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Birthday thread: Art

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I... Love.... This... Thread.


My God, here I was thinking I might be in the minority of conceptual and digital / scenic illustration collecting. Nope.

I have over 10GB worth of downloaded images and graphics, not including all the fan-made Valve/Source-related art.


These range from artists such as Alex Ruiz, Allan Douglas Parker, Andree Wallin, Andrew Jones, Andy Park, Daniel Dociu

(and his brother, Horia Dociu, who once thoughtfully sent me his reference work on HL2), Daniel Kvasznicza, James

Clyne, Jesse van Dijk, John Wallin Liberto, Kai Lim, Nicolas Bouvier, Ryan Church, Vitaly S Alexius + 50 more, and those

are just the A-listers, people who do this professionally for games and movies, not just as a hobby. They each have their

own folder, with a corresponding rank, and every other couple thousand images go in an unsorted folder.


I haven't even gone back and checked up on these guys for years, or discovered newer ones since then, because I went

through a manic phase years back where I discovered all this stuff at once, did an overhaul on my folder and filing structure,

downloaded as much as I could in an organized and timely manner, with as much quality and definition as I could get, kept

going over my monthly data cap, had a growing list of 1,800 tabs on Firefox, from only one website, which kept causing it

to crash, as I kept finding more, ever-expanding, ever-growing, infinitely awesome, insanely incomprehensible, overwhelming

amount of art out there. I crashed. I still have my old list of tabs on an old Firefox session... Don't really want to go back yet.


I fell in love with the media, I still plan to use it for projects later on, but it hurt to know how little I could fit in my mind.

I wanted everything that these artists put out, I wanted to bypass their download-restricted flash websites. I wanted to

know it all and I never realized the scale of the medium, so that sucks.

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hey, here's some concept art from areas in Xenoblade Chronicles. also has really good music, i'll probably link that in the other thread soon. happy birthday!

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This was the largest resolution I could find that wasn't stretched out. I can't seem to track down the artist, either (Which I feel horrible about!!). I'm hoping you like it, though! Not quite scifi, but a strange mix of beauty, and bleak! Also has that evening (or is that dawn .. it's hard to tell) lighting! Happy birthday!





Edit: Found out it's by this artist: Her Silent Silhouette


Seems it's meant to be a portrait-esque size, these others are all edits!

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That's only a public page, but if you dig there, there're LOADS of absolutely incredible art posted. I'm sure you'll find something you like, also with the name of an artist so it's possible to check out their other works.



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Happy late Birthday Ross. I'm afraid i'm not much of a competent artist but here's fan art of the Bip Bop Ball Beast for you.






Mod edit: spoiler added


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Look up work from Vincent Ptitvinc. (http://ptitvinc.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=0)


He did some incredible work, such as this;

le retour du printemps : contest






golem heart


but most importantly, this;

the hermit of Moonlight


That last picture is featured in the "Gossamer Worlds: Glimmer Gloam" Tabletop RPG, and it is EXACTLY what you like, with a hint of fantasy as well. If you really want some more pictures like this, I could try recommending you some free tabletop RPG's, and you can check out the art work there, as well as the artists.


I understand that that may not be your thing, but nabbing the free stuff just for the artists names to look up is worth it. On http://www.drivethrurpg.com/ there are about 1000 free supplements with 3/4 of them that have excellent artwork. It's worth it to check it out.


At least, that's my two cents.

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