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Hey, Ross, what are your thoughts about Intel's Project Alloy?

People who see life as anything more than pure entertainment are missing the point.

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Zenimax just updated their lawsuit against Oculus to say that John Carmack actually stole Zenimax research and technology to use on Oculus, and that Palmer Luckey hardly contributed to the project himself, lacking the software expertise to develop the project. Oculus has so far gave the standard response that the allegations are without merit and will be handled in court.


Article here: http://www.vrfocus.com/2016/08/zenimax-claims-creation-of-oculus-rift-in-latest-oculus-vr-lawsuit-amendment/


Legal document here: https://www.scribd.com/document/321898098/Zenimax-v-Oculus-Amended-Complaint#from_embed

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Hey DK1 and DK2 users (Including Ross), is it possible for you guys to run Tower Unite, a casual game involving a social community with minigames on Steam right now through VR? I ask because I heard of it being possible due to the developers implementing it in, but I think it's only workable in Virtual Desktop...in which Ross said most of the 3D Theater Modes screens are flat and aren't really full 3D which limits alot of possible functionality, but I like to see if y'alls can give it a try by going through the unofficial way. :)

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I finally got the cash to get into VR!


My setup is as follows.

CPU: i5

RAM: 12 GB

GPU: GTX 1060


Headset: ASUS MR HC102 Bundle


I won't be able to max out the settings or anything, but this should be more than enough to get started. I decided that Mixed Reality was the way to go, because the idea of setting up base stations / "Lighthouses" always seemed really awkward and inconvenient to me.


There are a few VR experiences I already know I want:


1. Tabletop Simulator


3. The Talos Principle VR

4. Batman Arkham VR

5. Job Simulator


But another thing I am really interested in is watching 3D movies with virtual surround sound. So far my experience on mobile VR has been that 3D movies on Gear and Daydream only do a static downmix to stereo. That's not virtual surround sound. Virtual surround sound should dynamically mix down to your stereo headphones on the fly based on the position of your head relative to where you've decided to place some virtual surround sound speakers. So if you lean back, you'll hear a little bit more of the back channels, and if you turn around then you'll hear the left and right reversed, just like if you were in a room with surround sound in real life. I haven't heard of any apps doing that, but I really want it.


Also (and here is the real point of my post) I want to try old games (Especially Descent. Descent is the most important) with stereoscopic 3D in a virtual theater like Ross was talking about! It has been quite a while since that video though. What's the final verdict on that, guys? Is VorpX still the best option? Have any other stereoscopic drivers for old games to work on new VR headsets come along? Has anyone in the community been running experiments on some of the stuff Ross was ranting about? I think this needs an update! :)

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