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(Downloadable copy will be up later)


The end approaches for Freeman! I don't have a whole lot to say since I've been spending so much time in the game it all starts to blur from one area to the next for me. Freeman Freeman Freeman. This episode was a bit of a break, since areas that don't involve constant shouting tend to go much faster than ones where he's under constant attack, and there's a fair amount of cooldown time in this level. I still intend to make good on my promise to finish the series this year, but I'll need a few days to finish things off, as there is some bonus stuff I'm adding.


See if you can spot the hidden body falling in the episode! I didn't notice it until late in editing.



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You know, I spent months wondering how freeman would react to seeing the final boss. That was actually a very satisfying reaction.


One more episode. I'm more than a little excited about this.

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Woohoo! Almost there. :)


That last, red, portal before the Nihilanth must definitely be a heavy-metal stage. The other rocks are for the public. Or maybe they worship the sounds coming from the portal. Btw, are those there in game, or edited in? (This calls for another play-through!)


Also: if I recall correctly in the temple area (where the 'prophet' was shot) there should be another instance of the Exotic Bird sound (or the Cries of the Damned) that was heard in On a Rail (ep 25). Though maybe that only triggers if you enter it from the other red tunnel.


Anyway, looking forward to Freeman wrestling the Nihilanth and of course him and the G-Man.

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I didn't really like the happy music at the end. I thought it was a bit too corny and tension breaking.


Also, even though I'm not a fan of Barney's Mind, the Ian Riley cameo made me smile.


Very excited for the Nihilanth battle and G-Man conclusion!

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Freeman talking about being some sort of a religious icon to the aliens was amusing considering how that actually turns out.

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Maybe I was a bit too snarky in my last post. This is probably the best episode yet and I'm very excited to see how the next episode will out-do it. I don't think I've been this excited to see a series' finale since Breaking Bad. Part of that is because of how much I love Half-Life, but another is because of how real Ross' Freeman feels as a character. It's never felt like Ross is just talking over the game.


Thanks so much, Ross. It's been a great 5 years.

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Oh boy, so this is it, huh?

Actually that was probably most realistic reaction by Freeman ever for final boss- first the big "what the fuck? is it real or am i seeing things" moment of terror and awe... and then.. go to the happy place, Gordon, go to the happy place.

But question, Ross (4 am question)- just out of curiousity not because i want to partake in bet (for 2 reasons i wont- 1)im flat broke after buying materials for final project and christmas gifts and 2)couldnt donate anyways due to lack of internationally accepted paying method (cant use paypal either...)).

As i can be quite a nitpick, i began to wonder- presuming you release final episode (or preferrably final season of Freeman's mind season 1) in 31st, what hour would you consider the bet be lost?

Let me explain it further- Poland (you still live there with your girlfriend, right? apologies if wrong and/or im being too curious) is quite in middle of timezones, which means in New Zealand, for example, it would already be morning by the time 2015 arrives in Poland, but at same time it would be hours until western USA for example would reach 2015.

so, would you consider bet lost when new year clocks in whereever you are or when entire world has reached 2015?

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Great job, Ross! This episode had some great moments. I was also watching Doctor Who right before this, so the reference was pretty funny.


I think I spotted the falling body at




Anyways, I'm excited for the next episode. The end is near.

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This had me crying of laughter, a total masterpiece and one of your best Ross.


From Gordon's reaction to the Nihilanth, to the falling body at 8:53, the dizzy effect with 60 fps, the cheeseburger voice and the big heavy metal stage, everything was perfect and it contained everything you could see in a Freeman's mind episode, this episode is mostly the series in a nutshell, except it doesn't have black mesa nor many science references, but the jokes nailed it Great and made up for an amazing build up.


Just one more episode to go!

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