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Prospekt, any chance becoming canon?

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So I've finished the Prospekt. I think it really goes well with the HL:Opposing force, found some of the spirit in there. Seems that the author is ready to move on to next project, but made a team which will continue keeping it and hopefully we'll see the promissed Black forrest soon enough too.


Since Valve seems to have liked it at least a bit and they also allowed it to sell on Steam, does somebody else also think that if they'll ever continue the HL franchise, they will make it canon? It makes little sense to forget it and make something else with Shephard when it's already there…

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Compared to the main Half Life, the Opposing force also was not it either. Besides, it was said that Valve put Shephard into stasis indefinitelly with no real further plans. So yeah, they could do it better, but there was little motivation before, and almost none now when the game is out.

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