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Birthday thread: Soundtracks

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I almost forgot about this one. An old flash game called "41st Reality". It would be a good game if it's graphic style didn't make it impossible to see what's going on on the screen. But by far the best thing about this game is it's menu music.


Just leave it on the "enter name" screen and enjoy.






Those are less "obscure" but I think they are deserving of mention:


Someone made a pretty good cover of the Megaman X Storm Eagle stage:



The Doom 3 menu music is also pretty badass:



And so is the Quake 4 menu music:



Hitman Contracts theme song:


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Here's a good one from a racing game called GripShift. Most of the Soundtrack is on the first website link but the rest is kinda hard to find. This game was amazing. I especially love the track "Pedal 2 The Metal" and I think you would get a kick out of it too!


The Soundtrack is still for sale! I highly recommend it





The next couple of songs are ones that were in the game but not put on the bandcamp page for the soundtrack for whatever reason.


Whakatane by Filterbrats:



Boundaries(Module Remix) by Rhian Sheehan:


Then, there are others that I just couldn't find to save my life. If anyone wants to go digging for the following songs, go ahead.



"Nose Bleed" by Undertow

"K-Phun" and "Pulsar" by Oose

"Freeway" and "Getchagroove"

"Miracle" and "Thumpa" by Perception


I would strongly advise anyone who likes a good and sometimes challenging racing game to check this out. You can purchase it on the Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network for pretty cheap($5 last I checked) well worth it




- G~Con

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Hey Ross and Happy Birthday (well, it has been two weeks, but i am never on time with these, so here we got).


I grew up in the late 80s early 90's, and much of my favorite Game OST's come from my time playing Amiga games. And some have awesome Retro-Tunes that are not in the posted lists. Maybe will enjoy some of them as much as i have.




Unreal (AmigaGame)


Shadow of the Beast -> Track: title and the plains 2


Organ Trail


Monkey Island Theme Song Yes, not obscure at all, but but i live it to death, so it had to be here ^^


Not a game Soundtrack, but from the slightly obscure Movie Ravenous. Love how the happy tunes mix more and more with sinister ones. But maybe you have to see the film to enjoy the music. In my opinion also a movie worth watching, even after 17 years it has been out.





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I would love for you to hear one of my favorite video game soundtracks.

It's from the video game Ace Combat 2, a 1997 fighter plane simulator made by Namco.


The soundtrack features a variety of different genres and it really compliments well with the missions from the game.


You can listen to the playlist



I hope you like it. :D

Art thou feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

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This music is from a demonic part of this mmo game(game servers went down last year). The game is called Grand Chase, and these songs are from the earlier days of this korean mmo game.

qfinal: https://mega.nz/#!2dIlUKqD

run: https://mega.nz/#!2FZVAC6J


If you want to go through the whole sound folder let me know.

Anyone want Bad Rats? I have a copy someone gave to me I don't want to use.

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Don't know if you like orchestral-mideval-esque stuff, but there's this obscure German game called Die Gilde (Europa 1400: The Guild).


(Wall and Gate)

(Sinister Plan)




There's also a sequel, although I don't know offhand if the soundtrack is as good.


Edit: Don't know if there's a soundtrack available for purchase, but email me if you want a zip from the game; I'll try to to upload it, but it may take a while.

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I think the "AI war Fleet command" sound track is amazing and comes with the game


the game its self is probably one of the best strategy games ive ever played the AI feels like a living thing out to get you.


Another is "Bionic Dues" made by the same people and the sound track is also composed by the same person and is for sale separate from the game.



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This is the soundtrack to Banished.



A SimCity-Tropico-Civilization-esque game that never really caught the eye of anybody in particular, and still lives on mostly in its modding community, and the obsessed people that still try and optimize the most efficient ways of survival. Some of the tracks might be a bit generic, but some of them create a feeling and mood that I think aren't too common. Well-orchestrated, well-layered, some gems for sure.



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How about the Kerbal Space Program OST: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/most/kerbalspaceprogram.php

Or The Long Dark is a great one: http://8tracks.com/aphkrasia/songs-for-the-long-dark#

Insurgency has some great tunes too: https://richdouglasmusic.bandcamp.com/album/insurgency-soundtrack

Papers, Please has some heavy tracks too:


I liked The Escapists one was great too:


And the one from the movie "The Hunter" was pretty good too:


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Okay, I posted this in the YT comments but it seems to be too buried beneath all the other comments, so I'll post it here.


Ross (and anyone else sending him video game stuff), if you want the rawest, purest video game quality, try Winamp with Chipamp installed on top of it. Chipamp allows you to listen to native soundtrack formats directly for many, many video game consoles, and most of them loop perfectly so the song never has to end. These include:


.nsf** = NES





.spc/.rsn** = SNES (Super Nintendo)


http://www.emuparadise.me/music/snes.html (Warning: this is kind of a piracy site, so please only stick to this specific section of it for the music, but I recommend its music section as its one of the few sites that has an archive of this stuff. Check its other music sections too.)


.vgz = Sega Genesis




.minigsf* = Gameboy Advance




.miniusf* = Nintendo 64

http://www.zophar.net/music/usf.html (notice a pattern?)



.minipsf* (also can be .mib) = Playstation 1/2 (.mib tends to be PS2 while .PSF tends to be PS1) []

http://www.zophar.net/utilities/psf.html tzone.org/~llin/psf/


.gbs* = Gameboy/Gameboy Color


http://snesmusic.org/hoot/gbs/ (links are on the right over those weird numbers)


.brstm = Everything else: but this format is special. It's a proprietary Nintendo format that is based around an .ogg that basically makes it loop forever. Tons of these (and I do mean TONS) can be found at http://www.brawlcustommusic.com. I don't recommend BRSTM for everything since it doesn't immediately ensure the highest quality sound from the music you're looking for, but I'm just throwing this one out for.


* = If a format has "mini" in it, odds are a special file will need to be in the same folder for Chipamp to correctly play the format. For example, Castlevania Aria of Sorrow (GBA, therefore minigsf) would probably have "aos.gsflib" or such in the same folder.

** = You need to be a bit careful when finding some of these files if you just want individual songs: Sometimes .nsf and .rsn files are the whole soundtrack rather than being the individual songs. Most .nsf files are like this and I have not found a way to split them up yet without hacky plugin garbage mess. There are other native video game console formats out there, but they always provide the best quality because the music player literally has to emulate the sound chip or whatever to play it, which ensures absolutely NO QUALITY LOSS. I should mention if you can't stand the smell of Winamp (or its plugin extension Chipamp), foobar2000 is an option for some of those formats.

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