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Videochat March 2018

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Here's the March videochat. No special announcements this time, just more videos coming! Expect a new one tomorrow, with the next Freeman's Mind following ASAP after that, though I can't exactly predict when. My plan is at least one Game Dungeon and FM2 episode in addition to that, work on a couple other videos and just videos, videos, videos for this month!


I was told there was some popping in the audio this time. I'm not sure if it's there in the recording, but if you have ideas on it, you're welcome to let me know. It was recorded using a USB DAC.



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The common cause of audio crackling is a graphics card doing inappropriate things with a bus.


I could rewrite that sentence, but that would be a crime.


My previous video card would frequently start crackling audio after bitcoin mining for a while. This would persist until cold reboot, even if I reset the sound drivers. I think anyone who's been using gaming computers for long enough has also hit the old "scroll bar grinding" effect. Sadly, the only fully isolated sound card I know if is made by people I will never buy a sound card from.



I think one of the Kol developers once told a story where they got drunk and tried to go joyriding in a schoolbus, although I might be misremembering.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance due to its unique status is worth a video at some stage

Back by popular demand!

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Ross, that political incident you're referring to is Preston Brooks' caning of Charles Sumner. It started when Sumner gave a speech attacking slavery and slaveholders. Brooks, whose family were slaveowners, took offense and ambushed him in the house a few days later and beat him nearly to death with a stick while his friend, Laurence M. Keitt, held a gun on the other representatives and threatened to shoot them if they tried to intervene. Later a Congressman named Anson Burlingame called Brooks a coward for the incident. Brooks then challenged him to a duel; Burlingame accepted Brooks' challenge, and then watched Brooks wuss out of it when Brooks learned Burlingame had a reputation as a marksman. Brooks resigned soon after and was found guilty of assault but was not incarcerated and only fined a little over $300 (about $9,000 today). He was reelected (the assault was very popular in his home state of South Carolina) but died of a respiratory disease in 1857 before he could serve his term.

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