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i found another game that's kind of like dungeon siege, the first one at least. it's called pathfinder: kingmaker. it has this fighting system that could go either traditional dungeon siege style, or turn based combat the flick of a switch. unfortunately that means the game is probably more balanced for you to pause, tell your units where to attack, then unpause to watch the mayhem. good news though, as far as i can tell, your units will automatically attack any nearby enemies without having you telling them to attack them, and i think after they're done attacking their target, they just bolt towards the next guy to kill. here's some gameplay

and now some images from this video





World's largest wildfire is happening right now in Montana.

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I'm still really thankful for this video; this was one of the first games I remember playing and I've come back to it (as well as part 2) so many times since that it still shows up in my dreams now and then. I never heard anyone talk favourably about it (if at all) until this video spread the good word about it; being validated in not being the only person who loved this game was very heartwarming.


About the backtracking: something I didn't know until many replays is that there's a small payoff to the 'subplot' of the old man in the travellers' camp ("may the road you follow be pleasant and your vengeance complete") whose daughter Sikra has been captured. It's not until hours later into the game that you actually find Sikra and can recruit her into your team, but if you then walk all the way back to the camp with her (which would take another hour and which you'd have no reason at all to do) he'll actually acknowledge it and thank you; discovering that made me feel like an adventurer. According to a Wiki page he was originally also supposed to give you a discount at the local store if you do this, but this code was left unused. To my knowledge this would be the only 'benefit' to walking back in the entire game (besides soaking in more of the environment of course).

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So I re-watched this video yesterday and it got me wondering if there was a demo to try out, tried the original site on archvie.org and eventually got the demo - but from ausgamers as the archive.org version kept corrupting.


Anyway, on the original site is a 'making of' video amongst other things which is quite interesting, especially because of the chosen music...



Also someone in the thread linked to Scott Bilas' blog which is no longer online, so here's the archive link for it too:


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