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The state of Freeman's health?

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He's been cut, stabbed, beaten to a pulp, frozen, shocked.


What sort of things can we expect in his immediate future health wise? Arthritis? Acute nerve damage?


you also forgot French kissed, broken so many bones, I think brunet, Also most blown up back in Black Mesa. Now in Half-Life 2 he has been stunned, also french kissed aging by Limar, Almost got ate by a shark thing with no weapons on him, now let's add poisoned, mauled and rammed if this series continues on.

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His state? Miraculous if you ask me lol.


It reminds me of an old article by a doctor who was a fan of Tintin comics, counted the number of shocks, gunshot and knife wounds, blows on the head etc he received, and concluded that the character's looking like he's forever 18 because of that.

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Can't forget being sniped, landing hard enough multiple times to give him arthritis by the time he is thirty, strangled so hard he puked his guts out, shot at by multiple helicopters, and if he gets to the updated games then he will also survive a nuclear explosion and a derailing train AT THE SAME TIME. Oh, and a major explosion where he only survives by being teleported by aliens which ends up with him being pinned under a ton of rubble. Or thrown through the sky towards a building in a rusted car which ends up crashing like three stories. Oh, and I forgot the discount Starship Trooper aliens he'll run into on the beach that pop-up like Whack-A-Moles.


Jesus, I can't wait for some of these episodes.

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