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How can i motivate myself to finish projects?

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for awhile every time I start a small project i never end up finish them. Projects i never finished are usually drawings. By the way, i gave up becoming a 2d artiest a long time ago. As of recently I've been watching Blender tutorials on how make 3D models and other small things in blender. While watching these tutorial videos I'm getting that urge to follow along and make what ever they teach in these videos. But before i do make 3d models or do things in blender, I'm kind of hesitating if i should make things in blender because i don't want to have the same situation as before by not finishing any projects. So, how can i motivate myself to finish projects?

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What about the big projects? Sit down, get out a pen and paper, and set goals for yourself. Then follow through! Regret isn't going to turn back the clock. Do what you love!

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Make smaller projects.


Once you can finish those, then grow your scope when you have a sense of what the motions are like for you, going from beginning to end.

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