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Here's the much delayed next FM episode! Even though this one took a long time to come out, only part of that was from my end. This means I've been able to work on the next Freeman's Mind in the meantime, which I'm hoping to have out before Christmas. More stuff coming!



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Question - how was the vomit made? Source engine? PostProcessing? Intrigued.


Also, I humbly wish for the christmas, newyear and my bday to have FM twice a month.


Thank you Santa Ross.

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The puking part genuinely unsettled me. I can't say Freeman didn't entirely deserve that, but holy shit.

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I'm not sure why, but I burst out laughing when the Combine officer flew up from the exploding barrel and plopped straight into the gap in the wooden platform. Did you pick that scene from several takes or did you just get exceptionally lucky?

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