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Keeping the Intro

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As of RGD's latest video, it would seem Ross is considering the option of removing the intro. Personally I like it, It's short and it sets the mood for the video, but I think it would be better for people to leave their opinions/comments here.

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i thought it was just a joke to get to the point, i don't think he's actually going to remove the intro

i can't read ross's mind so... i don't know

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I hope it remains.

It has all the features of a proper intro. Short, recognizable, contains the title of the game in question and is simple to refit to match the given season. Christmas, Halloween, Spring, Summer.... 

Hard to come up with a good reason for its removal.

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The intro of GD has traditionally been a good mood setter.  The music, the pictures.  It makes the episodes heavily contrast against the "Hey everybody, today we're playing!" many people use instead.


I think that it should keep changing.  Different art and music.  But always a tone that suggests you have found something... different.  This is not a normal dungeon.

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