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Historical figure you would put on trial?

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Who is a historical figure you would put on trial? Before names start being thrown around, here are the rules:


- The person in question must be deceased.

- The person in question did not receive a trial in their living life.

- The person in question will be afforded a fair and objective trial for their actions.


With these rules in mind, who would you choose, what are the charges, what are the evidence (for the purpose of this scenario assume eyewitnesses are summoned as well, but only people who were not killed or harmed by the person in question) and what law code would they stand trial at (said code must be international, like the ICC, Geneva, UN, etc.)?

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Josef Stalin.


Charges: Genocide. Crimes against humanity. War crimes.


Law code: ICC.

bi ti ʤi ˈbulzaɪ

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Leopold II

Crimes: Crimes against humanity



do I have to?


Kim Il-sung

Crimes:Crimes against humanity, War crime, Genocide

Genghis khan

Crimes: Crimes against humanity, Mass murder


(I want these to happen for foresight reasons/i'm not sure if they would be found guilty)

Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot

Crimes:Crimes against humanity


Andrew Jackson

Crimes: Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Unlawful Mass eviction



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