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Just checked it out, it's $5 on steam right now. May purchase it after work today since it looks right up my alley. Kind of gives me a Ruiner vibe as well, which I've been meaning to play (will probably get that if it ever goes on sale).

Also, I tried dead cells: pretty fun, but suffers from same TBoI issue of getting boned if you don't get a certain type of item drop (and the new update pretty much forces you to use a shield/build survival if you want to get past the fifth stage). Pretty decent for an early access title.

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Ruiner is very fun! It's like a better, harder, more polished version of Alien Swarm. I think it's be right up Ross' alley in terms of gameplay and atmosphere. I did just purchase Neon Chrome since it's only $3ish dollars on steam right now.

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