits a lot of the checkmarks you laid out for bird mischief in the English countryside. Put all these games into a cauldron, stir them up and you might have the perfect birdshit game on your hands.  Please wash your hands.

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