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Accursed Farms Games Giveaway Screenshot Contest

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Screenshot 1 (DayZ):




Screenshot 2 (Minecraft):




Screenshot 3 (Garry's Mod):




Steam Name: president_evil

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I was hoping to grab some action pacted screenshots from Shattered Steel but alas I could not get enough enemies to come close enough for me to get anything interesting with the game's short draw distance so I will have to settle for somethings more modern.


What's up?! You certainly should not be!




X-Ray vision and Hover-Hand, ENGAGE!




Who's going to clean up this mess!!!




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The one screenshot I'm missing here is a Civ IV screenshot. I was playing as Germany came up with a good conquest victory strategy. I rushed for trans-ocean sailing tech so I could scout the new world, then I rushed for rifles and conquered it fairly easily. I spared the players in the new world, but made them give up all their resources to me. Then I rushed Corporation tech and founded Mining Inc. Mining Inc. gives you a production bonus for every metal you possess. So with all the metal I imported from the new world, I had crazy high production. Then I built tanks... lots and lots of tanks... On a standard sized map running and normal game pace, I had my 4 core cities make one Panzer every turn. I quickly defeated every one on my continent and won the game before 1945. The picture I had was my production statistic from that game.

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Ooh, another one!

I think this time around I actually have some stuff worth entering


Screenshot 1 (Left 4 Dead)


Speaks for itself, I think.




Screenshot 2 (Kerbal Space Program)


Science isn't about why, it's about why not!"




Screenshot 2 (Black Ops III Beta)


This joke was still funny back then, I swear.



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I'll bite. :) Competitions like this are fun. Here's some more to add to the pile.


Also, keep it up with your awesome stuff, Ross! :mrgreen:


Something that may tell a story (Game: The Long Dark)





Action? (Game: Besiege)





Dead Space 1 kills players in unfair ways, but reaching the oxygen dispenser 1 second too late? It made me laugh for a while after it happened though:




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I have some really neat screenshots to share!! What you make of them . . . is up to you. :)

Screenshot #1 is from Grand Theft Auto V!





Screenshot #2 is from Far Cry 3!





Screenshot #3 is from WWE 2K15!




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Old screenshots are the best screenshots:


Screenshot 1: Half-Life: Opposing Force

What do you get when you take a bunch of people and stick them on a single-player designed map? This:





Screenshot 2: Counter-Strike

Busting out into a dance is a great way of dodging bullets





Screenshot 3: Team Fortress Classic

The reaction when being shot in the face with a sniper rifle.




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oh my fucking god this was the hardest registration for a forum in my life ! it was easier to get a american visa while having a afghanistan visa in my passport (true story) !


well here are my 2 screenshots,played with emulators because my consoles have missing parts/are broken :(

surreal and funny, just like ross likes it ;)












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I really like your videos Ross, even if I don't win I will still be loving you <3













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ho boy look at all those games, here are my screens:


From Fallout: New Vegas





From Team Fortress 2





From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim




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[GMod] Stanley just couldn't resist pushing buttons, even if he had no idea what they did.




[Also GMod] I don't think this war's ever gonna end.




[Minecraft] This got completely destroyed almost as soon as I finished it. I never found out who did it.




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Well this one raises alot of questions..... :D


Basically I'm submitting this more as a [rant] than anything, but it is in keeping with Ross' views on game compatibility mentioned in several of his videos and expanded upon in the last chat video so I guess it still falls under the raising questions submission entry item.


So, I've never played Max Payne apart from a minute or so on the ios version which I just couldn't cope with the touch controls enough to proceed past the first three enemy AI. Looking for something different, and Ross reminding me of the game by quoting it in the last chat video I decided to try it out and bought it today.


Now I've had many an issue with older games on modern systems, but this one was one of the worst in terms of frustration.


I realise that those who have this probably already had to go through all this to play the game and this may be nothing new to them.


First I couldn't get past the loading movie as the game would crash with no error to desktop after the intro finished. I figured compatibility settings were key, and forum post said as much - but it wasn't that. More hunting and I saw a thread suggesting a program called ReShade to fix the problem, this worked and I had a menu.


Great! I thought, now I can play - alas though, no audio after the main menu. So more searching -luckily a stickied thread on the steam forums- had to use a batch file to convert the audio files so they'd work. Took a bit of time, failed the first time because I'd forgotten to close the game before converting the files - oops!


Finally up and running, and played all the way to just past the start of Part II. Then the game goes blank, as does my latest save (though I can fix it by loading from the start of Part2 again).


Now that one is probably a bug since the game began, but all this palaver just to get the game running on modern hardware/operating systems. Now in terms of what you had to do once you found out it was required isn't that tedious - but the think that irked me most of all is that I'd paid £5.99 for this from Steam. If it's still for sale, and still creating revenue then shouldn't it be made to work with modern systems? If I'd bought the cd version on eBay for a couple of quid then I don't think I'd complain as much because it would be oh well, old unsupported game - these things happen.


Guess I should say that while this frustrated me the most, I've spent days in the past getting older games to run and that's felt less frustrating than this - don't ask me why. Of course worst is ddraw problems and nameless GPU companies removing features from their drivers, telling me it's the softwares fault and then approx. three years later adding back in the features and magically having the game suddenly work again!


[/rant] ;)


Oh well, back to revert to the previous section of the game...


Chief :)


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I feel like i have been taking screenshots over the years just for smth like this, unfortunately for some reason steam lost like 50% of my collection recently and not the parts from MMOs or vistaish shots so i only have a few i can use for this but i think i narrowed it down to 3


To this day we still don't know what happened to him





I will let ppl wonder why i am doing what i am doing in this one just know that i spent real hours there





Again with a bit of wtf, pay attention to the top of the news kiosk thingy




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