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What hardware is Gordon using?

Is Freeman an Amd or Intel guy?  

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I mean seriously, he looks like an AMD guy to me.


I feel like he would overclock his CPUs and then use a 12 gauge shotgun to cool them.


He is a conspirancy theorist.... he wouldn't go for the product of the huge corporation Intel which plotted against bla bla bla... he knows best anyway.


He preferes to spend less on his hardware in order to be able to afford the repairs to it when he rages against the computer case like he does on vending machines.


He must be AMD.

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Most likely he would go for something that processes the most information in the least amount of time, and not worry too much about numbers that don't directly translate between manufacturers... In other words Intel. (an 8 core AMD at 5GHz processes less information in the same amount of time as an Intel 4 core with Hyper-threading at 3.6GHz)

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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Not only that, but network errors are lame, too. They're always 404 or 503. Why can't there be "Error 482 - Somebody shot the server with a 12-guage. Please contact your administrator."

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