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Where do you find these games, Ross?

Through one of those CDs full of random shareware games? I'm still wondering where a school I went to years ago got all of their games from (naturally they were all gone in the move to Windows XP). Still can't find Aro II.

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There are... a LOT of games were you visit Hell. I'm still holding out hope for Dark Corners of the Earth to get covered this October (you visit a metaphorical Hell... underwater... shut up). If not, well, there's always next October.
Sorry, not this year. You'll get a little bit of Dagon this month though.


Well, what do you have in mind for a "metaphorical hell"? An atrocity we commit in order to get there? *Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge* XD




BTW, joking aside, I highly recommend you to cover these games at some point if they are not already planned for this month, as they are perfect fodder for Game Dungeon IMHO.

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Pardon the pedantry, but wasn't it Prometheus who got his liver pecked out by birds every day? I take Ross's word for almost everything else, though, I swear.

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