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Dead Game News Launch + First Episode

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I mentioned in the last videochat an idea I've been having in my head a little while now of possibly covering the news on games that are dying or being brought back from the dead due to how prevalent the practice of killing games is. Well I've cobbled together and attempt at doing this and have created a new channel devoted to the topic. I plan to announce Dead Game News on the main channel probably some time next week after the Planetside session, but in the meantime you get to see it early by coming to the site here. In addition to creating an intro for the channel (before realizing Youtube disabled that feature), you can see the first episode below:





Just as a disclaimer, I intend for this to take up an absolute minimum of my time. As long as you don't expect much more than random gameplay footage + me talking over it, you shouldn't be disappointed. I've intentionally created a separate channel for this as the production quality will be lower than what you can expect on the regular channel. I don't expect people to flock to this, my main focus is still going to be my regular videos like Game Dungeon and my ongoing movie project, but I hope this ends up serving as a sort of chronology of just how many games are being killed. Also, to avoid any confusion, this is NOT the "campaign" I was planning to try and get the practice of killing games to end (especially from EA), that's something separate that is going to take more time to plan out. In the meantime, some of you may find this interesting. If you have news on a game being killed or brought back, go ahead and email me, alternately I may be interested in gameplay footage people may want to contribute if I like it visually. News will be updated approximately whenever I find out more of it and am not super busy with something else. On that note, more work resumes on the other videos!



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This should be interesting, I'm subscribing :)


This is some pretty old news, but do you plan to mention GameSpy's shutdown? So many games were affected by this, including almost every online game on Wii and DS. FlatOut 2, a great PC derby racing game, was one of my favorites and is also affected (although its singleplayer still works fine, and there are community ways to still play online). And Gearbox Software should be applauded, since the original Borderlands also used GameSpy but they updated the game to work without it, and gave everyone with a retail disc a Steam copy of the game so they would also get the update. They really didn't have to do that, so if you plan to make a "catch up" episode detailing some key events from the not-so-recent past, giving Gearbox the credit they deserve would be nice. :)


Edit: also, are you sure "channel intro" doesn't exist? I've never owned or managed a youtube channel (aside for uploading the rare video to share with a friend or two) so I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but I've seen plenty of channels with one video that starts playing automatically when you open the channel page.

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I don't know Ross' workflow, but wouldn't emailing him suggestions make his inbox even messier than it already is?


I would suggest Google Form (or any other similar platform) where people could post suggestions, so that end result is nice looking table instead of bunch of emails getting lost somewhere in Ross' inbox.

Form: http://goo.gl/forms/9aLWXTH8wo

Table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aHbzjjMz-xyeCmubGs7HtQksM3ykWd_foLJuJihJiP8/edit?usp=sharing

(provided example answer of Magicka: Wizard Wars getting killed)

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Actually, I've already created a Google form about a month back.








I think it offers more data - we can see which publishers killed the most games, which platform has the highest death to endangerment ratio, etc.

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=== Ross - News for Dead Game News ===

The ironically named Disney Infinity series is cancelled and its online multiplayer will soon be dead. Around 200 people lost their jobs over this.



Some SEGA Dreamcast games are currently available to play online. A couple of these are still running their original server software; others are using proprietary homebrew server software; and some are using open-source server software. A few of these have only been brought back online in the past few years.

  • 4×4 Evolution
  • Doom
  • Maximum Pool
  • Phantasy Star Online (v1 & v2)
  • Planet Ring
  • Quake 3 Arena
  • Starlancer
  • Toy Racer


This guy is crazy-awesome and is developing open source server software for Dreamcast games to bring them back online.



Server software in beta / available soon from dcserv.org:

  • Alien Front Online
  • Worms World Party

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seeing as you probably won't be uploading these videos often why bother making a new channel?

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He just wants to separate the news videos from his other videos.


Anyway, here's another news: Microsoft will be shutting down Project Spark's online service on August 12 2016. While the game can be played, its access to content stored in its cloud storage is cut.





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Edit: also, are you sure "channel intro" doesn't exist? I've never owned or managed a youtube channel (aside for uploading the rare video to share with a friend or two) so I don't know exactly what you're talking about, but I've seen plenty of channels with one video that starts playing automatically when you open the channel page.

I just checked 2 channels - PewDiePie's and one Russian video blogger's and their channels have intros.

BTW, Ross, I'd suggest you to link your 2 channels through Channels page on each of your YouTube channels. =D Example: DeadGameNews' Channels page.

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It also handy to have a second channel in case YouTube does something with your main channel.

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How weirdly steady that crossbow was while moving annoyed me such much when I noticed it.

It's like when you spectate someone in Overwatch and your camera is locked to their head, so it looks like it's perfectly still while everything else is moving.

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"Resident Evil Extinction: Online Convoy Game" was a promotional game for Resident Evil: Extinction.

Despite opinions on the movie series as a whole, I did play this game way before it came out and enjoyed it.

It's been dead for a long time, I don't even think it can be found anywhere online anymore.

I can't find anything on it at all. It was an isometric-mission-based-vehicle game, from what I remember.


I know it probably didn't hold much importance, but I think it still should be recalled a bit.




I know it's not news, but I guess it's worth some noticed. Some, not a whole lot.


EDIT: I'm using the Wayback Machine to try and find a possibly working link.

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