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Questions for November Video Chat

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So wait, is the chat at 4 PM EST or 10 PM EST? This thread says the former, Ross says the latter on the front page.

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Hello Ross

Your awesome


1. In between doing game dungeons, why not do some quick Rants\ updates videos, or game ? Or does that detract too much away from creating game dungeons?


2. I know you have a kind of loose format for each game dungeon video, but how about setting up a template in adobe premier where you are justing dropping in bits for each point you talk about in each episode. I know it sounds formulaic and maybe might take away some of the character but maybe it will help with speeding up production of game dungeons. Most people just want to first see a game dungeon video and then just hear your opinion.


3. still think the bip bop video was the best because it was completely crazy game with crazier game mechanics, which other games can you think have crazy game mechanics?


Thank you. more game dungeons please.

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1. Ross what happen with the mold problem? Has it been cleaned out? Is the apartment manager going to fix the core issue or do you think you're going to have to move out eventually due to the health risk?


2. What do you think of Bethesda's recent actions to hold back review copies of games from reviewers and claiming that it helps the customers by doing so?


3. What do you think of the surge of "retro" games in recent years with a number of indie devs going with a nes or dos style for their graphics. Do you think too many devs are copying that art style now? Do you think that if they could should they emulate a different style instead?


4. Are you a big fan of modtracker music? Including stuff outside of the games like Unreal and Deus Ex? Any particular mod tracker tracks or artists you especially enjoy?


5. If you were doing Realms of the Haunting how would you make it different?


6. With the increase of games being ported from consoles and smart phones to the pc market do you think that any have been ported well and you think they should be ported to the pc?


7. Realms of the Haunting had great texture artists and art direction but seemed to have poor writing and programming. Have there been other games where that has been the case as well? Or perhaps a game that had good writing and programming but poor art direction and textures?


8. Who else besides the actor playing Belial had decent or memorable acting in the game?


9. Ross how far of Lost did you watch before you stop? Was it just season 1 or did you watch the later seasons?


10. Should FMV games or games with FMV cutscenes make a return? I feel like the technology is finally there to really make it work, but the bad fmv games from the 90s have killed the interest for it.

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Hey Ross, why did you decide to move the chat to Saturday instead of Sunday? Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'm much more likely to go out and miss the chat on Saturdays than Sundays.

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if you had the money, would you ride on Elon musk's interplanetary transportation system?


And also, what are your thoughts on private space travel in general?

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