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I actually have a friend who uses "Hella" like the blue-haired girl. She's in her early 30s, so she's a bit too old to be a character in Life is Strange, but there are people who unironically talk like that.

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Here's my fashionably late homework assignment!


It's hard to say what modern music I like because I've honestly never listened to many recent modern bands, and I dislike almost all of the top 40 pop/rap/country stuff you hear on the radio. I can name a couple bands from the 2000s I like, but my musical tastes are actually pretty wide. There's a good number of times I liked one or two songs from a band but wasn't as crazy about the rest of their work. These facts were true when I was high school-age, and they're still true now.


If I had to choose, I'd say my primary interest groups are classic blues/country (think O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Fallout: New Vegas), Silent Generation-era oldies/jazz, certain types of electronica (primarily demoscene/chiptune/vaporwave/synthwave/ambientish stuff), classic rock, and power metal - or really any metal that doesn't sound like the Cookie Monster having a seizure. Bands/groups/individuals that fall into these categories include Marty Robbins, Muddy Waters, Louis Armstrong, Vera Lynn, Sabaton, Brothers of Metal, Metallica, Skaven, Boards of Canada, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and perhaps Johnny Cash.


Game soundtracks deserve a special mention; they run the gamut but I'd have to single out distinctive indie OSTs with real work put into them, such as the soundtracks to Bastion and Into the Breach. The composer for Into the Breach, Ben Prunty, also made the music for FTL, and is in general a really talented electronic musician.


I also like classical music and traditional cultural music like Scottish bagpipes/traditional Middle Eastern music/Native American flutes, but I couldn't say as much about individual artists for that stuff, since I regard the music as more prominent than its performers in most cases. Russian composers like Tchaikovsky and Mussorgsky are some of my classical favorites that aren't super obvious and popular like Mozart and Beethoven. As for traditional cultural music, Clanadonia are great bagpipers while R. Carlos Nakai is perhaps the most famous Native American flutist.


As for what's "coolest" out of all that stuff for a high schooler, I'd have to say it depends. Best overall is a toss-up between power metal and 1930s-40s music: driving ballads about historical battles and Norse mythology are undoubtedly a strong contender, and a lot of it is pretty recent, but Great Depression and WWII-era music has an undeniable historical/elegant chic. Traditional cultural music is a decent pick, since it carries a worldly sound, and being of the same nationality or ethnicity as the stuff you're listening to is a potential conversation starter. As others in the thread have said, classical music is timeless and enjoyable, and not exactly trending with The Youth, apart from perhaps the most popular and super obvious artists everyone hears in music class. Electronica would be a great fit for a geek/computer programmer, while game soundtracks and more chill stuff like Boards of Canada would fit for both geeks and artsy folks. Classic rock and metal wouldn't be out of place for a shop class tradesperson, but I can't say it would be my top pick. Old country would have historical chic similar to WWII oldies, but I'm not really sure where blues would fit.

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I've been hanging out with people around my generation, gen z, and i've been noticing some slang. a lot of people here have been saying the word "hella" a lot


so yeah, i think ross is going to love this generation of adults

World's largest wildfire is happening right now in Montana.

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I can't remember if I said this, but it wasn't hella in itself that was the problem, it was the way she was using it. At least in my experience, people weren't using hella as an adjective, it was used as an adverb:



That is hella stupid.

That is hella big.



You've got hella cash.

Look at my hella gun.


It sounds incredibly awkward to me as an adjective, which is how she initially used it.

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As a Gen Z-er, I like listening to Metallica, Disturbed, and Avenged Sevenfold, and a few other songs of the same style. However, this appears to be unusual, and most people of my age-group listen to rap or pop music. 

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On 8/23/2019 at 12:50 PM, RaTcHeT302 said:

I literally cannot listen to this on it's original RPM. Go ahead and listen to the original, I bet you'll be crawling back to this one.

I think it's completely fine at its original RPM, but the "audio strobe" part at the end might be too much for some.


If you want more not-so-listenable but still good music, there's this:

(I prefer Cap.IV off the same EP, but that doesn't have the nice video.

Autechre is also great in general, I can easily recommend most of their music—even the eight hours they released last year.)


And this as well:


Some other music I like (also being overdue on my homework):

Finally released after 21 YEARS


Really great sound, especially in their live performances.


(R.I.P. Kõmmari)

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One of the now resident zoomers on your forums. Tried to find and remember what I was listening to back in high school.

While I was listening to stuff further out a left field there was some stuff that I picked up on what was a good gauge of the persons taste. Firstly is DJ Badboy who was a national institution at the time: 

Then bands like Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, New Order, Muse, Elbow and Foo Fighters were also big:


There was also some Avenged Sevenfold and Steel Panther

While it was stating a few times earlier in the thread I found Rammestein was actually prominent even at the parties where you would think they'd only play top 40s

Since it was just after Rage against the machine got the Christmas No. 1 that I went to high school I managed to find a lot of people heavy into them.

While it was accepted they weren't brand new RHCP and David Bowie were still common requests.

Around my 4th year in high school a number of Neds started doing a Mod thing so over the course of a few months trackies got switched out for trench coats and you could hear people listening to the Jam and the Clash:

- I'm staying at my parents house recently and I could hear some school kids having a party down the street belting out The Jam - Town called Malice about a week ago so it's probably still going on and I have seen more bands live that have definitely been inspired by artists like The Jam and Elvis Costello and the Kinks.

My own favourite band at the time and still is Weezer but don't know too many other zoomers heavy into them only one or two I do recommend listening to Pinkerton but their relevance to the greater music movement in the kids is lacking

Also me and my siblings favourite album that we could agree on at the time was probably the Command and Conquer soundtrack

Nowadays been listening to more and more experimental stuff I find a few people my age who listen to a few of the same local noise bands who do a show at a club atleast once a week and when I hang out with my mates we listen to a lot of jazz, classical and alternative with this being one of the favourites:

(If you don't have much time listen to the first 3 tracks to get a good feel for it.)

I was able to get a few mates round to see kollaps live when they played in our city

To finish this already long post to get a good feel for what some of the kids are listening to I'll go on my spotify and link what some of my other zoomer friends are listening to so I can't offer any explanation.





Now that I've pasted those I can tell it's not the best sample. However it was the guy listening to the third track that got me into Death Grips.

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On the topic of modern music for Max to listen to. I played the whole game and Max is definitely going for a more hipster image (at least that's what I see) and I think she would really like the band Caravan Palace. Their music is electro swing, and I really like it. If I had to pick one of their albums as a starting point, I'd pick their second album, called Panic.Even though I'm 20 years old, I think most of the main stream music is crap, and I tend to mostly listen to game soundtracks on my spare time. But I really do like Caravan Palace.


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I simply cannot fathom why someone could like this game 

Just newbie on a very niche forum



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