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I have finally fixed my computer. It took an entirely new motherboard, new processor, and since I couldn't find a motherboard at my local computer emporium that took DD3 RAM (they no longer want to carry DD3 motherboards?), I had to buy DDR4 RAM. Then I had to buy Windows again because I didn't have the product key for Windows 7 anymore when I upgraded to Windows 10, and the Microsoft tech said that the Windows 10 that I had was seeing the new motherboard, processor and RAM as a new computer (I had the same hard drive, of course, with a legal Windows installation on it, but that wasn't enough).


And now, with all that shit behind me, I can finally get back to work and slowly recover my bank account... My poor bank account... :(


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Sorry you had to go through all that trouble, Daniel :<

...But hey, at least you have new hardware, so that's good, right?

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