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Musical Guilty Pleasures

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Do you have a deep seated love of - or just a simple affection for - some band or style of music that you'd feel nervous admitting out in the real world? I'm talking about the kind of genres that people tend to turn their noses up at in due to derisive or elitist sentiments, or musicians that garner a certain reputation because they controversial, annoying or just plain old goofy. Assuming you don't simply regard all of my favourite music as one giant collective guilty pleasure, I have quite a number of questionable musical affairs and I'm hoping you lot will be brave enough to share your own. If you are able feel free to provide Youtube videos our audio (dis)pleasure. Self-effacement is a must and mockery is encouraged.



Do you remember when the Arcade Fire released the album Funeral and then suddenly their music was e v e r y w h e r e? They rapidly joined that pantheon of bands that the internet relegated as Hipster par excellence along with other diverse acts like Animal Collective, Melt Banana, Xiu Xiu and Neutral Milk Hotel. I have a terrible habit of coming across obscure bands profiles (in magazines or social networking sites, roughly within the indie spectrum) and slightly enjoying a couple of tracks, only to then discover that they've exploded into the mainstream consciousness overnight and rapidly regarded as either tirelessly underrated heroes or endlessly overrated kooks. If you ever happened to just "quite like" the band in question you'll lose friends on either end of the taste spectrum. I "quite like" the Arcade Fire and all those other groups I mentioned, even if misanthropic consensus insists I'm a titanic hipster for doing so.



I'm willing to bet that most avowed and fanatical bestial war metal-cum-death industrial fanatic was once a happy hardcore fan. I was! And in all honesty I can't bring myself to hate Critical Mass. Maybe it's the slightly outmoded gabber beats that are surprisingly refreshing by the grimmer standards of contemporary electronic music, maybe it's just the nostalgia on my part, maybe it's just the simplistically optimistic lyrical content doing something to the gnarled warrens of my adult brain, but I can't stop loving this song. "WE'RE THE FUTURE OF MANKIND".



Unlike a lot of metalheads I don't really have a enormous problem with nu-metal and rapcore, not that I'm especially big fan of either. But if you want to hear the most EDGE-LORD album of all time, I don't see how you could do any better than Corporate Avenger's Freedom Is A State Of Mind. There's something undeniably charming about the painfully forced swearing in this track, and the somewhat juvenile politics therein, and just the overall badly aged radness of the entire composition. I have nothing but respect for the "woah! dude! we can, like, fuse different styles, like, together! woah" intentions of the band. You can tell they meant well and it's infectious.



There must've been some kind of mistake, this shouldn't be in here... :3

When close friends speak ill of close friends

they pass their abuse from ear to ear

in dying whispers -

even now, when prayers are no longer prayed.

What sounds like violent coughing

turns out to be laughter.

Shuntarō Tanikawa

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No. You were not rick-rolled. I just really like this song.

Actually Yngwie of Haus Malmsteen, feefty eenches of pure Svwedish beef.

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^pretty much that.


Also this:


It's made by basically a troll channel that uploads like 20+ quickly thrown together "videos" a day but this mashup is still pretty fun.

Forum Rule #1: "Try not to be a jerk."

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I listen to almost every type of music (though mainly metal) but sometimes I like to listen to emo rock/metal...

I did it when I was young and I still enjoy it, but I never share it with anyone :)



"Life sucks sober!"

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Hollywood Undead.


While they have made songs I don't mind admitting I like:



They also make shit like this:



With lyrics I just can't connect......but it if I ignore what they say and just listen to sounds it's damn catchy.


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I'd probably have to go with 80's synth pop.

It's so catchy and stupid I can't help but be amused. I don't know if I'd say I liked it (I don't listen to it often) but it is definitely entertaining. Especially paired with the music videos.

Like what even the hell is going on here anyway?


It's a mystery for the ages....


And what about this one?


They look like rejects from one of David Bowie's weaker music videos.

Or like, really stupid Star Trek: TOS bad guys.

I HAVE to blow everything up! It's the only way to prove I'm not CRAZY!

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80's synthpop is not a guilty pleasure for me. That and italo disco is my jam nowadays.


Only thing close to a guilty pleasure would have to be that I might have a slight love for psychobilly, mostly due to playing Redneck Rampage for a whole lot.



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I'm mostly a Motown, doo wop, and 70's classic and prog rock kind of guy, If there's one guilty pleasure I have for music, it'd be ABBA. They're the ONLY pop group I truly enjoyed and gush over.


Welp, now what?

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