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Unexpected and this is pretty much why I love this series. Doesn't feel like you're just playing Half-life and talking over it, you're actually making a story out of the game and I love that.


So far one of my favourite episodes!

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Maybe a little clichéd, but I'd have liked to have heard Queen "We Are The Champions" or "Radio Ga Ga" at the end.

Just my opinion, loved the actual choice too.

Radio Gaga for sure heck maybe Jail Break by Thin Lizzy would work

“Error 482: Somebody shot the server with a 12-gauge. Please contact your administrator”

“Caution Laser Caution Laser Caution Laser”

“I can now solve up to 800 problems a minute”

"I got my degree under the tutelage of Dr. Pepper."

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Are you still taking bets?
Hell yeah I am.


You sound way too confident taking that bet.


Well, he is the guy the bet hinges on. Maybe he knows something we don't.

"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." -Stephen Colbert.

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Xen is.... weird. For some reason, i've played a whole bunch of complete runs of half-life, but I always seem to get confused with xen. Mostly the first part when you're asteroid hopping.

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I love maps with nature! It feels... right!

But i do not know why maps like Xen (or like Mars in Doom3) feel to me wrong.


Like the first part of Dead Island, it's fantastic!

I am happy that Half Life is mainly on earth.


Is that normal for a gamer? I never speak about that.


That's why i have for example things like Dead Space.

"Well... it didn't work Heather!!!"

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How is it Europe when the jeep's a left-hand dri- oh. EU allows such vehicles.

Hello, EU (except UK) has right-hand traffic. Left-hand drive jeep is perfectly normal.

It's what any sane person would do.

Not necesserily. Any sane person would like to prevent his/her own slow agony, if he/she had the option. "Saving the world" and "Saving the society as we know it" are two different things. The first is all about survival, also for individual, the second is not.

People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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I do wonder if this is just a random off-shoot like Episode 10.5 or if it's just one of his hallucinations...

Feel free to PM me about almost anything and I'll do my best to answer. :)


"Beware of what you ask for, for it may come to pass..."

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I like to think that this is the real ending to Freeman's Mind. It certainly does fit better to the character than whatever's gonna happen to him at Xen.

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Hey, Ross, quite a while ago I wanted to ask you how you made this episode, but I decided to wait until you finish FM.


Anyway, did you make a video of Freeman wandering through the map, going in the house, etc. without shotgun in Counter-Strike, but then went in Half-Life and made short video of shotgun in hand, moved around a little bit? After which you made everything transparent except the shotgun on HL video, and then just pasted it as a different Layer (I guess?) over the video from the map?


The changes in the lighting on shotgun caught my eye, so I was wondering if you did it somehow different, other than just playing the map normally?

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I'd love to see 61.75. Freeman has an encounter with border patrol and due to his guns and bloody suit runs off and exchanges fire with the authorities of Norway or Chile or something and employs self-defense, again. xD Or he just finds the highway, drives off in the jeep and finds some motel and a dinner.

''Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.'' - Steve Jobs

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