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Jontron and the Yooka-Laylee scandal

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Probably a lot of people heard about this, but if you haven't heres a couple of info that will help with the discussion.


Jon Aryan Jafari, AKA Jontron, a famous youtuber game reviewer, https://www.youtube.com/user/JonTronShow said comments that majority of people found repulsive in a discussion with another youtuber



Playtonic Games, the spiritual successors to Rareware games and developers of the recently released Yooka-Laylee, in response to Jontron's comments, removed his voice in the game, which also caused backlash from the community, like



There are many speculations behind this controversy, whether Jon was serious and meant in his comments, was it a business or personal decision by Playtonic, and was it Jon's attitude that caused the same controversies in the past (Leaving Game Grumps, Broken Friendship with PeanutbutterGamer/Austin, PS4 Retarded Twitter Scandal, etc.)?


I wanna ask you guys since many of you seem reasonable and logical. What do you think of this scandal and is there more you can add from it?

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Old news. If they wanted to dodge bad PR they would've kept their mouths shut about it because nobody even knew he was on the team to begin with until they announced his removal. Instead they chose to get up on the soapbox and make a political statement as if having a mediocre game under their belt gives them the credentials.


Besides, Jontron already came out and said that most of what he said were bold claims in the heat of the moment and he didn't actually believe them.


Also about 0% of the actual criticism against the game has to do with the Jontron issue, most people forgot about that already.

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Like many issues nowadays (like the Pepsi ad and Whitewashing) I feel like people are blowing this whole ordeal way out of proportion. If people haven't forgotten about it now, they will in a week at the earliest.


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I haven't looked too much into it, but I most certainly heard about it since the circles I deal in for information makes it their business to cover stuff like this.


Personally, I think the Yooka-Laylee devs shouldn't have gotten themselves involved. It would have saved some headaches for them.


How did they do so? Specifically by removing him based off of what he said elsewhere, they specifically removed him because of what he said, so they have essentially drawn themselves into the controversy by reacting how they did.


They didn't need to do that, and most people probably wouldn't have given a shit, even those who did probably weren't going to buy the fucking game anyway, at least in my experience. Especially in cases like this where the game content and subject of the controversy are almost completely unrelated.


I mean, what JonTron said had nothing to do with the game, or his work in it, and he's apparently already said most of it was in a debate atmosphere and not things he seriously believes.


IMO I believe its as blown and twisted out of proportion as Pewdiepie's video. That one was even more ridiculous in terms of how people overreacted to a total fucking joke by completely misinterpreting what Pewdie was laughing about.


But, such is the world we live in, where apparently unreasonable hypersensitivity is encouraged, and everyone is basically allowed to take everything about something out of context as much as they want about anything in order to smear someone and potentially ruin them. What a wonderous time to be alive as a public figure of any kind, eh?


I don't even think they should have "known better", I think people in general need to become more tolerant and open-minded where they don't see literally everything as a fucking physical assault against their very existence when its not.

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