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Videochat January 2016 + Writer Auditions

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Technically speaking, the GG label and movement came about as a way to distance the whole thing from the Zoe Quinn scandal.

Granted, it didn't work, but folks in the movement did recognize that it was a distraction.

It's sad to say, but drama just get's folks's attention.

Well clearly that recognition didn't get very far if the result was the feral, unorganized mob that Gamergate is today.

I'm not saying I started the fire. But I most certain poured gasoline on it.

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Hey Ross. What horror games did you play, which did you like, and which were the worst?

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Time index:



00:20 – this chat will start with answering questions that were pre-submitted

01:28 – Ross is recovering from burnout

02:33 – Ross is planning to take auditions for a co-writer opening; send him your writing samples but prepare for merciless reception

04:33 – thanks to everyone who sent Ross stuff for his birthday

05:44 – the donation counter on Accursed Farms website may malfunction because PayPal is changing the code

06:37 – Ross is planning a gaming session with fans in Planetside 2

07:37 – videochats will be Sundays, but Ross may migrate away from Twitch

1:00:25 – please refrain from asking questions like “Ross, what do you think about ?”

1:09:20 – Ross abandoned his idea to gamble on stock exchange


Pre-submitted questions

09:39 – has anyone beat Helious 2

09:51 – vertical vs horizontal scrolling shooters + will virtual reality resurrect these genres

11:04 – does Ross plan to create a videogame

13:10 – why making The Movie using a game engine instead if proper rendering tools like 3DSMax

14:40 – what's the situation between Ross and Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation

15:39 – opinion on visual novel games

16:46 – will Ross open a PO (postal office) box so people can send him stuff

19:33 – how long The Movie will be

20:07 – opinion on other Mind series

21:08 – Ross's guide to be a Renaissance man

22:47 – opinion on Clive Barker's Undying

23:31 – where Ross learned so much about physics

26:10 – why Ross uses AviSynth and the version of Adobe Premiere that he uses

28:50 – opinion on GamerGate

37:53 – why Ross doesn't review mainstream games

39:35 – is Ross concerned about DMC takedown notices

40:28 – will Ross participate in Saxxy Awards

41:06 – opinion on Amazon Glacier

41:50 – does Ross take requests for Game Dungeon

42:25 – what can we do to support The Movie

43:10 – advices on how to manage finances efficiently

47:16 – does The Movie have a title already

47:45 – software to make videos similar to Game Dungeon

48:41 – opinion on point-and-click adventures

50:20 – Ross's philosophy on making content (what things he tries to avoid)

52:50 – what got Ross into making machinima

53:20 – recommendations on machinima videos (Gorilla Gong)

54:12 – opinion on Linux and open-source

54:36 – has Ross considered working as a game developer

55:20 – opinion on Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

59:02 – will Ross do a Star Wars Game Dungeon or Ross Rants


Live chat questions

17:15 – what style The Movie will be + “please rate comment and subscribe”

1:01:00 – opinion on Mad Max: Fury Road

1:02:05 – where Ross got his Puzzle Agent T-shirt

1:03:09 – Game Dungeon request

1:03:12 – opinion on Codename: Panzers trilogy

1:03:21 – what aspects of content creation improved the most over last 5 years for Ross

1:05:20 – advice on what to do if sleeping schedule is screwed but you have to go to school tomorrow

1:06:40 – opinion on Torchlight

1:06:57 – 2D vs 3D animation

1:07:15 – opinion on Nine Inch Nails

1:07:20 – Ross's retirement plan

1:09:30 – will we ever meet Ross's girlfriend

1:10:18 – advices on work ethic

1:13:07 – had Ross aver used Microsoft optical mouse

1:13:34 – situation on the Accursed Farms online store

1:13:55 – what chat program will be used for these videochats

1:14:18 – why Ross said that the Unreal soundtrack is one of the best

1:15:00 – Ross's PC setup

1:16:08 – who did the animations for the final episode of Freeman's Mind

1:16:40 – what would Ross's cybernetic augmentations be

1:17:45 – what kind of comedy The Movie will have

1:18:10 – opinion on the winter sale alternative reality game (?)

1:18:27 – request to make a Rant video on prank culture

1:20:30 – is Ross's house located in the woods

1:20:56 – best plan to rob a bank

1:21:30 – what game influenced Ross's life the most

1:22:51 – Ross's favorite book

1:24:48 – suggestions for someone who is young and doesn't know what he wants to do for living

1:27:28 – how Ross survived high school

1:29:51 – what will Ross do if The Movie bombs

1:31:00 – was Ross ever a deadbeat or did he have a deadbeat roommate

1:31:51 – does Ross like Stanley Kubrick

1:32:22 – is The Predator the greatest movie of all time

1:33:02 – was Ross ever a part of a cult

1:33:07 – is Ross anti-violence

1:34:24 – does Ross watch speedruns

1:34:45 – has Ross read Brave New World

1:35:02 – has Ross created a cult

1:35:13 – opinion on terrorist threat

1:36:20 – weirdest dream Ross ever had

1:37:09 – what was the thought process behind The Tunnel

1:37:20 – opinion on the Half-Life 20 minutes speedrun

1:38:05 – Ross's favorite conspiracy theory

1:38:50 – how Ross chooses one project and focuses on it

1:40:01 – film or game that left Ross in awe

1:40:20 – making raw log-like material

1:41:21 – another question about terrorism

1:41:43 – will Ross ever become an arrogant rock star type

1:43:10 – is it OK to create our own Accursed Farms merchandize


1:43:44 – conclusion

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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