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Birthday thread: Soundtracks

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One of my favourite soundtracks of the year from Undertale!




Though if I were to make a couple of complaints about the official, purchasable soundtrack is that the songs don't loop and they end in a way so that if you were to have the song on repeat, it wouldn't loop fluently like it does in game.


Hope you enjoy it either way, Ross!

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I want to start off this post by apologizing in advance for not providing a download link. I'm as frustrated as you are. I wish I could share this music I like with other people easily but there is no legit download link to the full soundtrack that I find anywhere. I'm sorry.




I know this is going to sound really fucking stupid, and maybe I just have a nice heavy-duty pair of nostalgia goggles on, but I mean it when I say Runescape actually does have a good soundtrack, and I'm not JUST talking about 2013 Runescape and on, I'm talking 2007-2010 where they did a file format switch for a ton of the tracks in the game to make it sound a little less stiff. Here's a couple examples (And this game has over 300 tracks, there's TONS of examples):



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_PfRVpkgxU (It's sad that I can't find a better quality version of this one. It's among my favorite.)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmuXbv6TTV4 (All-time favorite)





If those are extremely shitty, here are a few remastered versions of the songs from 2013 onwards:







Here's the one bad part about Runescape's soundtrack though: THERE'S SO FUCKING WAY YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT. FROM ANYWHERE.

I looked for hours. Seriously. The only thing I found was a download the soundtrack from when it was in 2006 (before the slight remastering of a lot of the tracks).this was a while ago. While it was totally legit, it was still in the .mid format and it doesn't have a lot of the newer songs of content that was added post 2006, so it's incomplete in a lot of ways for me. It's still good, don't get me wrong, and really enjoyable to listen to, but it's not as good as the reworked pieces. It's close enough if I have to be honest.

And I just looked it up again, and it got taken down. Oh boy.

Well, I found youtube videos of the entire 2006 soundtrack.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7NSfYUzwGU Part 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUDFbd5PkqU Part 2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Teei-QInw Part 3


To top this off, I'm looking for any lead on a download to the whole remastered soundtrack. I'm finding absolutely jack shit. the only thing I found was a soundcloud that had 3 songs that were actually in the game and the rest was god knows what.


It's really sad that Jagex, after all of these years, hasn't made their soundtrack public. I would have easily payed $40 for just the 2007 soundtrack. Probably even more for the remastered.



Hope you enjoy.

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as expected, literally everyone recommends undertale


which is okay, because undertale is fucking good

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The TimeSplitters Franchise (Composed by Graeme Norgate)

All-instrumental, atmospheric music that would be played in the background of a level in the 1st person shooter (Think GoldenEye)




The 1st & 2nd games are set over many different time periods, so there is a variety of genres/themes throughout each of them. The 3rd game (Future Perfect) was a lot more story-based so the music isn't as varied, but has some theme tunes for each of the characters, and was partly composed by someone else. It might be worth checking other websites (Including YouTube) for the OST as there could be a few extra pieces not listed on the links I've given.


None of the games are particularly well known and there are no PC versions for any of them, so I'm guessing you haven't heard of them.

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One of my favourites have always been Turrican II where I could just load the game up on my old Amiga and listen to the intro music.


Here is a youtube link with fairly ok sound.



I also saw it on the site you talked about in the video (galbadia hotel) but I couldn't get the link to work.

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Well, here's my 2 cents


Amiga version of the game Chuck Rock (1991)



Syndicate OST (2012) Aspari Extraction (Club Music) Techno/House Music


Deus Ex: Human Revolution (2011) Transmissions - My World


Wax Tailor - Sometimes (Not a Game Soundtrack. But... I'm a good judge of character, you'll like it)



Serious Sam the Second Encounter - Fight 2 (?)

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Some of my library's favorites


>>> Final Fantasy 13-2 OST - Disc One - 11 - Run

Description: a fast modern ff "run"





(a fan remix compilation "Final Fantasy IX - Worlds Apart" that's gud)


Download: http://ff9.ocremix.org/


(and a shout out to FF15 trailer music)

Description: "Start of a epic adventure" orchestral score



Download: http://www.guardiansoul.nl/#168518212




>>> Black Iris - L'amore e la Morte (Bright Falls (The prequel to Alan Wake))

Description: a slow, dark corner that you want to be in atm

Download: http://blackiris.tv/bright-falls-sndtrk/mp3s/L'Amore_e_la_Morte.mp3

Whole thing: http://blackiris.tv/bright-falls-sndtrk/




>>> Asura's Wrath - In your belief (solo piano)

Description: For me, the most beautiful song ever created


Orchestral version: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/asura-s-wrath/210-furueru-kokoro-instrumental-.mp3


(shout out to 116-orphan-wolf-legend-wind-)




>>> da Blob 2

Description: if you like jazz, da Blob 2 is for you



Download: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/de-blob-2




>>> Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake - 24 swing swing

Description: Some cool 8bit swing jazz





>>> Tekken Revolution - Character Select

Description: Modern electric kick ass character selection song





>>> Stranglehold - Woo Bar

Description: Smooth jazz in a cafe bar



(didn't find download link easilly)




>>> Donuts, Go Nuts! - Matt "Chainsaw" Chaney (splosion man)

Description: Simple song about donuts (has lyrics, but... THIS IS AN EXCEPTION)



Download: http://www.twistedpixelgames.com/splosion_man/music/DonutTrack.zip

(basicly found in here http://www.splosionman.com/ )




>>> Journey Soundtrack (Austin Wintory) - 01. Nascence

Description: Slow beauty in it's finest (calm orchestral journey)





>>> 24-bionic-commando-rearmed-2-chipstep-remix-credits-

Description: Payday 2 meets Bionic Commando (modern electric medium pace)





>>> Rhythm Thief R

Description: Rythm game that decided to have fun (the genre & speed varies)

Main theme:

Whole thing: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/rhythm-kaitou-r-koutei-napoleon-no-isan-original-soundtrack




>>> Darksiders 2 - 36 The Guardian Fight

Description: Bombastic, epic score, with a sweet spice of ancient violin (1:04 - 1:14)






>>> Tina Grace/Nitin Sawhney - No Death In Love (Enslaved: Odyssey To The West)

Description: A calm melancholy song with lyrics (I just like it too damn much)






--- --- ---

All ready mentions

--- --- ---


>>> Payday 2

Description: Best "electric dance" songs in the business



Download: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/payday-2-the-soundtrack (download link dosen't have all the new songs. Youtube link has though)





>>> Hotline Miami 2

Description: Psychedelic gold

Youtube favorite:






--- --- ---


--- --- ---


recommend trying to find good songs from anime some times. They do a pretty good job of making instrumentals of their tracks (+ when you don't understand the language, it's pretty much just another nice instrument, but putting instrumental here still)


attack on titan (gritty fantasy)





- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAsB1X14tHY


baccano (jazz)

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyK3-J3wukU

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8jw4-IM754

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDHXZ4Fjqr8


sword art online (modern "electronic/orchestra" anime)



- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anIHSUUH78w


zankyou no terror (calm cold embrace)





kantai collection (anime + rock'n roll)

- https://youtu.be/gkpsPeED2uA?t=55m36s till 59:12

(song is called 17. 艦隊決戦 or 17. Fleet Clash!)


(have 3x more anime music than game music ;) )



#edit: added "Enslaved" song

#edit 2: added anime song descriptions

#edit 3: added kantai collection to anime

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Welp...Ross Probably never sees this, because i am already 5 Pages in, but here are my TOP FAVOURITE (in no specific order), because i LOVE game OSTs:


- Homeworld-Series -


Now i do know, that Ross knows this game, but i am not sure, if he ever listened to the OST.

If you are searching for an OST, that catches the feeling of...well...being in Space, then you CANNOT go wrong with this one.

Some examples:


Homeworld 1:




This one REALLY nails the "space"-part of things!

It is just so perfect when it comes to conveying the vast empty, yet beautiful Space, that is...well...space ^^'




Okay you KNOW, that this track means trouble. What is unique about it is, that i do not know a single SPACE-game, that uses this style of music.

It has an oriental vibe about it, that REALLY gets me.

Some other tracks like it:




Homeworld 2:

Though i do like the OST for the original more, the second game had some great tunes too, like the opening music:



Or the Battle music (With some ingame sounds sadly):



You know what is great about the Homeworld 1+2 OST?

The original Composer Paul Ruskay had the master tapes all those years, just sitting around and when Gearbox made the remaster he was like "Yeah...i can remaster the OST! No problem!"

In the end they released the WHOLE OST in mp3 AND FLAC!!!!






Homeworld Cataclysm:


First of all:

Ross! If you read this: PLAY THE GAME!

HEY WAIT! Let me explain!

I DO know that you are reluctant about playing those games, but aside from the 3rd dimension, they aren't that hard to control.

HOWEVER, Cataclysm still is a bit unique.

It is the ONLY GAME i would call a HORROR RTS!. I don't know, if this genre is a thing, but Homeworld: Cataclysm comes DAMN close to being one!

For that alone, you should play it!



Sadly this game probably will never get a remaster (Barking Dogs -now part of Rockstar- lost the Sourcecode...yeah...i am serious! Also there is some license issue.) and the OST is HEAVILY compressed by default, because they had to cramp the whole game on one Disc.

It was also made by Paul Ruskay afaik, but the vibe took a COMPLETE turn.

In Homeworld the OST felt like. "SPACE! THE FINAL FRONTIER!".

In Cataclysm the OST feels more like... "IN SPACE...NOONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM!" (Which is funny, because you DO hear your guys scream in agony when...nope! NOT gonna spoil it! ;) )


Okay Ross, if you REALLY need some proof, SPOILER AHEAD:









It is hard to pick out some small bits, because the OST is rather eery and takes its time to build up the atmosphere, but DAMN if it does? ... ... DAMN!!!!

If you ever play it and want some backstory (The HandBOOK [Yes it is a small book] is full with cool, but also tragic and nasty stuff.): ASK ME! I am a walking encyclopaedia, when it comes to Homeworld!


- Trine-Series -


The OST is as beautiful and magical, as the game.

Though i never really played Trine 3 (since the reception is rather...not good?), Ari Pulkkinen still managed to at least create a great OST.


Trine 1:




Trine 2:




Trine 3:




- Torchlight-Series -


Well those games are, what i call the "NOT Diablo"-Series, because they are made by a large portion of the original devteam, that made Diablo 1+2. INCLUDING the composer.

You can REALLY hear it :





Remember that guitar from the Tristram-Theme? Welp:



You KNOW it has to be the same guy, who made the Diablo OST.


- A.R.E.S - Extinction Agenda -


Now we are diving into a lesser known game series.

I don't know, if they ever made a sequel.

It is more of a pretty decent Mega Man X inspired game clone, but the OST is pretty good, but DAMN short.


My Favourite:












I just listed more than HALF the OST. This is one of those cases, where most of what is there, is really good and you want more!






No srsly...this is the end! Go away!

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Hi, I was searching my suggestion in this thread, but it does not seem to be here. There is quite recent Indie game called Concrete Jungle with one of the most calming songs I have ever encoutered.


The genre is more or less: chillout, ambient, electronic, instrumental, glitch.


D.P.KAUFMAN - Where the Storm Will Never Reach - https://dpkaufman.bandcamp.com/track/where-the-storm-will-never-reach

Mokhov - Halcyon Days - https://mokhov.bandcamp.com/track/halcyon-days

Mokhov - Sun Clouds -

D.P.KAUFMAN - The Poem Your Grandfather Told - https://dpkaufman.bandcamp.com/track/the-poem-your-grandfather-told

D.P.KAUFMAN - The Second Beginning -

Mokhov - Love Shine - http://mokhov.bandcamp.com/track/love-shine

Xerxes - H-Two-O - http://xerxes-music.com/track/h-two-o

D.P. Kaufman - Arrows of Time

D.P.KAUFMAN - A Promise - https://dpkaufman.bandcamp.com/track/a-promise

D.P.KAUFMAN - Why the Leaves Glow

D.P.KAUFMAN - Luminous

Xerxes - Cell Progression - http://xerxes-music.com/track/cell-progression


I am certain you have plenty of fans in Poland, me being one, why wasn't there a birthday option number 4: "pay me a visit"? :)


I also really enjoy extracting good soundtracks, so thanks for starting this, I may find something myself from that thread.

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Me again. I just now saw that you also mentioned movies as soundtracks you want to collect.


Well, I've got a damn good soundtrack here, but it's from a movie that spawned from the TV show "Metalocalypse".

I'm going to warn you right now, if you absolutely cannot stand growl-y vocals (even in parody form), or just metal/death metal in general, completely ignore this post.


The show had a great soundtrack, which was then released in the form of 3 different albums.



DethAlbum II:


DethAlbum III:



After 4 Seasons, Brendon Small (the writer of the show AND the composer of this fucking amazing music) asked Adult Swim to be able to wrap up the show with a movie, and that's where The Doomstar Requiem comes in. The entire movie is a musical.


"Ew, a musical with growly lyrics?"


Trust me, it's not. Here's a link to the playlist of all of the songs in the movie:


All of this music, uncluding Doomstar, can be bought on either iTunes, Brendon's website, or just torrent it from KickassTorrents. It's all there.


Also, if you haven't yet, you should probably go watch Metalocalypse. It's actually a pretty good show, despite the soundtrack.

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I can't believe nobody's mentioned FTL: Faster than Light's soundtrack. Perhaps one of my most favorite soundtracks of all time which I somehow never get bored with (maybe 'cause I also love the game so much) Pew Pew lasers in space with a retro feel. Ben Prunty is a genius - The entire album is good but the highlights IMO are MilkyWay (Explore), Colonial (Explore), Debris (Explore), Cosmos (Battle), Deepspace (Battle) and Wasteland (Battle):



ColdStorage does similar things (retro VG/chiptune inspired music), I recommend Gravity Crash and Project Moonbounce:



Infinifactory's OST is quite good, soothing electronic music to help the mind:



Portal Stories: Mel had a good soundtrack written for it - Keeps (almost) original while emulating Portal 2's OST:


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Hello there, Mr.Ross! I recently purchased a game called Stalingrad. It's a simple RTS about the Nazis and the Soviets, overuse but always nice to find new great games about whole assault. But, I only decided to open it after watching your birthday video and when I payed attention to the rather obscure game's music, I was BLOWN AWAY. It's some of the absolute best metal I've heard and I don't even like much metal. And even the intro movie plays this amazing metal and just lets you take it all in. I'd like to share the tracks with you as the game did NOT release any soundtrack but it was all conveniently in a file. Going off of what you said, I'd love to share with you; The music of Stalingrad.


I have zipped up the music file and posted on MEGA.nz for you to listen to at what ever time you like, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Download link:


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OK real talk, these two are my favorite underrated soundtracks from classic games


Romancing SaGa - Beat Them Up! (Honestly these games have amazing OST)


Here's and amazing remix of the same music


Astyanax - Intro & Round 5 Cutscene


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Well, like some people here, I made an account to be able to talk about soundtracks I imagine you would like, Ross.



I'll go from a list of soundtracks from games that I think have really great soundtracks.


Okay, to start it off, this isn't a game as much as an absolute SERIES, a massive massive indie series in Japan. But if there's one thing about it I love, it's the soundtracks.

Touhou has incredibly good soundtracks, all composed by the creator of the series, ZUN. And I think the Touhou games have great soundtracks.

There's a lot of games, but the fighting games of the series have some really wonderful songs, but the songs in the main series have good music too.

A list of the official soundtracks from a fan site

And the soundtracks of the spinoff games are good too

On the same fansite as well

These are locations to download the soundtracks, since you can't really purchase the soundtracks, but they are really great soundtracks.


And another game with a great soundtrack is a game called Rimworld. Rimworld is a sci-fi colony management game with cowboy western-like elements all over, and the soundtrack embodies a lot of western-styled music, but all of the songs are a very nice listen.


And another game with an underrated soundtrack is from a game called Cortex Command, which is a side-scroller base management sci-fi almost RTS-styled, thing. It's been in development for a very long time, and the way the game is put together can almost be considered a mess due to how the game has been made for so long, but it's a very enjoyable game. And it's soundtrack is so slouch either, in fact some people consider the soundtrack better than the game itself, but I enjoy both. But the soundtrack is really great, even if there isn't THAT much of it.

Again, Youtube playlist but I haven't found a place to buy the soundtrack


Another game with a pretty good (and interesting way to handle it) soundtrack is a game called Luftrausers, which is a 2D arcade-style aerial combat game. And the game handles the soundtrack in an interesting way, because in the game, you can change your plane and the soundtrack changes with your plane from a set of different ways and it's done pretty well. Oh and the soundtrack is purchasable off of Bandcamp.


And one last game with a really good soundtrack is called World of Goo, and World of Goo is an indie puzzle game involving the use of goo balls. And the game itself is very fun, but the soundtrack really sells it. The soundtrack is pretty damn incredible and the creator, Kyle Gabler, even allows it to be downloaded for free.

Downloadable here, even with amusing track notes


So that's all I have to give for now in terms of game soundtracks, all from indie games when I look back on it, but hell, they all got great soundtracks, and I just felt the need to share it with you, Ross, and perhaps anyone else stumbling upon these songs.

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I know you said youtube's not the best in the video but I'm too lazy to find stuff elsewhere so:

Shadow of the Colossus:


Akira: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyC5RKzQm9I&ab_channel=MaelstromAarseth

2001: a Space Odyssey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWKN98cNDxo&ab_channel=VitomirStanisic

Some film ones which you can buy but I don't have links too with a sample track, again on youtube:

Drowning by Numbers:


The Belly of an Architect:




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This is from an Indie game I stumbled upon recently, and the soundtrack sounds phenomenal, though sadly it's short. Most of the songs aren't longer than 1 minute, and aren't even 4 minutes with the 4 songs put together. The game - Blackwake.


My favourite is ''Wavecutters'', and of course it's the shortest.


Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.

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I don't know if you've ever heard of this game - it was pretty popular back in the day but I think it some how fell to obscurity when it never got any sequels or something.


Also, I thought the first and second Mass Effect had some great tunes. Third was.. well, it was okay at best.






People from the 70s thought all music would eventually sound like this when we got into the space age - turns out in some way they were right.







I always preferred the second games soundtrack overall with it's more orchestral approach thanks to a higher pay grade composer, Jack Wall (One thing Electronic Arts got right) and more themes that really set the mood for the game, yet I find my favourites from the series come from the first game






The third one had alright tunes, but I think it tried a bit too hard - like think actors who overact but not really on purpose - you get the message they're trying to relay but you're not feeling it. It's funny. Some of the tracks sound like they were composed by a Hollywood composer and some of it was some guys project at Sound Design 101. The third game tried to go and find that space-age sound the first Mass Effect had to combine it with what the second one offered with it's orchestral and oomphier sound. In many ways, Mass Effect 3 tried to combine the best bits of the two games, but mostly just failed. Like that one-button-does everything approach was ridiculous. We could have had 'E' for 'Use', 'Space' to access the combat HUD and 'Shift' for sprint and..

I'm getting sidetracked.


I highly recommend Mass Effect if you haven't played it yet. It's sort of like Battlestar: Galactica, now that I think about it. Smooth and exciting start with a great twist, excellent sights and sounds and it suddenly ends in a way you would have never thought. And I don't mean that in a way that you won the lottery when you got to your destination. No. More like "you turned left at the wrong intersection and now you're a sex-slave to a bunch of inbred rednecks who plan to eat you when they're done with you."



Ugh. Still gives me the shivers.

The ending. Not the redneck thing. I made that one up.

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Well Ross, one soundtrack I think you might enjoy comes from Vandal Hearts. As it's a turn-based strategy game, i'm fairly sure you probably haven't played it, but, could be wrong. Here's a link where you can download the MP3's for the game, which there's a huge amount of. It's a little unfortunate that they aren't labeled more properly, however. And don't worry, the link is safe.




Here's also a link to the youtube OST of the game. In the description, there are links to the specific pieces themselves. I'm not sure if they're arranged in the same order as the MP3's. It seems like it, from what i've listened to, but, I could be wrong as well.




Similarly, Vandal Hearts 2 also has some great music. Here's a link to the MP3's for that game. Thankfully, they are labeled.




And here's the youtube link to the Soundtrack as well, if you'd like to give it a listen before downloading.




On a related note, i'd also recommend playing both games on an emulator, such as from that same website, Emuparadise. The games aren't really on sale anymore, aside from a few copies online that are for way too much money anyway. I know you don't like turn-based games, but, give these games a look. They've got good story to them, and the game play for both of them is fun, and unique. I don't play a lot of turn-based games myself. Also, gratuitous waterfalls of blood when you kill people.


Anyways, happy birthday Ross! I hope you enjoy it.

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Hello Ross. I have only one soundtrack I can offer you but it's one no one here has posted yet.


It's for this game called Freedom Planet, it's a throwback platformer game like Shovel Knight except for Sega consoles. Was released last year, but didn't get the attention it deserves (Though it did do well enough to warrant a sequel that's currently in the works). The OST is one of the best parts about it, ranging from hyper intense boss music to slow atmospheric stage music with catchy, enjoyable tracks in between. I would recommend all of the stage music, all of the boss music, the cutscene music, the menu themes, the main theme. Basically any track that last longer than 45 seconds. Here's the bandcamp page:



Though if you do ever get the chance, definitely check out the full game. It's really freaking good. And happy birthday!

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