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Should we be a little bit less serious?

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@Rocket Propelled Gordon Oh look it's the "I'm not racist but." guy. Well you know what you were totally right all along. The US, Australia, New Zealand and countless other fucking colonies should totally go right back to where they came from and give back the natives their rightfully deserved land. That would be just wonderful and I mean that sincerely. GEE I WONDER WHAT FUCKING DOESN'T WORK WHEN THE BRITISH EMPIRE ESTABLISHES COLONIES THAT ARE 200-300 FUCKING YEARS OLD AT THIS POINT AND FUCKS OVER ALL THE NATIVE INHABITANTS IN THE PROCESS? Surely it wasn't the massive super power like the British Empire's fault. Oh no, they never could something terrible like that because their fucking white as snow. You're not just a pathetic, mentally, defective, degenerate, racist sack full of cum you don't fucking understand how history works do you? Don't think of using the "I hate white people." card on me like you used last time. Apparently Russia killing millions of it's own people via mass starvation during the collapse of the Soviet fucking Union didn't happen either. I mean if some fuckface like yourself doesn't know about it apparently it never happened.


*Slow clap for Rocket Propelled Gordon.* *Slow clap*




So tell me how is being a mentally defective degenerate scum of this fucking earth doing for you? Do you enjoy that little, tiny insignificant white person safe space you love and have failed miserably to defend so much? Do you still insist that some people are significantly better than others based on how much melanin said person has? Because that's fucking fool proof metric if I've ever seen one. I'm guessing you believe the Earth is flat to don't you?If you're ready to go as you were when I metaphorically beat the shit out you last time then it would be my absolute pleasure to tear you another fucking asshole friend. NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE AND GOD HELP YOU IF I SEE YOUR SORRY ASS HERE AGAIN.




God, that felt good, like really fucking damn good. Quite frankly I don't care that I just had a Christian Bale moment here. He deserved everything I said and this is considerable mercy for someone like him.

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Well since this thread seems rather pointless and what may be the breeding grounds for an argument, I am locking it.

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