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Max Payne & Binary Domain

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You know what sold this game to me as a kid? This cover.


"New York. Fugitive Undercover Cop. Nothing to Lose."

It's like they knew. Even as a kid, I just loved this game.

Does that count as obscure? I mean it was mildly successful, but I honestly rarely see people talking about it. I mean god, this music kills me. It's perfect.

Honestly, I always find it tough to not shed a tear, when those strings kick in.

What about the amazing atmosphere. I love this.

Whenever I heard this, I was so immersed. The snow, just you, a lone cop, on the run, the city, the ambient sounds, something about this just clicked really well.

I'm sorry but, this is my all time favourite videogame, hell, favourite action game. I just love everything about it. Well, maybe minus the creepy baby dreams. It wouldn't be Max Payne without those dream sequences though, but fuck that maze though, and some of the platforming areas, love the rest.

Sometimes the game just paralized me in fear. When I heard this, I just couldn't progress, at all.

And then you had the tense moments. You can smell the tension in the air. It burns inside me. It's pouring out of the god damn walls.


I think something a bit more obscure would be Binary Domain. I really enjoyed it a lot, I suggest finding a cheat table, just to max out your reputation, that way you can get the best ending, a bit more easily, it's worth it though. Take my advice, play through the whole game like a maniac, trust me on that.

Act downright suicidal.

This is such a hidden gem, I don't even want to say more about it. Just play it, I honestly had a blast. This game is just too much fun. Binary Domain is another all time favourite game of mine. Even the soundtrack is amazing, but I feel like people might have less likely heard of this game. Max Payne is far better known anyway. It would be a shame not to go 100% blind in Binary Domain.

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