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A pitch for my mind series.

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I'm promoting my mind series that I've been making for a month now called "Sora's Mind" to this forum. The series follows Kim W. Sora, a 27 yr. old apathetic bio technician that attempts to survive the Black Mesa incident while still alive. This series was inspired by Freeman's Mind, Shephard's Mind, Barney's Mind, and other great mind series I've watched out there. BTW, I did not make this series to rip off Ross, or to get famous. I only make this for the fun of it, and if you like it, that's fine. 







Thank you for watching my mind series, and giving it attention, negative for positive.

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They say imitation is flattery, but I actually think you've got a decent talent here! Keep it up friend, you've earned a sub from me.

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