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Space Beast Terror Fright

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This is a fast-paced shooter with procedurally generated levels, that has probably worst marketing and/or name I've ever seen. Despite being very fun game, almost nobody knows about it for some reason. Or just don't buy it because of jumping FOV and crazy muzzleflash even though you can turn off those things almost completely. It the only Early Access game on Steam I've every bought and I enjoy it a lot, plus developers don't fail to deliver new features, updates and fixes. They even respond to discussion threads even though there are three of them if I recall correctly.

Here's link to the one of youtube videos for multiplayer and link to Steam store page.




Give it a look, guys. And there's a demo version on developers site, though it lacks A LOT of new features and options. Like "disabling adrenaline FOV" wich can be an issue for some people. It was for me.

http://nornware.com/?tab=games - here you can download the demo. Just beware, their site is hard on eyes.

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This game is pretty nerve wracking solo. It is pretty impossible, though. Because of the random nature of the levels, you can run into literal impossible situations. (no sentrys, or ammo.) Playing with other people completely ruins the horror of the game. I'm not sure how to enjoy this one.

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