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Ross's Earning

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No clue as to why i did this, but i spent the afternoon graphing out Ross's Earnings as per the donations page. Excluding October 2015 because he got so much that one month it messed with the graph.




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Oh, and since he started the whole thing he got a total of $86,417.95. So like he said in his beg-a-thon video: not quite a millionaire

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Posted (edited)

According to his donations record page, Ross got $35,545 in donations last year. Assuming a CPM of $2 (Youtube gets 50%), which seems average from everything I've read, his YouTube revenues should have come out to ~$16,000 in the same year per Social Blade. Meaning his income in 2018 was around $51,000 before taxes. By the standards of the area he lives in that should be solidly upper middle class.


Assuming his wife brings in no income, he's making slightly over the median full time gross salary of the U.S., 30% more than the average full time gross salary of France (median should be lower), and over three times the average full-time gross salary of Poland (median should be lower). Though, I'm not sure what the taxes and transfers would be like for a non-citizen, self-employed immigrant in Poland, especially one who earns all of his income via either donations from around the world or commission from an American company. I do know that, after taking into account costs of living, subtracting taxes and, adding transfers (goods and services provided by the government such as health care, education and housing, received either free of charge or at reduced prices), median household income in Poland, France, and the U.S. is at $18,906, $31,137, and $44,049 respectively.


Interestingly, Ross's donations have only grown over the years. Wasn't expecting that.


2018: $35,544.14 

2017: $29,598.33

2016: $26,060.62 

2015: $24,105.81

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