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I had the exact opposite interpretation of the ending — that it was all real, but they locked him up in the looney bin anyway because, well, would you believe a story like that?


And I know I've seen that title card font before somewhere, maybe one of the Aladdin sequels? Anyway, if anyone knows what it's called, I'd like to know because it'd be a good answer next time someone asks what they ought to use instead of Papyrus.

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Hello Ross,


do you mind if i ask why are you disabling automatic Subtitle YouTube? granted its not 100% accurate but its at least 80% accurate.

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Oh, and that "fast mode" is hilarious. I was gonna say that if a game were made nowadays with a deliberately awful looking performance mode, it'd just look like Realms already does at max settings, but then I remembered that there are some Quake players who use "FPS configs" that look almost exactly like that. Like, literally no textures and everything. Either they've fallen prey to an audiophile-esque delusion that a framerate several times the refresh rate of their monitor could possibly do them any good, or they're still running on their original Pentium II for good luck like an athlete who never washes their socks.

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Either they've fallen prey to an audiophile-esque delusion that a framerate several times the refresh rate of their monitor could possibly do them any good, or...


There's genuinely a very noticeable input delay if you cap your framerate at 60 and you're playing on 60 hz. If instead your FPS was a consistent 300 that delay melts. It's not gonna eliminate your ability to play the game whatsoever, but it's going to bug you every time you (in your head) flick to the right spot or track perfectly but find you lag behind a little bit onscreen. It's easy and nearly automatic to compensate for this but if you can remove it the philosophy is 'why not?'

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ross, you missed a key piece of information about this game in your review.




you know, anthony "potty pigeon" crowther?


and you wonder why the controls were so bad


Yeah I had some red flags go off in my head when I heard gremlin interactive.




Seems Gremlin Graphics was renamed in 1994 to Gremlin interactive along with some rebranding. This is probably

just a fun train of thought Ross had left on the cutting room floor.


If you remember he put in decent subliminal messaging during the potty pigeon episode. I found it weird at the time and in review.

There wasn't anything too ridiculous about gremlin graphics in my opinion. So either is Ross has a few jokes ready for the long game or Gremlin

just hits notes with him.


Back to Gremlin history. Apparently they killed it business wise and got some guys who made

GTA and Lemmings and stayed independent until 1999 when infogrames bought them.


Here's where a Realms of the Haunting remake can totally happen. The studio was actually shut down in 2003 and

Ian Stewart created his own Company called Urbanscan and purchased the gremlin intellectual library. So Ian owns

the rights for RotH as far as I can figure. He hasn't done anything amazing just yet but is still in business.


In conclusion I've been avoiding studying for my history exam by researching VIDEO GAME history and creating conspiracy

theories about game dungeon. Still surprised Ross didn't at least mention the Gremlin connection. Looking forward to playing RotH myself, even

knowing what's coming.

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Okay, I'm still working on subtitles for this but I have to stop for a minute because I can't stop laughing:


"The stairway to heaven is locked. I guess it's time to open the fish doors. Good thing I have the magic chalices."


One of the funniest lines I've ever heard from Ross.

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I don't know why, but the game really struck a cord with me. Not that it is relatable in any way to my life, but the atmosphere of the game sucked me in right away. I bought it almost immediately on gog after watching your video.


By now I have played through it twice with different control schemes and different playstyles.

The first playthrough was mostly blind, with the original control scheme and a focus just getting through the game.

For that one I only used a walkthrough, when I got completely stuck, like the part with the Hall of mirrors. That one was really a drag.

The story was quite confusing when I read just some of the documents (the low resolution and the strange viewport for the documents makes my eyes hurt). Although it was quite clear due to your video and the ingame hints that it really is just a generic out-of-balance, the apocalypse is coming story.

The original control scheme sucks plainly said, I don't know how I managed to play the entire game with it after I had switched to a sane control scheme on the second playthrough.


On my second playthrough I switched to a hybrid fps/original control scheme. The original part being, that a and d were for turning instead of strafing. The enemies are so dumb that strafing ist mostly not necessary. The game is much more fun with that control scheme, since you do not have to switch positions on the keyboard all of time.

I even tried to read all the documents and tried to listen to all the extra dialogue in the menu. That revealed a lot of details that had escaped me in the first playthrough, didn't make the story any better though, just more trackable.


So if anyone wants to play the game, I really recommend switching to a sane control scheme and reading all the documents/listening to all the extra dialogue. While the story isn't that good, the game has a really great amosphere most of the time. For me it was quite fun and I think I will do a third playthrough some time in the future.

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Don't know, but for some reason I like controls where you have free mouse movment on screen. Of cource it was dead end, but back then when free movment games was continuation of real time gird based dungeoncrawlers it was logical. And in games like Ultima underworld and system shock it realley added to feel of your character. When it's not like in your quake supersolder, but actual human who need to move his body parts in order to do actions. And also it added additional layer of freedom. From action games first game that comes to mind that like that is Raven's CyClones

Now, when for like 30 years character arms attached to your camera, seeing this when you can freely move your chrosshair, and weapon sprite also move to sides, turn and go up and down. It is kind of magical feel for me.

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