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Do you like Half-Life's Gameplay, or Story (2)

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Do the stories of Half-Life games matter, or are they just a vehicle to the gameplay? Like a bad experiment, more than one variable is changed at a time. While each major installment in the series (by the most impactful definition, Half-Life and Half-Life 2) brings a new narrative, they also signify touchstones of the advancement of the FPS genre technologically. Back in 1998, Laidlaw’s writing was recognized as a stride forward in the medium because it was possibly the best told story in video games up to that point, leaving the player with the kind of questions that only they could answer. Who is Freeman? What is he like? A savior? A survivor? A mad man? Or just a tool for cosmic change. Is he a free man? These are all questions that Doom Guy and Quake Guy never heard. Laidlaw certainly kept the magic alive in the second game, aided by new facial rigging technology. He effectively utilized all the new tools at his disposal to tell a much more complex tale. The story of City 17 mixes world-scale drama into Freeman’s personal struggle in a more relatable and human way. So we know the stories are always worth experiencing, and the gameplay, (even if it becomes dated, at least at the time of it’s release,) is without peer. Is one more important than the other, and if so, is that something everyone has to decide for themselves, individually? Is it a subversion of the common sense many believe about video games, meaning that instead of the story existing for the sake of the gameplay, the game play exists for the story? Is the story of Freeman best told in the form of a game? Or are they equals, coming together to create some greater experience, enriching each other through their strengths? Does the story need to exist at all, or is the spectacle of new technology worth the praise the Half Life games get?

I don't wanna talk about the episodes, or the expansions to the original, because I feel like those are all just continuations of their own universes. I am much more intrigued by the main story. But if you guys wanna talk about them, by all means, do. I'd be glad to listen.


I was a dummy who needed to lurk moar (and drink less) and originally posted this in Misc because I'm dumb. Please forgive me. I deleted that and posted it again over here so I don't bother the people in Misc more than I already have, and the intended audience gets to see it. This was all like 20 minutes ago. Sorry.

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