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Happy birthday, Ross. It's a pity you couldn't do a stream today :-(

Come the full moon, the bat flies whose boiling blood shall stem the tide.

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I can't help but mention that there is a band called Apocalyptica. They started by playing cello covers of Metallica (hence the name, I guess), then created their own style (see albums Cult, Apocalyptica, Worlds Collide) of instrumental (and quite tuneful at that) metal. Long time ago, I first found them by accidentally guessing the name after mishearing another band name. Funny coincidence.

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The bible at 10:30 caught my eye... The text is Tamil.

To get a better look, I rigged up a script to dump the data from the game as best I could, and found the textures.

It's just the same block of text repeated across the pages. Here's my attempt at transcription:




I have no idea how this was created. It's not real Tamil, and it's probably just someone slamming the keyboard. Even if that's the case, however, it would still count as a substitution cipher, encoding a message like "asdfasfgsadfgdghf", which would still be pretty funny.

Mapping the letters onto Tamil keyboard layouts and then the keystrokes back to an English keyboard did not yield anything of the like however, so whether or not it encodes an actually legible message, or just nonsense letters, or both (which the distribution leads me to believe), is hitherto uncertain.



python code.txt

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