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Videochat November 2015

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IMHO the chat was a mixed bag. Watching Ross talking about stuff was cool, but the people's questions were very disappointing. A lot of them were already asked and answered before, and many more are obvious to anyone who watched Ross's videos. (And if you didn't, why attending the chat?).


Once again, kudos to @Jeb_CC for the work on FAQ. I think next time it will be reasonable to just say "sorry, that's already answered in the FAQ" when someone asks "Ross Y U moved to Poland" for the bazillionth time.

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For questions - you could make Q&A with a video, just on a semi regular basis. Or you could make it a live video chat but have some questions before the live video (so you have something already to talk about and that would already limit the search in chat for questions) chat and than have some people help you by joining in live on like a conference call and talk with you.


For video chat - my guess on improving would be to find a way to get the people involved more. Too bad you said in a video once that MMOs don't interest you that much and also not a big fan of "Let's play". Would be great IMHO if you play a MP game with fans and also have some of the closest fans and people you know on a voice chat as well.

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For getting through the fan questions during a stream, I would suggest having a person copy and paste questions directed at you from twitch into a google doc or something similar to filter the questions from the viewer conversations. They could also filter any repeat QA questions.

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IMHO the chat was a mixed bag. Watching Ross talking about stuff was cool, but the people's questions were very disappointing. A lot of them were already asked and answered before, and many more are obvious to anyone who watched Ross's videos. (And if you didn't, why attending the chat?).


Once again, kudos to @Jeb_CC for the work on FAQ. I think next time it will be reasonable to just say "sorry, that's already answered in the FAQ" when someone asks "Ross Y U moved to Poland" for the bazillionth time.

There's a reason they are called Frequently Asked Questions. Cause it's what people wanna know, lol.

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P.S. on posting or not posting videos on youtube - If it were like every few days, than yeah, people could get annoyed and spammed, but if its like once a month than that shouldn't be a problem. Hey, its an extra, at least some people who don't pay attention to the website would know whats going on by seeing new video under my subscriptions.

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Hello!, my first message in the forum.

First of all: Thanks Ross!!!, the quality of your videos is outstanding.


The video was really entertaining for me, i watched the whole.

Regards to the format of the chat, i found your suggestion in the video (one chat only for worth questions, and another for talking) a very good idea, altought i dont believe any Streaming Platform that meets the requeriments for the videochat allows that.


p.s.: Sorry my bad, rigid english. I haven´t written more than a sentence in years.

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Hey Ross, I welcome the news on new Freeman's mind, but you shouldn't burn out yourself again. I mean, if anything, it's us who owe you. You gave us a lot of laughter, and I'm not kidding when I say that some of your videos (and not talking about FM only) kept me going on days I probably would have just given up. You had our backs long before we had yours man. Whatever you choose to create, I'm sure it'll be as awesome as anything else you've made so far.


And thanks for the sum up Jeb.

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Time index:



00:54 – Ross has burnt himself in October

01:00 – thanks to everyone who donated

02:50 – Ross is trying to catch up on e-mails

03:24 – current status of The Movie

04:35 – Ross got an answer from CD Project about using The Witcher assets in The Movie

05:55 – hints on what the next Game Dungeon will be about

07:00 – Freeman's Mind will continue into Half-Life 2

11:20 – is will actually be easier to make Freeman's Mind in Half-Life 2

13:08 – this is not a dick chat

24:45 – Ross have a bunch of awesome demos from Unreal Tournament 2004, but they are too spastic for these chats


Live chat questions

13:38 – why Ross moved to Poland

15:00 – thoughts on Half-Life 3

16:40 – some fan donated his life savings to Ross + Ross's attitude toward money

17:52 – somebody loves Ross

17:59 – how Freeman will react to the romance with Alyx Vance

19:41 – current status of Civil Protection

22:48 – Ross should buy a more expensive brand of beans

24:33 – opinion on Polish food

26:43 – why Ross removed all Nihilanth's lines from Freeman's Mind except the last one

27:48 – Ross has a degree in criminal justice and a minor in psychology

29:15 – Ross chose the Unreal 4 engine for The Movie + opinion on various engines

32:05 – Internet quality in Poland

35:06 – has Ross ever smoked cannabis

36:54 – Ross had his bike stolen a few years ago

37:44 – advices on how to feel comfortable expressing yourself as a voice actor

39:27 – did the recent video streak toll Ross mentally, physically or socially

41:45 – opinion on Pink Floyd

43:20 – how long Ross has been voice acting and animating

44:23 – how much Ross usually spends on food and rent per month

45:53 – is Ross going to continue making Game Dungeon

46:33 – will Ross make more Ross Rants

47:46 – is Ross afraid of Russian invasion in Poland

48:12 – opinion on Nightmare House 1 and 2

48:44 – opinion on situation on oil and non-renewable energy

53:27 – will we have several Game Dungeons for Christmas

54:21 – can Ross speak Polish

56:20 – will Ross make a Game Dungeon on Pathologic

57:45 – Source Engine 2 is coming out

58:56 – is Ross still in contact with Craig Mengel

59:44 – does Ross read e-mails he gets with suggestions of games for Game Dungeon

1:00:17 – has Ross tried check-ins (chickens?)

1:00:27 – someone is making a Doom mappack because Ross criticized Doom's maze-like design

1:00:56 – will Ross make another announcement video in the beginning of 2016

1:02:45, 1:03:59 – opinion on Undertale

1:03:45 – someone found a human tooth in a Swedish fish

1:04:45 – why Ross doesn't eat ramen

1:05:15, 1:32:40 – opinion on Advance Wars

1:05:28 – European fans meet-up

1:06:35 – why Ross doesn't post videos on Machinima.com anymore

1:10:05 – opinion on Fallout 4 and other Bethesda games

1:11:45 – Twitch is cancer

1:12:19 – is Ross planning any new shows

1:13:52, 1:42:01 – does Ross need help for The Movie

1:18:34 – when did Ross start his script for The Movie

1:19:36 – suggestion to cover LSD Dream Emulator

1:19:52 – opinion on David Lynch movies

1:21:22 – why Ross got hell jobs despite having a degree

1:23:35 – what is Dave from Civil Protection up to, does he have his own show

1:25:18 – did Ross totally scrap Moon Gaming + Ross's attitude towards popularity and his goals in live

1:28:33 – physical vs digital

1:30:21 – opinion on Polandball

1:30:38 – what kind of work does Magda (Ross's girlfriend) do

1:31:25 – worst videogame Ross ever played

1:32:50 – a wave of Russian spam

1:34:34 – which Polish city Ross lives in

1:34:55 – suggestion for Ross to talk more about politics

1:36:05 – opinion on Amnesia (1986 text adventure)

1:36:39 – are air-powered cars a thing in Europe

1:36:48 – how much Ross gets from monthly donations

1:38:12 – opinion on the Fallout series

1:40:40 – Ross should do a political standing quiz

1:41:35 – does Ross want to be a world dictator

1:42:06 – opinion on Valve focusing on hardware more then video games

1:42:45 – what's Ross's plan if Mad Max happens

1:43:45 – opinion on the Krampus movie

1:44:32 – Ross is planning to make a Top 10 Underrated Horror Movies list and Top 10 Scary Movies for Lightweights list

1:46:06 – has Ross used Source Engine 2

1:46:48 – opinion on Star Wars + Star Trek

1:48:26 – is Ross planning to visit Prague

1:48:58 – will Ross do a Game Dungeon on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

1:51:26 – Ross's favorite poem

1:51:56 – suggestion to make a “Mind” series on Fear

1:52:36 – what happened to Blip.tv

1:54:13 – recommendation to watch Ash vs Evil Dead

1:54:46 – has Ross watched Monster Madness by Cinemassacre

1:55:26 – opinion on John Carpenter's The Thing

1:56:22 – opinion on Prometheus vs Star Trek Into Darkness

1:57:45 – comparing Half-Life with its spin-offs

1:58:38 – Ross's hero and role model

1:59:14 – suggestion to do an iTunes podcast

1:59:47 – suggestion to answer questions through Twitter

2:00:58 – bear vs spirits

2:02:11 – opinion on Minions

2:02:35 – opinion on Pixels

2:03:55 – J. J. Abrams vs Star Trek Into Darkness

2:04:50 – what the opening scene of Half-Life 3 will be

2:05:26 – opinion on Aversion (?)

2:05:37 – opinion on Dead Space

2:07:00 – opinion on Tremulus, Unvanquished, and Natural Selection

2:08:16 – opinion on Mass Effect series

2:09:37 – opinion on Cry of Fear

2:09:44 – opinion on Killing Floor

2:10:02 – opinion on Resident Evil 4

2:11:44 – will Ross watch the Half-Life or Portal movie

2:12:09 – opinion on Rick and Morty

2:12:23 – are other things surrounding games more interesting for Ross than gameplay

2:13:03 – opinion on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

2:13:08 – opinion on Silent Hill

2:13:35 – suggestion to make a video about games in development hell

2:13:55 – opinion on Thief games

2:14:27 – Ross's spirit animal

2:14:31 – Ross's plans after The Movie

2:14:37 – opinion on Stalker (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.)

2:14:44 – opinion on Event Horizon

2:15:36 – Ross's favorite candy

2:15:55 – opinion on This War of Mine

2:16:16 – will Ross meet with fans


2:16:34 – conclusion

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